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I have always been a big girl my whole life. My...

I have always been a big girl my whole life. My joke when people start talking about what size they were in high school is I went from 4T to plus size...unfortunately its not much of a joke. I always remember my dad saying "you would be so much prettier if you just lost the weight". I have always helped anyone and everyone and been their personal cheerleader...but its time to focus on me. I have been so blessed to have great kids, the most wonderful grand baby and the most amazing man in my life! I have my best friend who happens to be my mom cheering me all the way! I am very excited to get this party started!! I am hoping to have a surgery date for sometime in September. I have my physical, my Nutrition class, and my Stress Test/Cardiac Test on August 14th, and my EDG appointment is on the 27th. I am super excited to get healthy.
Welcome and thanks for sharing with us!

Good luck on Thursday for your appointments/tests, I hope they go well. Be sure to let us know how you get on. Also, check out the sleeve forum, for support from the other pre-and-post-op sleevers.
Hopefully our surgeries will be similar dates so we can coach/help eachother along the way. Good luck and keep us posted.
That would be great. I have a few appointments this week and the egd at the end of the month. I have no idea when they talk about surgery dates so I am just hangin in there


We'll I had my nutrition class and my stress test yesterday. Both went wee...I believe. I had asked about a date and they told me I have to wait for my EDG and stress test results. Currently they are booking into October so I was a bit bummed about that, just hoping to have it done by the 15th fingers crossed...I have my EDG on the 27th. My body is in a great deal of pain from my RA and being so overweight I just can't wait... :)
Can't wait to follow your "after" pictures.....
I think October is a great month for sleeving (by coincidence that's my date)
I couldnt agree more!!! :)

Only 1 step to go until I get my date!!!!

I have received the cardio clearance and I have completed the nutrition class so one more hurdle on the 27th and shortly after I should receive my date!!! EDG here I come....
Best of luck to you!!! You're nearly there! October is a fine month for the surgery; you'll be healthier and thinner by the holidays! Please keep us posted!
Hope it isn't long for you now (and me). I'm hoping to get my surgery next week when I meet with the internalist, psych & surgeon.
You are going to be so happy once you are sleeved! I am 3 weeks post op and I have dropped 19 pounds and my body doesn't hurt when I get up or lay's fantastic!! The craziest thing is I loved sweets before and now I can hardly get my chewy vitamins down.....way too sweet makes me feel icky! Love it! Good luck to you and keep us all posted!

Work Outing

Just posting a pic of our work outing on Friday...this was before the 3 accidents I had...yea 3 and I lived to talk about it lol. It was a lot of fun, and after reviewing the photos, it is definitely time for a change, my butt has gotten way to big!!! Wednesday is the EDG...

EDG...Check and done!!

So I had my EGD today and the results were that I have a hernia...shocker. I now weigh 172.5. I should have my date in the next few days. Fingers crossed it will be mid October... I am starting to stress a bit about the money because today at the hospital I realized that the hospital is not in my network, so I will be responsible for more costs, but they do bill you so I guess I should add it to the normal monthly bills. I am sure this will be so worth everything once I am feeling better. I was bummed yesterday because a group of people at my work are going to do a 5K together in October and I don't feel I can participate because its just to much pain for my body right now. So, I think my 6 mos to 12 mos goal is going to be to participate in a 5K. I am super excited to get this moving!!!

We have a date!!!!!

I am super excited to announce that my date has been set. It is November 3rd. I am very excited but a little bummed because thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I most likely won't be able to do the big production that I normally do, but it is a great month for my rebirth!
Just a little over a week after mine, gosh even typing that increases my reality! All my best wishes!

28 days and counting....

Well it has been a rough month for me and my family. We lost our puppy a week ago, he was only 5 months old, we had him at the vets to get fixed and as he was waking up they were clipping his nails and he just was heartbreaking to say the least. Then over the weekend I got the worst stomach flu ever... So I am getting excited about surgery only problem is that I am a planner and I can't really plan anything until my pre-op October 21st lol. I am about to order the Unjury protein sample pack and was wondering if anyone has used Unjury and what did you think? I did see today that GNC has a protein drink as well. I am trying to find ones that aren't so creamy because of allergies and phlegm...any advice on things to do to prepare 4 weeks out?
Jennib, so sorry you had such a rough month in September, but your almost to the party! I will be praying for you on Nov 3rd. That is the day I start caring for my new grandson as my daughter is going back to work part time. I will pray for you whenever I rock the little angel to sleep.
I'd say in your situation that it's time for someone else to do the big thanksgiving planning & cooking this year since you will be on liquid or at least soft foods during this timeframe. November will be a month for you to focus on #1 this year for you.

19 days and counting...still...

Well we have all recovered from the stomach flu finally. I just received the starter pack of the unjury sampler, so I am going to start meal replacement in the next day or so to prepare for the liquid diet week. Practice makes perfect right? I am very excited and starting to get a little nervous too. I am now starting to hear the stories of "I have a friend that had that surgery and they regret it because they cant just have a cheeseburger or desserts"...I told her umm yea thats why I am having the surgery to stop eating the bad ofcourse I start getting that little voice of doubt....but I am holding strong...I am very excited to get this party started....
I'm in Australia. My surgery date is 15 November. Really looking forward to my change of life. Good luck with yours, Jen
Hey so am I with a surgery date of October 23
Hi. My surgery is scheduled for November 4th. If you need someone to talk with, just let me know.
Dr. Kim

So far I have met Dr Kim and the other Dr in the practice once. They were awesome. I didn't feel pressure to rush, they took lots of time and explained everything thoroughly. I went to another surgeon and they seemed to try to talk me into the gastric bypass, which was out of my financial ability plus I have been diagnosed with RA and at some point in my life will need to take steroids which Dr Kim said that will cause major issues with a bypass.

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