PO Day 24...NEW PIX and update!

Good evening! I am a soon to be 48 yr old mother...

Good evening! I am a soon to be 48 yr old mother of 4 (ages 6-14). I had 4 normal deliveries (first at age 34, last at 42). Breast fed them all. I am 5'4", 130 lbs. On the outside, I appear to be slim and trim. I exercise, work out with a trainer twice a week, eat right, run marathons. Biggest indulgence is Chardonnay. But, for all the working out, etc...I've got a gut. (even when I sacrificed and cut out the booze), no change. I'm tired of wearing Spanx to keep it all in. I actually showed one of my closest friends my pooch; she was shocked! So, here's the deal. I'm a physician, don't want colleagues to know what I'm having nipped/tucked. I went to 3 diff PS in town; one where I work(loyalty thing), and the 2 others in town. I originally went inquiring about lipo, but all 3 said I needed a TT. I would prefer not to have done at my "home" hospital. Don't want the notoriety of "Dr x had work done." normally, I don't give a flying F what people think, but the fact that it's a "cosmetic" procedure seems so vain (yet they haven't seen me naked!"). My husband is supportive, only a friend or 2 knows my thoughts. So, I've got a 2nd consult with the PS that I connected with in mid-October. Just have more questions, I have small breasts that dropped with age...I wear push up bras to give the illusion that I have more than I do. I'm thinking about BA also...(nothing major, just so that I can give up my push up bras...)

So, that's my story. I'll try and post before pix. My boss will wonder why I'm taking 2-3 weeks off (I'm thinking of saying hernia repair or female surgery)...I just don't want to hear people say "are you nuts?" So, I'll try and post before pix. You have all been so amazing and it's the Resl Self ladies that have already done this who are my motivation :)

Here are some new "before" pix. If I could take a...

Here are some new "before" pix. If I could take a picture of my backside, I would. As i was sitting on the toilet today, TMI I know, but we're all friends, right? I was looking down at the big pooch that hangs over. I'm surprised a kangaroo didn't hop out. I am also thinking BA...I'm having a second visit with a PS next month. One PS said mini-TT, other 2 said full.

So, I met with PS for second visit...and I set a...

So, I met with PS for second visit...and I set a date for Jan 2013. He answered all my questions, took lots of time. I told him I was 50/50 on adding breast aug to the TT. I liked that he said I needed to think about it, could always do it later. I am so glad I didn't feel pressured. Now...what do I tell my boss? I hate to say tummy tuck, can't say hernia repair(since a ps doing it and not a general surgeon). I'm tempted to say labiaplasty! That will get the gossip going! All of you ladies have been my inspiration here. Why is it that we who take care of every single freakin' detail of our families lives, feel a little guilty doing something for ourselves???
Well...good luck to all who are waiting in the wings. I feel a sense of relief now that I've set a date.

So, I had to give a community lecture this evening...

So, I had to give a community lecture this evening about women and running. I was feeling great about the evening, sporting size 6 Levi's and my running shirt. As I walked away from the mirror, I go to smooth out a wrinkle in my shirt and realize...it's my belly!!! I faced the mirror and saw the dent from my belly button. There are some days I wonder "am I not thankful enough for my health, etc...why would I want to risk surgery for a flat stomach?" because I can't effing fix it myself! It's not for lack of trying! Does anyone else feel a smidge of guilt over this? Thankfully, the strong, funny, and brutally honest Real Self ladies remind me daily how worthwhile this will all be.

So, not much going on here. I have my pre-op in...

So, not much going on here. I have my pre-op in less than a month and full TT for Jan. 10. I am waffling with the idea of breast augmentation and am leaning more towards no than yes. Sometimes I'll read some if the posts in Real Self and think "what in the hell am I getting in to?" Then...I'll look down at that mess of skin/fat/etc...and think "you ain't goin' nowhere bitch." So, happy T-giving to you all..blessings to those of you approaching and just reaching the flat side.

So, I'm scheduled for full TT 1/10. I have decided...

So, I'm scheduled for full TT 1/10. I have decided to not have breast augmentation. My reasons being I think I got caught up in the "trying fake boobies on" in the PS office, as well as thinking I'd do it all at one, pay for anesthesia once, etc...my reasons not to do it? I'm actually pretty ok with my breasts...they may even look bigger with no belly hanging! I am small boned and athletic, and I just think I'll look better with the ones I have now. I am a glass half full kind of girl (unless its wine and I drain the whole damn glass). So, no to implants, yes to cut this mutha off and find those abs that have been hidden for years...bye for now ladies !

So, it's staring to feel real now. I am sooo ready...

So, it's staring to feel real now. I am sooo ready. I finished my 15th marathon yesterday. My friend took a picture of me sitting down holding my medal. My legs looked great. My arms looked great. Then there's this roll of dough hanging down over my running shorts. I am so looking forward to that hot mess being cut out and gone for good.

Holy crap! I am starting to get nervous! And, to...

Holy crap! I am starting to get nervous! And, to top it off, I was trying to "prune the bushes", then got an ingrown hair and a subsequent abscess down there. Being the tough mutha that I am (I am also a doctor)...I drained it on my own at my office (no lidocaine, just gritted my teeth). I started antibiotics, and its already better. The last thing I need is to postpone surgery for that! Okay...I'm feeling woefully unprepared. I guess I need to see all of your checklists and make my own. It is all surreal, but every time I think "what in the hell am I doing?", I grab the handful of flesh that all that working out 5 days a week and eating healthy haven't made a dent in. So, in the words of Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption)..."get busy livin' or get busy dyin'"

I'm scheduled for full TT Thursday. I'm pretty...

I'm scheduled for full TT Thursday. I'm pretty much all set for the surgery, but my house is driving me nuts. I love my husband, but he would totally be a hoarder if he wasn't married to me. Case in point: while putting Christmas stuff away, I saw him take our inflatable Santa up in the attic. Poor Santa was actually an eyesore to our neighbors. duct tape couldn't keep him inflated and upright for long. He was often slumped over at the knees, like he'd had a few too many eggnogs. I said "Santa barely made it thru this year. We need to throw him away." My husband seemed shocked. He said "I can patch him up for next year." I'll admit I've been a little on edge lately...so I rebounded with "what about the bathroom heater you were going to fix TEN years ago?" He gave me the "what the hell is your problem?" look. Maybe I'll set up limp Santa in my freezing bathroom and see if he gets the hint. I have a nice glass of wine most evenings, but am abstaining before TT. After I am off all major drugs and healing nicely, I will toast my husband who has put up with me for 20 years, my gorgeous new flat stomach, My new space heater in my bathroom and Santa's final internment in the garbage. G'nite ladies. 5 more sleeps for me.

So, my big day yesterday....nurse started an iv...

So, my big day yesterday....nurse started an iv and put me under warming blankets. Gave me some zofran right away as I was a tad bit nauseated from taking a few required pills on an empty stomach. Surgeon marked my up, I had an oxygen mask put on, "we're going to give you something..," and then I woke up! They gave me a couple doses iv pain meds. Then sent me home! I slept most of the day, hydrating and eating crackers before pain meds. I set my alarm every 4 hrs and slept pretty good. I just had pillows under my knees and back and snoozed away. I have two drains and a pain pump. I even got up and watched some tv last night. There is really not much pain at all. Just very tight feeling and occasionally a twinge of pain when I sit up. I can't take my binder off til my first shower on Sunday. Keep the pain and nausea under control and you'll be fine!
Not exactly a piece of cake, but surprisingly pretty easy! Ta ya for now ladies!

Here are my first post op pictures. Today has been...

Here are my first post op pictures. Today has been awesome. I'm amazed that I don't hurt like I thought I would. I get up and walk around several times a day. I took my binder off for a few minutes to take a few pictures. Even with all the swelling and bruising, all I see is SEXY. It helps to move around, take your narcotics on schedule, even if u don't think you need it. I am sleeping sitting propped up and with legs under sofa pillows and its pretty comfy! I had to clean my drain sites and didn't have to lift any blubber up to see my va jay jay. More updates tomorrow!

So, here's an update. Pulled my pain pump this...

So, here's an update. Pulled my pain pump this morning, no big deal. One less thing to hang off my body. I am now on meds every 6 hrs instead of every 4....I reserve Vicodin at night but 2 extra strength Tylenol due the trick. my drains still keep draining, they don't bother me a bit. Appetite back, but I'm eating small amounts cause the binder squishes everything. The biggest surprise is that I'm in virtually no pain when laying down, nagging back pain when walking. Other than the fatigue...this was so much better than I expected. My PS never told me about swell hell, but thanks to the Real self ladies, I expected it and wasn't depressed when it showed up. I know the puckering is normal and just need to give my body time. I had first BM this morning...no big deal. I did have a random unexpected cough this morning, that was the worst pain so far. I get to shower today, yay! I have kept baby wipes near me do I don't feel so nasty.

I've turned the first corner!!! I woke up and...

I've turned the first corner!!! I woke up and realized I was walking almost upright. Drains got pulled at my post-op visit today and next visit with PS is in 2 weeks. The biggest nuisance is the nagging back pain that comes and goes, but managed with aleve. i I have energy today but have forced myself to just chill. I am so used to going 24/7...so turning it down has been a challenge. I'll post pix in the next few days. Happy healing to you all!

So, post op day 6 for me. I am on no pain meds at...

So, post op day 6 for me. I am on no pain meds at all. Still doing miralax to prevent constipation. I'm sleeping fine. Still pretty swollen but when I got out of the shower I saw a vertical line of ab definition (that I've been trying to wash off since surgery because I thought it was surgical marking!) My biggest challenges are cabin fever and fatigue. I'm still not "up" to driving yet, but I went to Target yesterday and that completely wiped me out SAYS ME THE 15 time MARATHONER! ! So, I wrongly assumed that since I'm virtually pain free, I'd be up and doing normal stuff. WRONG! Don't underestimate the need for rest to help healing SAYS ME THE PHYSICIAN!
Ok, I need a nap!

So, I went back to work full time last week. I'm...

So, I went back to work full time last week. I'm not going to lie, I was dragging and uncomfortable at the end of the day. I went to bed early and 2nd day back was waayyy better. BB stitches removed at 14 days...still red but I just keep sticking antibacterial ointment. I can't believe how all the bruising went away and how light my scar is once the scabs came off. I'm a gymoholic and PS said nothing for 6 weeks (except walking on the treadmill). My energy level is back to pretty much normal. As far as swelling goes, I don't think I'm more or less swollen any time of the day, but I still know I'm swollen so won't stress. Two separate people thought I had a boob job, which was a nice bonus. I guess I just have more of a waist! My skinny jeans are loose (I haven't lost weight), but it AMAZING how different pants fit without that pooch. What a great journey this has been...if you are on the fence about it...just do it!

Still swelling 5 months later?

I swear I didn't swell much until the last few months. Sometimes I look like Spongebob after a salty meal...anyone else having this? It's kind of depressing. I'll post pictures in a few days....

Screw you swell hell, I'm a hot fox.

So, I was all depressed last week, as I didn't experience major swelling to several months post-op. I think I "feel" more swollen than I look, as this picture was snapped on my vacay this week and I thought I looked great! So...hang in there, esp if you didn't start swelling til later.
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Hi I live in college station and I'm thinking of getting a tt. What doctor did ur surgery? I love the work they did on u. U look amazing
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I just read your story and we are very similar! I can't wait for my surgery in 2.5 months! I SO RELATE the sitting on the toilet and looking down at that huge pile of pooch!! I hate it!!! Your recovery is so encouraging I am going in with the power of positivity that mine will be just as speedy and smooth. PS> your boobs look awesome in your bra I think you made a good choice to leave GOOD/AWESOME alone. OMGOSH I can NOT wait to have my jeans fit without my stomach sitting on top!!! WOHHOOO!! Thanks for your review!
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You look amazing! My incision is way more puckered than yours was. I feel very frustrated
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LOVED all your stories! You are very funny! You look awesome with your daughter! Thanks for the info! I'm TT and lower facelift on June 26. 9 more days!
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WOW, I just sort of stumbled across your review and really enjoyed reading about your journey - BTW, you look absolutely AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!! I chuckled about you keeping your story from others as I am doing the same - in fact, I told my work that I am having "female surgery" and don't care what their crazy ideas come up with. My surgery is not scheduled until Sept. 17th....ways to go but, I am happy that I can finally say in less than 3 months I will be on my way to the flat side. I truly hope I have as good and positive experience as so many others. It is SO depressing day after day getting dressed and doing everything possible to hide all the fat, flab, spare tire, pooch, love handles....yep, I got it all and hope my doc can take it all away. Well, suppose I better get off my soap box......hope you are rockin' that body of yours - I have not worn a bikini since I was 6 ..... dream that I can after surgery - we will see. Take care ~
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Beautiful results :)
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You look fantastic!
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You are looking fab!
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You look AMAZING!!!!! Congrats.
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so good to see you, doc! look at that itty bitty waist..so much definition! i have another appointment tomorrow and will keep you posted. in looking at our pics, it is funny how many things are signature of our PS...bb stiches, the small T incision, the curve of the incision and even our swelling. wild! i still have a small bump at the top of my T that is particularly swollen...and general swelling all over from BB down and around. but i am happy happy... and cannot believe how great the recovery has been. will be glad to get moving more after this week..registered for the Girls Just Want to have fun run in march! congrats on your progress and noticeably more perky figure! :)
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I love how many runners are on here! I've done ten halves and two fulls. It will be do nice to run without the jiggling and joggling. :) You look fantastic!
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Looking GREAT!
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looking AMAZING, doc!! cannot believe your definition and shape at just 6dpo! ps...at my appointment the other day i mentioned that we had been emailing through recovery..no names of course. then jill said, oh yes, she was just bopping aroun also at her post op! thankful for such a skilled PS! and you are soooo right about the fatigue. i was shocked at my first outing on 10 dpo. was winded after 10 minutes! glad you are catching up on rest and healing so well!
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You look great!!!! Congrats and keep taking it easy :)
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Looking great sporting the VS :) Looks like you are on the road to a great recovery!
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Yeah for the easy recovery...mine has been relatively uneventful, too. I will say that my appetite is huge and the binder no longer makes a difference. What has made a difference is cutting out the diet sodas and watching my sodium. Best wishes for a continued speedy recovery!
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Thank you for posting your experience. I am mother of 3 and a marathon runner as well. I have this "bulge" that won't go away. I have been wanting to do a tummy tuck for years. Finally going to get this done next month. I am so happy to hear that the pain has been better than expected. Me and narcotics don't "mesh" well together so I am doing this surgery with toradol. I think marathon training helps us build a pain tolerance most don't understand. :) Thanks again.
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love it..."all i see is sexy"! looking good, doc, and glad you're feeling so great too. it's all gravy from this point on... happy for you!
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Oh and im a runner too, hope we can get back at and not feel like we are starting all over!
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Glad u are doing so well, hope i have your luck
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You make me giggle. Congratulations. I'm glad you are doing so well!
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have been checking in often to see if you had updated...woooo hoooooo you are on the flat side! love reading your experience since we have the same PS. ha! i remember them telling me i would have a warming blanket to make me sweat! never saw it though...i was enjoying my "good margarita" by then! and no memory of an O2 mask. funny! happy happy you are having a good first day. isn't it amazing how well he manages the pain! not bad at all!! can't wait to start stalking your progress pics. let me know if i can do anything since i am in the neighborhood :) congrats congrats!!!!
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I had a similar reaction..surprised there wasn't more pain! Although a blessing its extra important to check yourself and make sure you don't do too much too soon. Glad you're doing well, wishing you a swift and happy recovery!
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Good luck! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Keep us posted
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Good luck! My TT is the same day, can't wait!
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