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Had tummy tuck August 28th. disapointed with love handles - Greensboro, NC

I expect after surgery my stomach to look flat and...

I expect after surgery my stomach to look flat and sexy!!! Right now it has a lot
Of extra skin and my belly button is ugly. I really hope my belly button turns out great and my scar will be hidden by bikini. I have confidence in the doctor I chose, Dr.Coley in Greensboro, nc but it's still really scary not knowing what to expect and all. Surgery is Thursday August 28th 2014!! I will post before and after pictures and throughout the healing/scar process soon!


I'm posting pics of before surgery now. 8 more days!!!

Post op next day

Pain Isn't what I expected, it was much more minimal Thani had expected.The staff was amazing. This is a pic of the day after. Hopefully I heal up and look better soon!

Post op day 2 sat.

3 days post-op

Day 7 post op

I got my drain taken out today!!!
I'm happy with my adults so far! Lots more time to go though.

Day 8 Tummy tuck

Day 8 tummy tuck. I have great pain meds but I'm still hurting and in so much pain. Every day is different. One day I feel good the next I'm bent over feeling horrible. Ughhhh
Stay positive, you are entering "swell hell". It was a very hard time I remember. I felt 6 months pregnant & like a beachball!! Mine was really bad for the first 7/8 weeks, then gradually with each passing week got better. Swelling lasts for the first year, but again it is at it's worse in the first 4 months. Your bellybutton scar will lighten too. This is the hardest part of the surgery, the waiting & being patient because you are so anxious to enjoy your results. If you do have a dog ear, that will only require a quick outpatient office visit. I had mine removed and it was not bad.
How much did that cost? Was there a cost? I'm curious because I do not want it there if it turns into one that is... And I heard that getting it removed is like getting a whole new tummy tuck. Is this correct?
My PS did not charge me as it was a part of the final TT result. He did do it in an outpatient surgery center & I had to pay about $500 total (a pain!) for facility fees. I have heard that some PS do it in their offices. They numb the area with lidocane(?, not sure if it is called that) and then they cut it out & sew up the area. During my 2nd dog ear removal I had some sort of blood pocket & it swelled huge, but healed just fine (that is also rare). It is no way near like getting a whole new TT - I had my scar revised along with dog ear removal the first time - that involved cutting out the thick scar & sewing the skin together again. That was only a few days recovery & careful lifting, etc. for a few weeks. Then, I had to get my dog ear removed a 2nd time because it was still there!!! That is extremely rare, so don't worry, I don't know what happened in my case, but it was so annoying! So after 2 dog ear removals each 1 year apart, I am finally enjoying the final results.

2 weeks post op.

I'm exactly 2 weeks post op today. Hoping the swelling goes down and hoping I don't have a dog ear on my left side. I guess only time will tell. Not sure how my belly button will look when it's all said and done but I'm hoping for the best. The doctor told me I don't need Lipo because my sides where my muffin to is, is just skin so he said a tummy tuck would make those better. As of now they look horrible. Again, time will tell. I'm trying to stay positive. I'm very happy with the scar though. It's nice..
you will heal up fine, don't worry. It is amazing all the changes the body goes through before your final result. Believe me, it will be a world of difference. The belly button changes will surprise you! Do keep us updated & get rest!
You will be just fine. Don't stress about it, just relax. I had my surgery on august 12th and everything is going well. I too was a worry wart and had to get over that and now I am happy, flat and pain free!
That's great to hear. Makes me feel optimistic! How bad was the pain after u woke up from surgery? How long did the pain last after surgery? I'm scared lol.

Day 14

Your scar looks great!!! Stay positive!!
Yes, I am so happy, but it sure was a long frustrating road! Let me know any questions, always happy to help.
Thank you!! I did put on about 15 or so pounds in the 3 years since I got my TT :( but I am happy to say that the past 3 weeks I have lost about 8, so 7 more to go & I will be back to my goal weight. I just love to eat, that is my biggest problem! Yours will heal nicely too, I hated the beginning, it was so hard to imagine it would ever look good or "not natural", especially the belly button, but after it heals it looks completely natural.

One month after

It's looking really good :)


I'm extremely unhappy with my results. I have a huge muffin top worse than before and I have puckering and skin has a crease in it where the end of stitches are. My belly button is jacked up. I am so disappointed. I go in to talk to dr. Coley I'm Greensboro
Nc again and see if he will fix this. It's terrible. I'm so sad
Hang in there. It looks swollen to me. Try to stay positive and let us know what he says. Hugs to you.
I realized the photos was from much earlier. Can you post some current photos?
Thanks. It's not really swollen anymore. I just want him to make it right! I Waited a long Time To get this surgery and he told Me my love handles Would Be cut off and they're still there and even more noticeable. How embarrassing seriously. Praying he will agree to revise it and make It right.

Disappointed in tummy tuck. Love handles horrible

I agree with you on the love handle. The front looks nice and flat though. Hope your PS can revise it for you.
I hope your PS can revise it and remove some of that extra skin on the sides. That does look like quite a bit of skin that he could have removed.
I think your belly button came a long way & looks great. My belly button had the odd fake look on the beach a few months after, I was so self conscious & now it looks totally natural, you would never know. It really does take a longgggg time to heal from a TT, between swelling, scar, etc., I am talking almost a year til you see final results. I understand your love handle issue, there should not be that extra skin that you can grab like that! He should be able to easily revise that by a little lipo & removing the extra skin. It will not be a long hard recovery like a TT all over again as you are not having muscle repair etc. I had a scar revision & dog ear removal where chunks of skin was removed on my scar & sides & the skin sewn back tighter. Recovery was a breeze - a few days rest & then carefully up & about but nowhere near the pain or incapacity of a TT. I know it is hard & annoying to have to think about a revision of some sort. Have you read my journey, ugh! Take a look at my 2 reviews for TT & scar removal. It was a long road but I am thrilled & have no regrets. I think you look really great, your scar is so thin & your belly button is in a perfect spot, which is youthful - mine is like that & I love it - too low looks weird & unnatural. You are lucky that you have a nice thin scar - trust me, in a year from now you will hardly see it! Yours is so thin! Let us know how your appointment goes.
Dr.Coley at Coley cosmetic and hand surgery

Just had my surgery yesterday. It wasn't bad a at. Just a little discomfort. It does not look the best right now but I have to give it time to heal and I think it will turn out great. Hoping, crossing my fingers!

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