Smart Lipo - Arms and Upper Back

Feeling pretty nervous and a bit concerned about...

Feeling pretty nervous and a bit concerned about the result - is it worth the money? will it be as good as I am hoping for? I've been reading a lot about the procedure and what to expect, but I would definitely love to hear about personal experiences and any suggestions for better results and faster healing!

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. Good luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well for you.

Have you taken a look through the other Smart Lipo reviews? There's some great information there and if you leave a comment, or PM some of the other members, they're more than happy to answer questions!

Please do come back and let us know how everything goes!


I'm two days out and ready to DO THIS! I'm going...

I'm two days out and ready to DO THIS! I'm going into this knowing that I'm not a very patient person, so waiting for the final results will be difficult for me. I'm nervous of what to expect in regards to pain, swelling, discomfort, drainage, etc. The staff has been very helpful and supportive thus far, and I feel very comfortable and confident with my decision to have this procedure done. I am worried about skin laxity after the procedure and have had the fear of ending up with a bunch of lose skin in place of what's currently there. I had my husband help me take pre-op pictures of the two areas today, and looking at them made me more confident in my decision. My upper body is so disproportionate to my lower body I really feel like this procedure will help to balance me out and make me much more confident. I knew that my upper back was a problem (like my arms), but since I don't see it (or look at it) all of the time I hadn't realized what it really looked like. I was pretty disgusted by that picture, to be honest. BUT - on the bright side, I know that it will look better and different once I'm done with this whole procedure, and I can't wait to see what it looks like just a few days from now and how these two areas will continue to improve over the next few months. I am also confident that my new upper body will motivate me to continue to work on my health as a whole and lose those last 10-15 pounds I've been wanting to drop. I'll update again after the procedure!

Day 5 - Back to work today and feeling very much...

Day 5 - Back to work today and feeling very much like I'm wearing a straight jacket in this compression garment! I know EVERYONE complains about them, but I will definitely be glad when I don't have to wear it anymore! Overall, the procedure itself went very easy. I was awake for the procedure and only had a couple of instances where I felt pain. I don't remember much of the rest of that day - bits and pieces really, and the next day is a bit of a blur, probably from the medications still being in my system. I've had swelling in my upper arms since the day after the procedure, which is annoying because they currently don't look much different than they did originally. My back on the other hand, is a HUGE difference and very noticable. I am hopeful that my arms will tighten up and that most of the problem is swelling. I did bruise up quite a bit, especially in my arms, but it is already starting to go away. Overall, the pain has been about a 3 out of 10, but I've been taking ibuprofen off and on to make sure it stays under control. I have generally only been taking it once (possibly twice if I've been up and doing stuff a lot) per day. I'm hoping to post the before, day after and one week pics a little later this week. Anyone else with the upper arm procedure not see much of a difference in the first week? If so, how long did it take to see changes?

I should note that between my upper back and arms...

I should note that between my upper back and arms there was 1900cc's of fluid/fat removed - equivalent to about a 2 liter! Pretty amazing (and kind of gross)!

Day 6: Annoyed and crabby this morning. This...

Day 6: Annoyed and crabby this morning. This compression garment is driving me INSANE! The thought of wearing this thing for another week makes me even more annoyed (but yes, I know I have to!) Looking in the mirror I'm not seeing much of a change in my arms and my bra bulge on my sides is coming back (it was completely flat and smooth in my day after pics)! Is this normal? When does the swelling start to recede so I can see the real results and not feel like I wasted a whole lot of money?? Patience is not my virtue...

Day 7: Feeling MUCH better today! I walked on the...

Day 7: Feeling MUCH better today! I walked on the treadmill for about a half hour yesterday evening, and even though I got hot and swelled up some while walking, I felt 100% better after I went home and iced. The swelling actually went down considerably after I iced and stayed down until the early afternoon this morning, so I think it helped my attitude/perspective as well as my swelling problems. My bruises are healing nicely and are almost gone totally. I have stopped wearing a bandaid over one of my incisions, but the rest are still covered. It should only be another day or two until most of the rest can go uncovered, I would think. The ones near my pit area will probably take a bit longer since that is where most of my swelling is, and the compression garment rubs there a lot. Overall, feeling pretty good today and planning to have 1 week post-op pics taken tonight.

Posted pics a couple days ago. Adding my 1 week...

Posted pics a couple days ago. Adding my 1 week pics today. They aren't the greatest since I took them myself. Feeling pretty good overall. The swelling is subsiding and the itching has started, so looks like I'm healing up well. Really looking forward to my two week follow up appointment on Tuesday, so that hopefully I can stop wearing the compression garment and get back to my workout routine and start feeling back to normal.

Tomorrow is my 2 week follow up, and I am SOOOO...

Tomorrow is my 2 week follow up, and I am SOOOO ready to ditch this compression garment. The bruising is all nearly gone and the incision sites are healing well. I am currently only wearing bandaids over the incisions that are near my pits as the compression garment tends to rub in those areas. I anticipate not covering them once I'm released from wearing the CG. Did I mention that I'm actually looking forward to wearing a bra again?! I am excited to be able to workout and get back into my routine again, as I've found that by not being able to workout that I'm also not eating very healthily and am gaining weight. I'm trying not to let it stress me out too much because I know once I'm back to "normal" that I'll be able to take it off quickly and lose the extra weight that I've been wanting to lose.

I am looking forward to my appointment though, as I find reassurance in my results when I speak with the doctor or his incredibly wonderful nurse (she's honestly the sweetest person I've ever met!). I think just hearing that I'm progressing normally and getting their photos and measurements will be a big reassurance that my results are good and getting better every day. I see the change, but some days with the swelling (and slight weight gain) I start to question it. I'm also looking forward to spending the day kid-free with my hubby. :)

I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about my journey! Take care!
I was told to wear my CG for 1 month minimum. have 3 of them I switch between. I know if its off for a few hours I swell and ache. Also he said no exercise for 6 weeks. Its pretty traumatic so I will listen. Lookin good!!!
I got released from wearing my cg today as well as return to my regular activity. I'm pretty excited! Looking forward to getting back into my routine!

I was released from wearing my cg at my follow up...

I was released from wearing my cg at my follow up appt this last Tuesday and given the okay to resume regular activities. It was also the first day I've been able to wear a bra in the last two weeks. (I am posting pics of my back before and two weeks after wearing a bra, the difference is amazing even with all of the swelling that is still present).

I have noticed that my arms and back are pretty sensitive and I get sore by the end of the day. Like most people, I have the painful lumps and bumps, but heat seems to help them. I also have really tight areas where it almost feels like my skin is going to tear. It's a really strange feeling.

Overall, I'm feeling really good and looking forward to seeing my results continue to get better and better.
Just had smart lipo on upper arms and back. Wondering how long does numbness last?
I did several different areas and my arms was probably the easiest, little to no recovery time.
Do you know how much he took from your arms, please clarify is that was including or excluding the solution. Thanks!
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