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I want to start by saying I almost didn't get this...

I want to start by saying I almost didn't get this done after reading such horrible things on here, I called the day before almost in tears. I suggest if you had this done and you had that kind of pain to get a check up! I was a basket case going into it, but the staff and Dr. Kevin calmed me down and reassured all was well and there would be some discomfort. The procedure began the worst part was the embarrassment of having to take pictures and let someone photograph my fat belly. The suction did not hurt, it didn't even take my breath away, and as it froze really nothing to speak about, a slight sting and then it was gone. After the hour the suction off, not much, the block did sting some but like a sunburn sting. All has been well for the last week. It is numb and has been. This is what I experienced in my last few days, it is like going to the dentist and getting Novocain, you can kind of feel it but not, if you bump hard you will feel it, once the Novocain starts to subside you get that little pin prickly feeling. That is what I have experienced. And to think I was so freaked out after reading all the reviews and flowery adjectives. Stabbing, shooting none of that. I started working out on day 4, drinking tons of water, massaging my belly often as I can with curacaine, which has 4% lidocaine, and also the sunburn spray you get with benzocaine in it, which you can get at Walgreens in the first aid isle, and heating pad on my tummy all night. I also am in a compression tank top, sleeping also. They say the more you massage your belly the more it stirs things up and rids itself. I do have a little bruise the size of a quarter under the belly button, but I have a scar there. It is more annoying than painful. USE THE CREAM! I will have my next session on day 17. I have lost 6 lbs in 6 days, and have not measured. So, I will compare my pain to a good sunburn and how it is a bit prickly......again the cream, and it is easy to do at work. :)


Day 11: Numb no more tingles compression garment off at night, but still during the day. No sprays or lotions.wore jeans last night......with a compression tank. Getting 2nd procedure on Tuesday, that will be day 14. All is good and feeling tight and swelling down, comoression garment I believe is the ticket along with curacaine, massage and heat. Will get pics soon when I can. :)

4 weeks in!

Well Tuesday was 4 weeks since the first big cup procedure on the tummy and 2 weeks for the second treatment. The second treatment was a breeze. There is a noticeable difference. My daughter noticed right away, I do notice in the way the pants fit. I credit my recovery to the compression tank tops and curacaine lotion. I will have another after the first of the year as i am traveling, just wanna not have to be careful, for a lack of better explaining. I have an appt in January for my checkup and am hoping to get pics then and I will post. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. :)
Coeur d'Alene General Surgeon

He was very nice and calmed my jitters and answered all my questions!

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Day 16: I should add that it has been only 2 weeks, the swelling is gone down and it seems like the skin is tighter. I am not ready to measure yet as it is too early and I don't want to bum myself out being too early, BUT my pants are being safety pinned on the waist band. (Leggings) And a belt was necessary on Friday when I wore jean. An I am good with that. Measuring early I think will be discouraging and they said at 2 months you can see a change, and 4-5 months for sure. I am just ok with waiting ...... and pinning! ;)
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Day 16: Doing well! On day 14 I had another large cup done to the same area, maybe slightly higher. At the time of the procedure I had no tingling just numb. The suction part was a bit more uncomfortable than before, but rightly so, it has only been 2 weeks, gone momentarily though. So far I am all well, doing all the same things as before. Compression shirts, I think it really helps with the sensitivity to clothing and it holds it all together, I also sleep in one and have a heat pad on my tummy at night for a couple hours. Hoping for the same smooth aftercare as before. I do have the Curacaine ready for day 5. (Walgreens). Good Luck!
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$2,000 for one treatment is really expensive even for the large applicator. Theaverage is $1200. It usually takes 2 to 3 treatments and at that rate lipo would be cheaper and take out more fat. Was it a package deal or did your doc just stick it ti you?
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My doctor had a deal 2 large cups for 2g' s! It is usual 1200.00! And then I won the drawing and won a 3rd large for free! YAY me! :) I will have 2nd session 11-19-13. :)
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I just wrote a review stating the same thing - I think the key is the compression tank top. I've had a speedy, easy recovery - wore a compression top 24/7.
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Thanks so much for sharing. I got the procedure done on 11/14, and like you, am terrified that by tomorrow or the day after I'm going to be in debilitating pain ... All I feel so far is that numbness and some tingling (yup, annoying but not painful). Does massaging hurt? I've tried doing it but when I do it feels like I'm pushing on a bruise. Thanks again. I look forward to reading updates :)
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No it doesnt hurt. I stay away from the underside, about 3" under bellybutton cuz that is sunburny tender. Compression tank and curacaine was my way. For the underwear line wear it was tender I used a solarcaine type of spray then massaged in the curacaine on top, comoression day and night. Tuesday is 2 weeks and I am getting another one done then. I wore jeans yesterday with ease. I am just numb no pain or tingles actually feels tighter. I think the compression garmet is the ticket I am still wearing it during the day but stopped at night a few days ago. I also had a heat pad at night laid over my belly for about 10 days. Helped, at least in my mind. Lol good luck.
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I go in tomorrow for my back, after having my belly and flanks done two weeks ago. I'm still numb, but feeling better. Still a bit uncomfortable upon pressing on the areas. The most painful part for me wasn't the cold or suction... It was the massage! Oh, my gosh! Still, you should have an aggressive massage done to break down the frozen fat.
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I'm on day 9 and now I know what you mean by sunburn feeling! I don't know that I would ever do this again. The curacaine and compression have helped a lot. Thanks for those tips!
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Thanks for sharing your story so far, Titan. I'm glad to hear that the photos were the worst part. :) Do you plan on posting these too? (You don't have to show your face)

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I will get pictures up when I can get ahold of them. Day 9: So far so good. Tummy is numb, more so on the left side then right, but the right side has a twang every now and then. I am doing all my normal routines and working out. I tried wearing jeans once, yeah, not again, for a while! lol Way too uncomfortable yet, jeggings only. I am still wearing compression shirts, I don't know why, I just don't want to know if there is a difference yet! :)
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I did not mention I did have the large cup on the tummy area.
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Yeah, even the thought of jeans sounds too uncomfortable. The compression from jeggings must be nice, though.

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I bought a couple compression tanks from walmart for about $15each wore at night also. Heat pad at night after massage of curacaine. Wore jeans on day 12 without problem compression still tho by day. :)
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