Horrible Pain After Procedure - Coconut Grove, FL

I had my second treatment on the lower abdomen 5...

I had my second treatment on the lower abdomen 5 days ago.
I was expecting to have more or less the same side effect that after the first treatment.

But it is 100 times worse.
The degree of pain like needle , stabing and now burning is out of control .
It is 3:00 am and I can't sleep.

I am in between nausea and passing out.
I have been puting ice pack that helpt at first but now it seems that it agravate the pain.

I am desperate, I can not imagine being like this for the next couple of days.
I regret so much to have choose to do this again I could never imagine that it would hurt so much the second time.
I called in the doctor office where I had this procedure done and they are going to send me Percocet medicine tomorrow.
They told me to take it at night only because it make you sleepy.
How am I going to do during the day?
Plus I do not tolerate well those pain killers and from what I am reading it does not help!
Give me an advise, please I Am in so much pain right now.
Thank you.
( I had good result from the first treatment, but not enough , if only this could lower my pain now and that I could sleep)

Day 6 after procedure. I am still in excruciating...

Day 6 after procedure.
I am still in excruciating pain,it seems like my abdomen is on fire like a deep burn that never goes away!
I don't know how long the pain is going to be that bad but I regret so much this procedure.
I am taking tramadol a nerve block that is helping but only for about 4 hours.it is very strong so I can not keep taking it.But with no medication I am on tear!
Any help for me?
Thank you

Day 7 After an other bad night were I have been...

Day 7
After an other bad night were I have been able to sleep 4 hours between ice pack and pain killer, the pain like a burn and stabbing is still there.
It is some time a little less than yesterday but far from being away.
I wish to know how many more day of pain before being myself again.
I don't stand the pain any more.

Am back to my normal life.it took 3 days for...

am back to my normal life.it took 3 days for Neurotin to work.
It is 14 days after procedure , I am still very sore on my stomach, can't press on it but I do not have any more burning or stabing pain that was not tolerable.
I am slill under Neurotin and this for 2 more days.
Let you know the result later.
Hope it was worth it after all this pain.
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Wow, sounds horrible. Did you use the large applicator both times? How long did you wait for your second treatment?
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Yes I did use the large aplicatlr both time and I waited 3 mounths between both treatment. But I am alright now after all. It was really painful I never experience any thing like this ,well it was comparable to chingle that I had years ago but even worse.
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neurotrin 300 mg twice or tree times at day.. ask to your doctor to prescribe it for you...thats what a doctor posted in another forum in this same website, hope it helps.
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Thank you. They did put me on neurotin 4 days ago . It took 2 days to work. I take 3 Times 300 a day. Thank you for your support.
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