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I had CO2 laser resurfacing years ago. It...

I had CO2 laser resurfacing years ago. It didn't change the surface of my skin one bit, but it really tightened up the collagen underneath (better than Thermage). When I was in my late 30s, I looked like I was in my early 20s. I would get carded at casinos. The results lasted for years.

The huge downside was that my face scabbed and swelled so badly I looked like a freak. i could not go out in public for weeks. I looked so horrible that when I looked in the mirror I thought I had made a serious mistake and ruined my looks. I couldn't see how the mess that was my face was going to heal up and ever look normal again.

There was one burn/scab that went into my bottom lip. It cracked and I could see into the interior of my lip. I was very careful not to disturb this scab because it would have scarred badly but amazingly it  healed up and left no trace.

I highly recommend this for sagging skin who can hide from the world for about six weeks.


has anyone one had laser 11 weeks ago and is still red and blotchy. I had mine at lifestyle lift
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Feb 1st I had full face Erbuirum Yag (spelling) laser resurfacing. Needed Extenstive Fat Fill added, so I went under General Anthesthia... I had NO pain! My doctor did a 2 day covered (mask like monster movie!), then uncovered healing. I am at 2 weeks right now and LOVE LOVE IT! I AM still red under eyes (she had to go deeper there), but definately can see what results will be and have almost NO wrinkles (I had some bad ones sun damage and smoking)... all gone, no pain. I like the thought of going to sleep, getting the laser and fat fill, and waking up (with pain pills to get me through), and NO PAIN! DO make sure you check with several doctors, AND find a certified Plastic Surgeon! MOST won't need to be put under (but I was quite happy to pay extra for that... read NO pain again :-), but after laser pain management is a MUST! I have not tried makeup as I go no-one except doc appts... But NO, I don't see unless you don't work in public.. I don't see only 10 days till back to work -- YES you feel good enough, YES most of your face will be fine... but I think everyone would agree, under your eyes takes longer and stays red! I would do this again in a MINUTE my honest opinion.
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MAN i get this done tomorrow, from what some of these people are saying is scraacing me. i was really hoping this would turn out good for the money i think it should i can't afford to waste money like my friends and family would think, so i haven't told them cause i don't want to hear it. i want to feel better about myself again i hate having my picture taken now, where before i would take a good pictures. i smoke also that does concern me, what do you think? megan
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