7 Months Later Not So Hot

I tried CO2 lasar resurfacing at age 58 to help...

I tried CO2 lasar resurfacing at age 58 to help w/texture and underlying collagen rebuilding. I was useless for a week afterwards, needing to put vaseline on my face constantly. I was terribly swollen for a couple of weeks. the red then pink color lasted over one month.

Now it is 7 months later. some discoloration resulted, which they handled by selling me a $500.00 package of creams I can't remember how to use. there is some minor tightening of my skin, but the texture (pores, wrinkles) has not changed AT ALL


Dr N in Bellevue quoted me $5K as well and uses the same machine Dr Cooperrider in Kirkland uses the DOT smartxide. I chose to see Dr C and it cost $1800-- still steep. I am only a few days past the procedure and I am very red, swollen and itchy. I called in to the on-call dr because I felt I was having an extreme reaction. She said I should stop the Aquaphor and start using plain vasaline. I did so. The itching has stopped however, I still have the red bumps going all the way down my neck (I did not have my neck done). Give yourself a good week or more before you can leave the house. I am so swollen, it scares my kids.
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I am so surprised you listed Dr. N. I went to see him about an eyelift and he recommended this procedure. I am mid-50's, was NOT a big tanner in my youth. I know Dr. N shows some excellent results so I'm wondering what happend in your case. Do you have fair skin? Did he use Fraxtel? Did he give you pain medications? I thought he put you out and then gave pain meds for the first few days. Wow, 7 months is a long time to wait for the results. Are you a redhead?

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I can SO relate to your experience. The same exact thing happened to me. I had an endoscopic brow lift & lower eyelids done, then I had upper eyelids done, then I had the FullFace Laser resurfacing (CO2). These doctors NEVER tell you the truth about how much PAIN your going to endure and they make it sound like a walk in the park. All THREE of these procedures were extremely PAINFUL with a LONG recovery. I still have all this crepy skin on my upper eyelids, so my doctor said he would do the CO2-laser to smooth them out. In my opinion and in my gut, he did not pull my forehead UP enough when he did the endoscopic forehead lift, and I still have creases in my forehead, but when I just slightly pull my forehead up, I look at least 10 years younger. I am ALWAYS getting asked if I want my senior discount, and I have gone to my car in tears many times. The doctor who did my procedures was Dr. Ludwig Allegra. I personally don't think cosmetic surgery is his expertise, and I am NOT happy at all with the results. I also have MAJOR hyperpigmentation in a V-shape on my neck that sticks out like a sore thumb. For well over $10,000 of my life savings....I regret NOT doing more research on the procedures AND especially on Dr Allegra. Thanks for reading this and I am sorry your not happy either. L.P.
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