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My New Vagina, Labiaplasty. - Spain, ES

I really didn't like the look of my vagina before...

I really didn't like the look of my vagina before it didn't seem right for my age only 22, it was uncomfortable in some clothes, during sex.
I had surgery with Dr German Pastoriza Castillo, from Clinica Pastoriza in Cadiz Spain.
Its only been 4 days but I am very happy there is already such an improvement, I have had no pain at all and taken no pain medication only ibuprofen for anti inflammatory and my anti biotics.

6 days since surgery.

starting to look better swelling is less I think not sure it show in the camera but in the mirror its looking much smoother looks to be healing nice.


Oh I thought I would add I just finished my period which came at the most inconvenient time a couple days after surgery( it wasnt even due then) but it didn't cause any problems for me except I felt bad for my doctor on my check up but he didn't mind he said everything was healing well and I could go to the beach to swim if I wanted which I didn't expect.

just over 3 weeks

Excuse the hair, haven't shaved since surgery, appwrt from that i think it looks great!
Almost healed I think...
Dr. German Pastoriza Castillo

Only 4 days after surgery and I am very happy so far... Will update. He is really friendly and he didn't make me feel awkward at all he was professional and listened to what I wanted. I was able to have my surgery only 2 weeks after my first consultation with him which was great his price was only €1000 but the hospital costs were about €500.

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have you had vaginal rejuvination also?
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hows the healing going?
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Any updates?? I've been wondering how you have been healing! I hope you are very happy with your results :)
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Yes I'm away so haven't updated but its looking almost totally healed swelling is nearly gone I'll put up a new photo soon!
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Yay glad to hear it!
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Hi, Could you please give me an address of this doctor? Which city of Spain is he based in? Many thanks. NG
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Yes I really recommend him c / Virgen de los Milagros 96 The Pto Sta Maria Cadiz 11500 Tel 956 85 27 14
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Clinica Pastoriza
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Looks pretty. Have you had sex yet? How does it feel?
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Your doctor did an amazing job, happy for you!
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Thanks I really like the amount of minoras I have now because it means both labias can close perfectly to protect my vagina and the labia majora close to protect them now which already feels so much more comfortable than before surgery beacause nothings in the way anymorei am pretty sure I have all my sensitivity it all feels good when I touch to clean it. One side is still slightly more swollen still but the swelling is much better today, my doctor said I could swim at the beach already but I'm not sure its tempting though I have really missed the beach this week. I think I would be too aroused if I had no clitoral hood it was bad enough when I had a piercing(that's what the small scar is above if noticeable) or even worse eventually reduce sensation there like they say happens with male circumcision. My hood fits my new labia well too only my labia caused a problem during sex were my minoras being pulled and pushed inside not a good feeling.
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Clitoral hood is fine if it is not too loose. mine seemed to interfere with lovemaking after my labias were gone so I was circumcised later and am very pleased to have better access to my clit.
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I think your Doc took off the perfect amount for you! I didn't think it was such a controversy but after seeing so many accidentally amputated labia's I'm glad your result came out so nicely! It's nice to see some surgeons being a bit more conservative :)
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Thank you! Yea I am very pleased! You hear so much about loss of sensation, or too much is taken off to cover things that should be covered! I'm glad she just took off enough to where I am comfortable (:
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Please update us! Hope you are healing well!
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Yes can't wait until I'm all healed to see how it will look, my hood wasn't bigger than average or hang like the minoras used to I didn't want the hood changed maybe it looks slightly swollen here I don't know I didn't want the nothing under the outer labia look just for it to be hidden when relaxed so I think he took the right amount for me. Did you have a problem with your hood after labiaplasty?
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Great job. Your vulva looks just as it should and like mine is now, with nothing hanging out when relaxed.I note that you did not have your clitoral hood reduced and you may need this later if it interferes with sexual activity. Congratulations for a tidy procedure.
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Why would she need her clitoral hood reduced? It doesn't seem to be a common need after labiaplasty done without it..
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Congrats....it looks like it's healing. I'm planning on doing mines at the end of this year.
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