32 year old mother.... With major weight loss and excess skin... Mummy makeover

I live in Australia but my nationality is chilean,...

I live in Australia but my nationality is chilean, this is where I will be going to have my procedures. I will be there for around a month with the care of my sister who is a nurse. I am a little freaked about the whole thing but determined to go through with it. I have 2 children,and after weight gain and pregnancies my body is in much need of a helping hand... I am new to real self but have been snooping around for a few weeks and have decided to share with you lovely ladies my journey.
Thanks for joining the community and starting your story! I'm looking forward to your updates. It's awesome that your sister is a nurse and will be helping you recover.
Hi Thanks for the feedback, I will soon post photos and updates. I am new to the community but have found many reviews helpful and i informative. If my sis was not a nurse I don 't think I would risk the long recovery in another country... Pamela

Will post photos soon!!!

I am trying to take photos with my ipad but for some reason..not working!!!

Before pics

I finally have the courage to post pic!!!! So nervous .... My procedures are on the 6 th or 8 th of october... I will be having a mummy makeover.. Maby with a bbl, not sure yet!!! I still have around 6 kilos to lose, if anyone has any suggestions please help as I am emotional eating!!!!
Good luck. I am also scheduled around the same time.
How exciting!!!!! How do you plan to sleep? I think either on my side or back.... Still unsure.... I hope everything goes fantastic with your procedures... You will be in my prayers..

Major panic attack...

GUILT, is the word of the day... I don 't know if any of you ladies have felt like this. Leaving my family in order to get surgery sound so selfish in my head... My hubby is supportive and keeps telling me to follow my heart.. But at the moment its torn...
Good luck!! I came across your profile while looking for a BBL doctor in Chile. I am from Canada but currently live in Chile. I am hoping to find a doctor that has experience doing the BBL. I also would like him to have some happy past patients I could see photos of. I am very excited for you. Please don't feel guilty about taking the time to come to chile for the sugary. You will be spending time with friends and family as well as getting a bit of pampering. Enjoy the me time.
Also can't wait to see your results!! Could you post a link to your doctors Facebook page? I can't find it and would love to see!!
Your family will be there upon the recovery and will reap the benefits of a happier healthier woman. Stay strong. It's a sacrifice but put it in God's hands.
Dr Diego Polanco

I have emailed with Dr Polanco for a few months now, he is very quick to respond and also has a FB page where I have been through his gallery. So far so good, my brother who lives in chile says he has a very good reputation.

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