Feeling pretty good and glad that perky full breast are accomplished.

I've become more concerned with the lollipop lift...

I've become more concerned with the lollipop lift not lifting me enough. :-( I see tons of photos where lifts haven't lifted much at all. I see scars but no lift. I don't want scars it if I get a nice lifted great that looks younger and fuller ill expect the scars more. Also I'm worried about my areola stretching out. It's already big to begin with.

I went in for my pre op today and I feel a lot...

I went in for my pre op today and I feel a lot better. I feel more at ease about things. I explained my concerns and he was right on target about what I want to accomplish. I showed him pics of what I'm interested in and I researched more then I should have because it scared the dickens out of me. So I do know a little more then some patients the nurse said. But it helps me to explain to them what I want. Which is nice firm perky lifted breast size D. I have my scrips being filled as we speak and I picked up two bras by request from my PS and had a nice lunch with my mom.

I'm currently a size large 32 B small C. I'm 5'1...

I'm currently a size large 32 B small C. I'm 5'1 and 122.8 lbs. I've had three beautiful babies oldest is 12 youngest is 10 months.

I have pre op boob Jitters. My husband thinks I'm...

I have pre op boob Jitters. My husband thinks I'm nuts and my mom says I'm over thinking things. I have every concern with final results. I stocked up on everything food, ice packs, loose shirts, got my meds ready. I just received the call from the clinic telling me my surgery time is 9:00 on April 1st. Every day I get closer then more concerned I am. Will my lift be enough to hold me?

Going from | . | | . | To ( o )( o ) hahahahah!

Going from | . | | . | To ( o )( o ) hahahahah!

Reasons why I picked my PS. 1. His after pics of...

Reasons why I picked my PS.
1. His after pics of lifts, the scars are barley noticeable.
2. The breast are full and perky with the implant with the lift.
3. He's been board certified before I was born. (1975)
4. He's done many different surgeries.
5.He is past president of both the Louisiana Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Lafayette Parish Medical Society.
6. I've met him 5 years ago interested with the same procedure and he was very nice and very willing to help me out.
7. He listened to my concerns and wasn't an in and out kinda Docter like one I've met.
8. His surgeries are not different days then his consults. Big plus!
9. The surgery clinic is on the first floor, his office he shares with other PS is on the 4th floor.
10. He's located 25 minutes from my house. Another Huge plus in case I have an emergency.

Their website. More info on my PS.

Monday is almost here. While Easter is on every...

Monday is almost here. While Easter is on every kids mind, mine is on boobs. :-/
I have everything ready but I need to really clean the bathroom really well today. I couldn't sleep last night, I've been super busy worrying about things that haven't been done yet. I know ill have NEW boobs Monday and I'm excited yet scared at the same time. I'm hoping they come out pretty. They don't have to be perfect I just want to be able to go topless for once in 12 years.

I've removed some pics to add new ones. The three...

I've removed some pics to add new ones. The three I had prier were very bad examples. My husband said the lights being up high in the bathroom made them look worse then they truely are so ill take new ones today with natural lighting. I rather you ladies have good examples then bad ones and pics of boobs are hard to take your self.when you flex they change shape.

More clear pics with better natural lighting.

More clear pics with better natural lighting.

I just took my Ambien so I can sleep. I've had a...

I just took my Ambien so I can sleep. I've had a pretty upset stomach all day but been handing it pretty well I think. I'll post an update in a few days. I'm getting sleepy. :-) keep me in your prayers ladies. Would make me feel much better.

Well I'm home and happy. Thanks ladies for asking....

well I'm home and happy. Thanks ladies for asking. :-) I have Cotten mouth and everything tastes nasty. My boobs feel engorged and I thought I wasn't going to be able to update till tomorrow but I feel pretty good.

My asymmetrical was so bad I was in for about three-four hours. When he was marking me before hand he said I was pretty uneven and he said that he' was going to have to figure things out as he goes. I had 400 in my right breast and 330 in the left. My left breast is lower and is fuller then my right. I'm concerned that I'll look all unbalance and want not. :-( I really didn't want such a small I plant in me but I guess that's how you have to fix things. No pain. :-) that's good. I'm propped by by pillows watching tv. I team member be there and then going into a recovery room and getting marked up and that's it. My husband seems pretty happy but I'm just worried that I was so messed up before surgery I'll still be messed up. I also had my areola's decreased which I love because they were so big before. I can't eat because it feels like good gets stuck in my dry mouth. I vomited not to long ago water. Right now they make my waist super tiny. :) I take a shower my first one weds night and my first post op is Thursday morning.

I'm awake. For the most part I feel kinda numb. I...

I'm awake. For the most part I feel kinda numb. I feel high and tight. I was able to eat some soup last nigh. I'm posting some sneak peak pics. Just opened the top part of the bra and took a fast shot of them and then I wrapped those puppy's back up.

I'm a bit confused. I'm asymmetrical so I knew one...

I'm a bit confused. I'm asymmetrical so I knew one implant would have more cc. I just checked out my implant ID card and this is wash to had put in. Sorry if my typing it bad, pain pills are magical.

Mentor smooth round moderate plus saline on both breast.
On my left I had a 275 implant size with330
On my right I had a 350 with 330cc.

Now I wonder if maybe the high profile implants were to big as the reason to have moderate plus.??????
Ill have to ask him tomorrow .

Sorry cc mix up What I ment was o On my right...

Sorry cc mix up
What I ment was o

On my right it's a 350 with 400 cc

That's right! I was suppose to have an vertical...

That's right! I was suppose to have an vertical lollipop but I had a small anchor done.
Another thing is one nipple is higher the other by 1
Now I'm curious to see if the implant was put under the muscle now.
Our surgery plans change a lot.

Went to my first post op and got seen by the nurse...

Went to my first post op and got seen by the nurse. We switched to a not so tight bra that's Cotten and she gave me a look over and she said I'm doing great with healing. Trying to take less pains meds but I'm hurting pretty bad. So much pressure and I found out my boobs hate the cold even under a shirt and hoody. It's like the they know lol

I redeemed my VS cards for make up. Saw all those pretty bras but didn't get one yet. I'm resting for the rest of the day. Just feeling uncomfortable.

Not much has changed besides being able to move...

Not much has changed besides being able to move more without pains meds. What I can say at this time is I will ever do this again. The pain is to much and it's hard to sit back not being able to do anything about a dirty house. I can't say I regret it because its to early but the next time I go into a serious surgery it will be to remove the implants because I just can't handle the down time. Right now I think my breasts are to big and to heavy. I know it's early so that's why I said no regrets yet. They look horribly bruised but I was aware this would happen. I'm always tired. I'm taking vitamins. Laxative is working thank God. I get stitches out Tuesday. I can't wait to start using scar guard and the scar sheets.

I hope the next week goes by fast. I'm having...

I hope the next week goes by fast. I'm having stitches trimmed Tuesday and some taken out. The bra I have to wear sits right on top of some and they ache because of it. I feel my left breast is starting to drop and my right is still up high. I hope this evens out in time. I can't wait to take a regular bath instead of a shower. My miss my life and everything I use to do. I feel restricted and I hate it. Other then that isit on the floor and play with my baby since I can't hold him. I have a lot of help. I just can't wait to go shopping for new bras and tops.

I will find out when I can have them removed and...

I will find out when I can have them removed and have them taken out. I don't like having these things in me. Nothing bad about the Docter. I hair don't like them and they are not for me.

I am currently one week and one day post op. I...

I am currently one week and one day post op. I broke down the other day and had cried three days straight but I think I'm doing ok. I think it was emotions brought on by drugs used during surgery. I read it was normal. I'm hoping to have some stitches removed and some trimmed. I found out the reason I can't sleep is because the bra Vegas me wearing is sitting right on top of stitches under the crease of the breasts. I don't want to have to take ambien every night to be able to sleep. That just won't work. I miss my treadmill. I'm actually dressed pretty cute today. I rearranged photos for yah.

Things I've noticed. Some odd. When I sneeze my...

Things I've noticed. Some odd.

When I sneeze my right boob hurts.
When it gets cold rather it be inside or out, booth boobs hurt.
When I do breast massages, sometimes they hurt.
Still can't sleep on my sides and I'm out of Ambein.
No more pain meds as constipation sucks with a lax or not.

My breasts are now very asymmetric. I'm not even...

My breasts are now very asymmetric. I'm not even going to bother talking to the docters about it because its a broken record of wait 6 months for final result. What it is is that my right breast is swollen more and also has a bigger implant. It's stubborn and isn't willing to drop. My left has dropped a lot. You can tell by now looking at me with a shirt on the unevenness. I'm hoping with time it will settle of not I'm I plan on having a revision as much as I do not want one at all.

I posted a picture of my boobs that are currently...

I posted a picture of my boobs that are currently uneven. I'm not concerned with it at the moment because they have yet to fall into the pocket made for them. I was hurting pretty bad yesterday so I ended up having to take some pain meds. My next appointment is Tuesday. I get more stitches out.

So I've been hanging out but not posting much....

So I've been hanging out but not posting much. I've noticed some have open wounds. I must be very lucky because My scabs are falling off and I have no holes. The vitamins I took must have helped. Also I've read a lot of negative feed back about the ultimate breast lift where they remove just the skin around the areola. Ladies are stating that their lift didn't lift them enough. :-( glad I went with the vertical. PS app tomorrow. More stitches removed.

I messed up. We had a sectional delivered today...

I messed up. We had a sectional delivered today and I started cleaning. I over did it. My arm is killing me. :-(

Had 4-5 more stitches removed. Scars look barley...

Had 4-5 more stitches removed. Scars look barley noticeable. I'm really likening my new boobs and they seem to start evening out.

I'm a month and 16 days PO.

I can sleep without a bra and on my sides close to sleeping full on my stomach. My scars are not very noticeable and I'm not even using anything for them really. They feel very heavy and I can push the implants around its nuts. They have dropped but I'm concerned with needing another lift because they look natural and that's not what I wanted. I wanted round and semi fake looking. Gravity is butch and I wanted to make it harder for them to sag.

Pain free is awesome! Shirts fit much better!

Gained a lot of weight so On a diet.

Not sure why most of my photos are upside down.
Day of surgery I was 121 now I'm at 136 :-( it sucks. Being laid up and limitations to working out is what made it hard to get back in routine so now I'm scared I'll sag if I lose the 15. :-(

Going back for small in office surgery.

Hi everything and thanks for the compliments. I've gained a whole of 19 lbs. I went through some odd changes with appetite in the four months after surgery. My breasts feel heavier now and I have gained in my chest which have made them look like they are sagging. I, hoping that when I lose the weight they will lift a little. I'm currently sick from a stomach bug. I've only lost two of those 19 lbs and I, going back Sept 9th to raise my left areola to match the right. My surgeon is retiring in Janurary. I really don't want to go back under for major surgery again. I went through a depression and was eating constantly. :-(


Taken today notice the sag already after weight gain. Uneven areaola in office surgery next month

So 5 months post op.

I had my surgery April 1. Wow can't believe it was that long ago. I just found out my surgeon will be retiring in Jan so the new younger surgeon will be taking over my care. I had my crescent lift on my left areola Monday. I'm 1 day post op from that. I walked in the park and I'm able to do things regularly without getting my breast wet. I am now symmetrical and very pleased with my breast. They are heavy and a bit large but I have wide hips and they match. I thought I was having major sagging but it's actually the lighting from the photos I took last time made them look like I had 0 upper pole. Which I do.

5 months post up vertical lift and implants / 1 day post up right areola lift.

finally even! tape and stitches out.

Went today for check up and to make tape and stitches gone. Im even! I have also lost 5 lbs. No change in breast from that thank the lord. Heres some pics from today.
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

I've seen him 5 years prier to this consult and he's very nice, doesn't mind answers and talking. His background speaks volumes.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for sharing your story. Were you ever told my any PS to do the lift and implants separately and not together.? My friend is experiencing sagging already 6 months into her lift and implant surgery. She was told that could happen but decided she would chance it. Hope you get your achieved results without having to have revision :(
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What kind of lift did your friend have? The anchor lift is the best to achieve the perky look and not having them sag because the PS can remove most skin and he is not limited.....:-)
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I'm actually not bad like I thought. It was the lighting making them look horrible. I don't hardly ever look at them. I've lost some weight though so I have 15 more lbs to lose. I think as my belly goes down they look bigger also.
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your boobs are my picts wish honey,
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Aww thanks. They will look fake and perkier after surgery but will lighten and lower as months go by so its hard to tell what your true results will look like.
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I think you look great. I'm supposed to wear the seamless sports bra at night until 1 year post-op. I wonder if that would help with support and making sure they don't sag - that's the lecture I get from my PS every time I get a check-up!
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Thanks ma'am.
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These are some of the best before and after pictures I have ever seen. I hope my surgery will turn out as Well as yours did..
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don't feel bad... I've gained 10 myself..I know the implants weigh 1-2lbs each sui take that into consideration..
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Nice job!!!!! I,M having my surgery next week! So excited!! But I wanna know why you gained 15 pounds sice surgery!! It scaring me as I don't wanna gain weight myself!! Did you changed your diet while recovering from surgery, did you do anything different??
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My harmonies I would think had played a part. I have also read that other girls had gained also because your laid up and can't do much for weeks. I gain in my breasts so I know they will change as you can see in the pic the drop is huge. I'm not happy but didn't know this would happen. I had lost a lot of weight before surgery.
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How you doing? Any updates? I go back for my 6 week post-op Monday and hope to get the green light to exercise again... I've gained 5 pounds (think 2 of those are in the twins so can't complain to much) but feel so jiggly. eeek!
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I have an appointment Tuesday to get cleared for vigorous work out routines and swimming. Not happy with how Much they dropped. They feel very heavy and I wish they were higher because I'm concerned with needing another lift. :-(
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Hey just wondering what you put on your scabs to help them fall off? My doctor told me to use lotions with intense moisture in them so I use palmers coca butter. I wash them with dail antibacterial body wash dry them and use the palmers. So far so good but jus wondering what u used and if u think it worked fast. Your results look grat from day 15 to day 22.
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Mine just pretty much fell off.
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Hey southern gal... question for you: could you feel your implant move around like when you bent over or pushed your boob on one side? I'm almost 2 weeks and this is a new sensation I'm having on one side. ..
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Yes I can feel it move. It's crazy!
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I think I can feel a couple suture ends sticking out - anyone else have that? It doesn't bother me, but I can feel them. They are not scabs - I can see a very thin thread that looks like fishing line...
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Well texted the PS's nurse and she wants me to come in tomorrow - apparently it's common but they need to clip them. Oh boy!
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It was nuts! The only ones that hurt me was the ones around the areola. Other then that she pulled them tight and cut behind the nots. Was crazy. My scabs are falling and I'm freaked out over wounds opening up. I'm still trying to get my right implant to drop. :-/
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Crazy as it sounds I am still feeling suture ends at nearly 4 months. They don't hurt at all but when my hands are soapy in the shower is when i really notice them. I have had one near the end of the outer edge of the "anchor" and I had to pull it with tweezers and clip it. That was just a few weeks ago. As I I have said before-it is a long healing process but soooo worth it :):):)
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I go in this afternoon to have him clip them. There are 2 ends that are sticking out of the skin. She said they won't dissolve outside my skin (guess they dissolve from moisture and enzymes under the skin) and it takes a few months for them to go away. In the mean time it's common for them to turn over and stick out (called spitting according to the doctor posts on here). I'm sure it will not feel good - although they already clipped a few earlier on, those had loops sticking out and were meant to be pulled out and cut. Will let y'all know how it goes.
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I think the nurse missed one on me. I need one clipped.
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Yes both of mine stick out the ends like even a little loop like it was on purpose?
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Oh I had loop looking ones and they were pulled and clipped at 2 weeks.
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