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Please do not ever get this procedure done to ur...

Please do not ever get this procedure done to ur body! This was the worst thing I could do to myself!! I have been In the hospitals for a month because I had pmma Bioplasty injected in my butt. Word of advice get Fat Grafting. If you don't have enough fat I advice you to work out, eat healthy, be safe.


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I am a real person. This is no joke. I have...

I am a real person. This is no joke. I have traveled to clinic Estetica & got the procedure done. The procedure was painless, I couldn't feel or remember a thing. They gave me a small white pill before they put me to sleep. As soon as I took the pill, I passed out. That is how strong this pill was to me, because I'm not a good pill taker, but it was a good thing because, when I woke up the procedure was done. Girl, I can't lie my body was the shit. I had biggest booty ever, but it was hard as a rock. I took my prescription they gave me, this is important because I was in so much pain. 2 days later I went home. Got home booty still hard, but big. A week went by, booty started to get smaller, & the incisions did not close they just kept leaking blood. Eventually I got tired of basically wearing a diaper everyday because of the leakage. I was so hurt I opulent understand why these incisions will not close. You can only imagine the feeling I had hen my butt jus continued to leak blood. Went to the hospital, stayed there for about a week, my results were fine, I wasn't in pain or sick, but my butt was still sore & still leaking and one of my butt checks formed a wired looking rash. While still in the hospital (week 2) they told my the material they must have used was not good, or it just didn't work for my body. I was so upset. I spent so much money on this ass, and now I will have to lose it, but by that time my butt was getting smaller & smaller. I did not want to go through no surgery I wanted my ass, and I definitely wasnt gon have surgery on one cheek (the one with the rash) because I didn't want to look deformed, because I didn't go into the hospital looking deformed. I sat there another week tring to decide to get the surgery or not. Eventually my body got tired, I got tired, and I told them to go through with the surgery and take all the material out f both butt cheeks, and they did. The surgery was a complete success, but I stayed in te hospital for about a month in a half, then got transferred to a wound center, where the doctors there would patch up, clean my wound, and put me on a wound vac machine. I'm still living today but have no ass, not even the ass I use to have. I had researched bioplasty for 2 yrs & look what happened to me. My butt now is not attractive anymore. I use to cry every not because I hated the way I look, and still do. Im getting stronger as the days go by but I'm really looking into getting someone to reconstruct my butt. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply back, I'm usually not on real self. anymore questions u want to ask me feel free to contact me direct at

P.s. if you have info on a well known doctor to reconstruct my butt please let me know.


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put pictures it would help a lot of girls who are so close minded
I am another testimony to diymooRae and her story with similar effects although luckily not life threatning. I went to CE many times in the past for my face and the pmma worked well in that area. Even had some put in my elbows, knees (didn't notice those areas so much doing much good). Then a year and a half ago now I had PMMA just like you put in my buttocks (can't even recall how much now but I luckily did not go with alot as it was my first time) and to this day I have hard dime/nickel size lumps throughout but of my buttocks. Makes me sad because I was trying to fill up my buttocks as I never had much of a butt and now to go along with the cellulite I was trying to fill up I have hard (do recall it is made of a cement substance) lumps. Not only that I did have leakage also from one of my buttocks and Dr Morales (who I have always trusted from before) did send me more antibiotic for free to clear the infection but to this day if I press on the hard lumps all over it will inflame and get red in those areas. Obviously I had a bad reaction and some probably get it and some do not but I would not recommend this procedure to anyone and I have never gone back to add more as I know the same thing would happen to me again. Sad how it can work for the face in small doses but worked so poorly for me.
Dr. Morales

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