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6wks..no more compression garment!!

I am 45 and the mother of 4children. I have always...

I am 45 and the mother of 4children. I have always been on the thin side until my last baby at the age of 38..the weight has stayed there along with the tummy. I am currently 5'3 and 139lb. I am not sad over my weight since I eat right and I workout a lot. I am however tired of all the workouts and not seeing the abdomen benefit..since it is not able to bounce back unless it is removed. Some people think this surgery is really about me and my vanity and maybe some of it is but I really don't care because again it is about my body reflecting my work and until they walk in my shoes they need to all just shut up! Anyway I am scheduled for a full TT and MR on 4/10 and could not be more excited and scared. I will be going to the Cleveland Clinic and my Dr is Armand Lucas. I feel very confident with him and the overnight stay just not so sure about his support staff. His assistant seems to be a little cold but maybe she was having a bad day at my consult. I have never had any kind of surgery or any Rx pain meds in my life so this will be the first..very very nervous. I have been stalking this sight for the last month and I love all the support I am reading by all of you. I am very excited to become a part of the April crew. I will post photos later also as of yesterday I obtained a lovely cold sore on my lip from stress.. Have not had one in 5years and so it goes..

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So tomorrow at this time I will be officially a...

So tomorrow at this time I will be officially a nervous wreck. I am trying my best to keep my nerves in check. I really did not think I would be feeling so many emotions at one time..very naive of me. So it is normal to be excited and scared all at the same time.?!


i m not into what some say chica, as ur saying bout"vanity"etc. people really do not understand,so just do YOU! and i m sure GOD will bring you to the flat sexi side just fine as all other women here and some guys who did this,you hang in there,your doin it for YOU, no 1 else that is MOST imo(in mi opinion)that is MOST important.i can't wait! so good luck 1 day to go! hang in there,think positive. and keep us posted with pix,and update,god bless you adios Certified Flat Sexi Stomach 2013!
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I really want to follow your story but I can't find a way on here to "subscribe" to one persons journey...I am so excited to see your results because my stummy looks similar to yours and I live in Ohio too! I am scheduled to have my TT in July but am very unsure what kind of results to expect. I can't wait to see your pics and hear about your journey!!!
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I totally get how you feel , we have similar stats too, I'm 5'4 between 139&141 lbs depending on the day, 40 years old, 4 kids. My surgery for TT and BL is this Friday the 12th. Good luck to you!!! Can't wait to see more of your story and pics :)
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I have to be at the hospital in the morning at...

I have to be at the hospital in the morning at 730am. My husband is taking me and claims he is planning to return to work once I am in recovery..we will see if he really makes it to the office in the afternoon. I am fortunate he loves me very much and we both know he will stay as long as I need him to. He really is not all for this but he is standing by my decision and trying to be supportive and I really appreciate that. Today was my last day of work for two weeks and only my close friends know however I did the get comment "remember you have chosen to do this to yourself so I do not want to hear you complain about the swelling" gee thanks for the love now go shut up! wishing everyone a safe journey to the flat side.


Thinking of you. Let us know how you are doing. I promise...it may seem bad right now but it gets better each day. Big days for me were day 2, 5, and 8. I'm on 13 now. Hang in there.
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Thinking of you and hope your recovery is off to a great start!
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Absolutely normal! It is exciting and scary. I am 10 days post op and I didnt realize how it would effect me emotionally as well as physically. It is so nice to finally be comfortable in my own skin. Good luck tomorrow! Keep us posted.
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So I am now 4wks and loving my results. Is there...

So I am now 4wks and loving my results. Is there swelling? Yes but it is mostly at night and I can see progress everyday. My cg is feeling bigger everyday and I can see the changes. I really have been very pleased and very lucky. My surgery went well, I was off any rx by day 2 and have been walking pretty upright. I went back to work after 12 days and my colleagues are amazed..so much that one person commented I may have made this look to easy. The best advice I can give anyone is to prepare and stalk this sight. There is a lot of great beauties on here sharing their knowledge. Read it and use what works best for you. Also prepare yourself mentally. This is a long recovery and the results are not instant so relax and listen to your body and Doc. You will be a knockout..trust in yourself.


Awesome everything went so well for you!!!! I am on my way to cleveland tomorrow morning to consult a second PS!!!
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Hope it goes well. Consulting with different Docs I believe is important especially since this is a major surgery and change. There really has to be a comfort. This was the first time I have ever had any kind of surgery and I cannot say enough about how relaxed and how safe my doc and his staff have made me feel. At my initial consult he went over every complication. How many times he has seen that complication-why it occurred and what he did about it. He also showed me many pics of before and after he has done. First the ones closest to my body type and then some others. He also was very honest about how I am going to look so there are no surprises..truly amazing.


Ps has now cleared me for workouts and I am out of the CG. Thinking about having a ceremonial burning of the CG..

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He has also been very compassionate and helpful it answering all my questions. Fabulous surgeon!

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