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A Black Barbie - Cleveland, OH

I am so scared about this procedure. Last Aprily...

I am so scared about this procedure. Last Aprily friend died while getting a Timmy tuck performed and she was very healthy. I really want to get this done and I have been reading other post and people are saying how painful it is.?! I have a high tolerance for pain soni think I'll be ok if I live thru it, pray fore I have 31 days before surgery. I've only wanted a tummy tuck for the last year

So I've paid for half the procedure and then the...

So I've paid for half the procedure and then the financial counselor suggest I take out a loan!!! Huh I just took out a loan I bought a 2013 I'm not going to be approved for that. Well she called today and said that the loan was approved, heyyyyy I'm happy now I can save that money for new clothes:) anyway, the procedure is still set for March 21,2013. My pre op appt was Monday now it's been moved to Friday Mar. 1.2013 so I'm getting really nervous and anxious because this TT is for my 30th bday and that's memorial day, not that far away! I'm hoping that the swelling is gone WAYYYYY before I hit 30. Let's see

So I have been living on youtyube and realself...

So I have been living on youtyube and realself.com, and i have seen so many different photos of beautiful post op's!!! i saw one today and the girl was only 3 weeks out and she was standing, cleaning and stretching. she said the key to quick healing WAS indeed the stretching and the icing twice a day everyday. So im not as nervous as I was before but im still anxious to get this done and overwith.So ladies tell me how your experiences have been after one week post op. My birthday is the end of May and im really trying to be tinyfor this 2pc

Hi girls, in here at my pre admission testing...

Hi girls, in here at my pre admission testing about to get blood work done just to confirm everything should go smooth. I'm too excited in usually late everywhere I go lol but my appointment was at 10am and I got here at 945. Not on CP time today. Well after the visit I will be sure to upload pics, ttyl

Ok update, no blood work was needed but the...

Ok update, no blood work was needed but the surgeon and I really just ha it out I'm so pissed!!!! Now he wants to cancel my surgery wtf!!? Ok so what am I going to do

Hey ladies, I have had a rasa he for the last 3...

Hey ladies, I have had a rasa he for the last 3 days. I went in and saw Dr. Poblete today his attitude was MUCH better than last week!!! So my surgery is still scheduled for the 21st of March and that's 16 days I am counting down, but here is the problem that I'm worried about now, well, he said since my tummy skin is so tight I may have two scars aaahhhhhhhh omg wtf! How will this work al flat belly and a horrible scar this can't get any worse. Every time I attempt TI do anything with the TT I'm more disappointed. I'm reaching out to you guys that has already done this especially the ones with the up&down scar. Please friend me and show me pictures. I'm about to die over here far too much stress

So after my appointment yesterday my pain meds...

so after my appointment yesterday my pain meds were called in to the pharmacy and i picked them up today. 15 days before surgery i cant wait. i hope i have soo much to say after my procedure. ive told NOONE in my family not even my kids... i want this to be a surprise to see if they really notice a change in my appearance. so happy about this. I love my new friend from realself she is great our surgeries are a day apart and we keep in touch a lot. so ill post in a few days my baby 10th birthday is tomorrow so ill be back on maybe the weekend if i have something to talk about, later! xoxo

I am getting so pissed!!! All the women here keeps...

I am getting so pissed!!! All the women here keeps posting all these horrible looking before pics and beautiful post op pics and their procedure is like 3-$4000 less than mine wtf!! I really want to cry. I'm sending all thus damn money and im only getting a TT. No flanks no side just front abdominoplasty. I seriously feel like I'm getting ripped off I'm not even getting a butt lift aaaahhhhhhhh I can tear up something. The procedure is next Thursday I talked to the Nurse this morning nd she told me to chill ill be happy with the results. But how??!!! If I'm only getting my front done for $8000 my ass ain't included my sides aren't included my back ain't included. I seriously wish I could just find another Dr and get done the same day. Is there anyone else near Cleveland that's getting a TT DONE like between now and april1,2013. If so please reach out to me so we can talk. I'll give out my cell number I just need support and sanity!!!

So it's 7 days away from my in surgery TT. I have...

So it's 7 days away from my in surgery TT. I have exchanged so many numbers with ladies on the site. I love you all Mella, Lori especially because you guys talk to me late night keep me calm and answer can't question I have to the best of your ability. Thanks again! Now on to this TT 7days away and I've told NOONE!!! Ok everybody keeps saying I'll need someone to wait on me hand and foot for the 1st few days. Well the nurse said only the 1st 24hrs so again I'm reaching out to people in the Cleveland Lorain Elyria and Avon area to reach out to me so that I can have more Support from people near home. Because I've told no one about the procedure I have no one to pick me up, bummer! I just don't want to hear the negative what ifs or you don't bees to do that. I'll be 30 in may and that's all I'm concerned about, wearing a 2pc for my Bday Photoshoot!!! So again ladies anyone near Cleveland Ohio please inbox me

Still counting down the days!! I need to get all...

Still counting down the days!! I need to get all these clothes in the house washed so I'll just have to fold them during recovery. I'll be home alone no kids and I have no husband like many of you. No one knows about the procedure so I'm hit!! I keep trying To meet and hook up with ladies off the site but hell I guess this is worse than trying to find a blind date on the Web, lol. Girls, ladies especially the ones in or around CLEVELAND in need your help, advice, and friendship for this recovery! NO I DON'T need anyone telling me To spread the word to family members because I have been alone my entire adult life rasing my children. Now with that being said, I have the surgi scrub I need meds which is antibiotic Percocet for pain and reglan, or some other kind of nausea medicine, I have neosporin for the scar and their office is providing me with a garment. So is there anything else I need ladies OTHER THAN another body to be with me for recovery? I need To know RECOVERY ITEMS ONLY like other scar gels strips treatments. Thanks guys for reading please post comments let me in on some good info and I'll post more pics in 7 days the morning of ttyl!!

So it's march 16,2013 and shit is really starting...

So it's march 16,2013 and shit is really starting to piss me off!! I just can't deal with stupid people who try to be tyrants ugh that ish irks me so much.. Anyway my TT sister Lori and I chatted again today and she's so excite to be going in on Monday and I'll be in on Thursday. Ladies please be sure to keep us in your prayers ad thoughts. My nurse is finally coming around she actually called me today so that I coUld speak to someone in the office that was AA and shaped like me. The lady and I were the same age and she was like 4"shorter than me with much more weight than I have. But the nurse tried, the thing is se was really loose and in really tight but it did make me feel a little better that he had done a surgery on a black female within the last year. The girl was there for her 5mibth post op appt. I have so many things to STILL do before Wednesday night like tomorrow which is the st. Patrick day parade and I'm a coach for a cheer leading squad and we are in the parade it's going to be 31 degrees downtown Cleveland in pissed!!!! Monday I have to go to Columbus and retake my cosmetology managers exam which I took 10 years ago and never toon again just still working in the salon without my managers, oh boy! Then tuesday I have a full body massage to do as well as get me one done, I have Zumba and then I'm looking into this class for the NCLEX-RN class which is going to cost more money. I have so many things to do befOre this surgery it ain't funny and remember NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT MU SURGERY EXCEPT YOU GUYS! Well if I can I'll update Monday to let everyone know how my exam results were... Ttyl

Today was pretty cool RS has a delay in time...

Today was pretty cool RS has a delay in time because when I posted my last post it was at 1am today so looks like I have the wrong date up but I don't today IS Saturday March 16, 2013. I am so busy up until this date but I do have a question since my Se nurse HATE to answer questions by me, do you guys think it's ok for me to continue to do lots of cardio before Thursday? Will I be too exhausted for tfe procedure? I have already lost 5lbs and I started on Monday. So in doing about a pound a day. She ER me that I couldn't lost 15 before the surgery do ima prove her ass wrong lol. Nall I cant but had I started a week ago I could have lost 20 in one month I did it before. Well TT ladies please let me know or I'll be in the gym tonight tomorrow and every day and night until the surgery on Thursday! And I still have to study uugghhh, oh boy

I am so tired. I marched in the St patty day...

I am so tired. I marched in the St patty day parade today and it was soooo cold only 32 degrees, man! I came home took a nap woke up studies about 15 minutes, horrible, and now it's already 1:30am on Monday I have To get on the road at 7 because the roads are going to be wet and icy tomorrow. I HATE CLEVELAND. Still counting down the days to surgery, the flat side. I got the whole house clean except laundry it only took me like an hour to clean everybody room including mine the kitchen and the bathroom. So Tuesday all day I'll just do laundry eat greens for the next week and wait for Wednesday night to get here. 106 hours left. Next post will only be time count down. Please pray for my TT sister lori59345 she went to DR today and I haven't heard from her and she said she would post to say her landing was safe!! Thanks ladies

Good evening ladies first I'd like to say I have...

Good evening ladies first I'd like to say I have 58 hours left before I enter surgery I will post up until the last 2 minutes before lol. Anyway I took my exam failed by one question 1% I stayed up all night got in bed about 230am and left Cleveland at 715am I was so sleepy so now I must pay again to retake in 3-4 weeks. So who's counting down with me 3days or less!!!!

Hi ladies it's Tuesday March 19, 2013 44hours to...

Hi ladies it's Tuesday March 19, 2013 44hours to go before my procedure on Thursday 7am!!! So ready for this to be over with. No I'm no longer nervous scared or concerned about dying. In more concerned about this scar he say I may need. The 5lbs I said I lost, well I'm not happy because I did too much weight training and gained it right back my legs are so solid!!! I just hope all the cardio loosened up my skin enough for this silly Dr. To make my abdomen gorgeous. The house is still clean but I guess today is the day for me to wash clothes. :( I hate putting them up but love to wash. I am definately going to need something to do over the weekend while I'm recovering. Guys I just got hit with a really strange thought, you know how people have post saying they get really short of breath, well how long does that last because i cant stop doing my cardio! It's what keeps me sane in already pissed that the nurse said do nothing strenuous for 3weeks. Ok that's my update for today I'll be back tomorrow still counting down!! xoxo

These sleepless nights gota go!!! It's 1:45am and...

These sleepless nights gota go!!! It's 1:45am and I'm still up sitting in the darn hot tub jets feeling lovely. I guess this is my last soak before surgery. The nurse told me to wash/scrub/shower with the hibiclens surgi scrub so that's what I'll do in the evening and tomorrow morning. I am 15 hours away from my last meal which will consist of collard greens only. Green veggies all day. What's up with this pineapple thing? Girls keep posting about having to eat pineapples before surgery? Is that a healing mechanism? Ok ladies feels free to post but I'm 29 hours from surgery on Thursday March 21st. I'll post in a few hours after just to check in. Oh by the way I didn't get more than 2 loads washed and as far as surgery goes I have my meds for post op but nothing for healing other than viraminE oil and neosporin. Im reaching out I need post op dos and donts. Rember the staff and I have butted heads too many times because I ask so many questions so I'm asking you guys.

Ok ladies in finally down to single digits!! 4...

Ok ladies in finally down to single digits!! 4 hours until surgery and I'm still up because I did Zumba and 2 hrs of cardio so my bOdy is still wired up and not ready to sleep. So I go in at 7 surgery is at 8. I DO have a ride back ladies for those of you wondering lol. So when I get to the hospital I'll post again and then tight out of recovery. If I don't post by 5pm eastern standard time then that means I didn't make it out to the flat side, but hopefully I end up like my friend From last April. Fingers crossed ...... Post to my tread and it'll come right to my phone so I don't miss a beat! Since I have a 30 minute drive to the hospital I guess I'll try to lay down I'm starving I haven't eaten since 430pm I'm sure I'll have nausea in post pomander I hate that feeling..... Nighty night girls lets hope I do well and love the results

Hey ladies im out made it to the flat side NO PAIN...

Hey ladies im out made it to the flat side NO PAIN AT ALL!!!!! just burning every now and then. It's already 6pm in so sorry I made yOu guys wait but I have literally had to per like every 15-20 minutes and that's a process. I just got home still have my coat on but I'll be back To post in a few haven't taken anything for pain because there is none

Ok 5hours out and now I'm cramping wtf!!!! I have...

Ok 5hours out and now I'm cramping wtf!!!! I have been doing too much up and down stairs I feel like I'm having contraction uugghhh not unbearable tho. I'll take pain meds in about 1/2 hour after I rest a bit since I was up and down the stairs for peeing. Will pOst later

So it's 133am I got out of surgery at 230pm...

So it's 133am I got out of surgery at 230pm Thursday march 21, 2013. I woke up great but befor I went in it was 840am when they put versad in my iv line and I told te nurse that's conscious sedatiOn and she stated that was only to get me calm I felt nothing bUt myself breathing hard and fast and I was in recovery by then lol. It was pretty cool. My ride was late I told them tO come at 3 they came in CP TIME 430pm!!! OR goes home between 4-430pm so they was kinda pissed lol just kept calling my ride Fromm 330 until they got there. Now the journey comes, the nurse wheels me out to my car before we could pul off i had to pee, 5 minutes down thw riad i had to go again, we right by the freeway and Elyria hospital right there too and what did I have to do, pee again... Ong I was so exhausted just frOm peeing like 20 times a hour. So I get to a gas station same thing off the freeway home again I went. Now in hOme I keep getting this burning sensation on my lower right side cone to find out I got the darn drain cord trapped between my legs oh boy that lasted about 4 hours until I looked down to see the drain coming from a velcro belt, he'll I thought it was under my garment that's why I was pulling on it and burning. I still have no pain for real I took a Percocet at 830pm which was 6 hrs after my procedure the only thing is my stomach keep cramping like I took a exlax I guess that's just muscle contractions idk. Yes I still have constantly been using the restroom I stopped tuning up and down them damn stairs I can't afford to tear up nothing. Since 830 to now I've been rotations my leg positions peeing and taking off the garment every hour for 10 min those were my instructions and baby when that garment came off it hurt like something was about to fall out. Any way thanks for the prayers ladies and the motivational post good lucks and everything everyone I love you all and will not forget to keep you guys posted. Oh yes I'm bent way over like a granny and I have a noon appt tomorrow I need to go to sleep i only slept 3 hrs Wednesday night. Bye ladies I'll update in a few hours with pics hopefully

Morning I'm 2days post op. I went in yesterday to...

Morning I'm 2days post op. I went in yesterday to get a garment On all is well. I took a percocet and a muscle relaxer about 4pm didn't wake back up till 3am. No real pain other than my back hurts like hell. There is burning every so often but not bad it only last a few seconds. I do have a vertical scar and I'm possed but I won't know what it looks like until monday when I go back for my follow up

Today is post op day 2 and im walking up a little...

today is post op day 2 and im walking up a little better still taking care of myself no one is home with me. No one knows everyone still thinks im just on vay-k! well as soon as i can get pics taken of after ill upload them.

Mar24, I took a muscle relaxer today and I feel...

Mar24, I took a muscle relaxer today and I feel great. The only problem is it keeps burning on my right side. Everytime I take off the binder it hurts a little my belly is still numb. 835 pm I
Taking my meds and going to walk 40more feet then rest untily appt at 11am tomorrow. Ttyl

4 days out yay!! im so excited and i "DONT" have a...

4 days out yay!! im so excited and i "DONT" have a vertical scar. they took off my dressings today and put me in a smaller garment. im walking up a little straighter but i got to get the drains out Wednesday and Im suppose to go back to work the same day, oh boy that may not be happening but i HAVE to go back to work thurday. the reason i havent uploaded and after pics is because i have no one to take them of me and i cant stand up long enough to take them myself. i do apologize ladies but as soon as i am able to stand straight enough to put on that same bathing suit i will and take some pictures for you guys. no pain very numb and it still burns at times.

Hey ladies I miss you guys!!!! Sooo why didn't...

Hey ladies I miss you guys!!!! Sooo why didn't anybody tell me that I should get in the bed instead of the couch!!? Omg, that couch is the reason I couldn't stand up straight. It made me be in so much pain I couldn't even Stand up straight. So now that I've been sleeping in my bed for the last 2 nights in walking up slot straighter. Pictures will be up tonight after I get off work. One drain is still in swollen at times but overall IT'S ALL GOOD!!

POST OP PICS ARE UP!!!! Okay ladies, i have been...

Okay ladies, i have been away for a few days and left you guys waiting on thr after results. i keep having swelling, ladies that are like months post op please tell me how long this swelling is going to last??! I hate it because it hurts my scar looks damn good my belly button looks absolutely normalp but i still have stretch marks only a few but i mat tatoo it up later. Well again pics areup i hope yall enjoy them any questions inbox me or just post and ill contact you right away.

Happy Easter ladies I'm 10 days post op and...

Happy Easter ladies I'm 10 days post op and walking perfect finally. Now all I have to do is get this last drain out. No swelling today as of yet I'll be posting scar pics shortly. Enjoy your day

He ladies I go for my 2 week post op visit...

He ladies I go for my 2 week post op visit tomorrow and in not real swollen but not flat as I'd like to be. Ttyl

3week post op visit went well he said I have great...

3week post op visit went well he said I have great results I agree I'm still swollen especially when I walk too long, I go back in a month I'll update then

Hey ladies I'm Loving my new belly!!! scar is...

Hey ladies I'm Loving my new belly!!! scar is looking pretty cool healing well 4 weeks out in 3 days

2014 update

Hi ladies im so sorry i havent been in touch with most of you but things in my life have been hell. im still living and my scar looks great almost as ig i neer got the surgery done. I just got a belly ring yesterday and im so excited to have it repericed. ill upload more photos soon
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

He did smart lipo on my sister I haven't seen any TT pics yet I'm just going out on faith in this Dr.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look great congratz
  • Reply
thank you so much
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Very nice! How do you like the new you? Your stomach is going to really look great when the swelling goes down! You go girl!!
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I like it but the swelling is irritating
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wow...You look great!!
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Girl you look good! I can't wait....
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looking good girl. I bet you are glad you r on the flat side. Keep us posted.
  • Reply
yes i am i popsted up new pictures to compare vheck them out
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You look amazing!! And it's only going to keep getting better!! Glad the surgery is behind us girl!!
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Can't wait to see your progress!
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pictures are up post op
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How is work going? So glad I'm not the only girl on here not taking at least 3 weeks off! I go back Monday which is PO day 10
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Hey sweetie.....glad you are doing so well!! I think about you everyday ... wondering how you are. I have my 2nd post op on Wed. Hoping to see my belly button for the 1st time and get these drains out! Rest well ... Happy and Healthy Healing!!
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Hey Lori I finally saw mine and it looks the same well almost the same it doesn't look weird like some I've seen before. I'm laying 80% flat now soaybe I will be ready to return to work in another day. Hurry up get well call me when you make it home
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If u don't mind me askin Wat was the cause of death ..
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MzJan honestly I'm not sure her daughter never went into detail about it
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The first week is toughest, after that it gets easier, your going to look great!!
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One whole week??!! I've read post where people were up a d cleaning at 3days out. I'm going back to work I. Wednesday the burning had to stop! I see the PS tomorrow monday at 11
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lol. everybody heals differently, it took me a week to really get up an going. how are u feeling now?
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My surgery was yesterday too - we're done!!!!! You are a beautitful girl so with your new flat tummy you will be a knockout! It will be nice to see how our recovery progresses since we were done at the same time :)
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Thank you lady I wish you would have post sooner so we could have went they the preop process together. Im fine tho how are you feeling.
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post op pics are up
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