30 Year Old Full C/Small D Wanting a Full DD 5'7" 130 Lbs. Cleveland, TN

I have been reading review on here for about a...

I have been reading review on here for about a month and finally decided to write my own:) I have always had "sad" looking breasts-no upper fullness and slightly saggy-I just have never really felt sexy or properly proportioned. Needless to say I have wanted implants since I was 19 when I realized my breasts had stopped growing/changing and they were not getting and better.

I am finally in a situation where financially I am able to get it done:) I had my consultation with Dr. Hoops in Cleveland, TN July 30, 2014. My pre-op is September 22, 2014 and my surgery is scheduled for October 3, 2014.

I am so excited!! I have purchased 3 sports bras so far, and have read different posts suggesting how to prepare for after surgery, so I am buying things here and there to get ready:) Lots of button down sleep shirts, a pillow with arms for propped sleeping and resting, will be buying a shower caddy tomorrow, and will just keep doing little preparations as I go. I will keep you all updated and will post pics soon!
Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! I'm just a little over 6wks post op & it's wonderful to not have empty Mommy breast anymore! I look forward to seeing your progress & hearing about your transformations. Have you tried rice sizers yet? If not that's a great way to get an idea of how you're going to look post op. :)
Hi there excitedflower! I have not done rice sizers...my consultation was on 7/31 and I decided on 400cc each side. I think I may ask him to go 25cc higher when he is "in there" and if it still looks good to keep it at the larger size. My biggest fear is having the swelling go down and feel I did not go big enough. You said you are 6 weeks post op-how was your overall experience? Was/is it all you hoped it would be?
I'm very satisfied with my results. I think Boob Greed is definitely something everyone deals with. I feel like my PS really listened to my concerns & my desires to be able to go "BRA LESS." I have had a wonderful experience overall with my entire PS journey. I'm sure I could of easily pulled off 450ccs & no one would even know I had anything done. My goal was a natural look, I still think I could of looked natural at 450cc -475cc's. I have had a major anchor lift; so getting large implants while having a lift is a process that goes against each other. My goal is to have Perky breasts for a long time. I'm hoping that these girls will last for a long time. I feel like my experience has been fabulous from the moment I met my PS until now. I believe I'm at the smaller side of where I'll be. I'm hoping that my breasts won't shrink anymore. ;) if they do there's always next time as breast augmentation is pretty much a lifetime commitment. I think my breasts look so much better than they did before & I would have this surgery again in a heartbeat. I can't wait to get back to my pre op weight & go out with my hubby on a bra less date. I have very broad shoulders & good size hips. I'm very close to 5'6 & I'm over 145lbs right now.... my weight fluctuates between 155-135. I think you should trust your PS, with that said if you think you'll really be disappointed with your breasts once the swelling goes down I would say go 425cc if your PS says it's safe. It's funny because the implant looks bigger than it is when it's inside your chest, depending on your build. I wish you the best of luck & look forward to seeing your results :) I would definitely try the rice sizers first start with 400ccs worth & see if you like that, it will be smaller once it's inside your body under your pecs. I actually looked really good with 475cc rice sizers. There's a website bra sizes by Linda or something really close to that. I put in my current measurements with 425cc @ almost 7 wks post-op & my suggested bra size is between 38F-FF - 36G. I was a saggy deflated 36C -38D prior to surgery. I hope this helps you out sweetheart :)

While at PS Office...

This picture was taken with 400cc sizers in at my PS office. I liked this size the best on me:)

Without sizers...

This is me as just me;) No sizers no padding. Can't wait for my enhancement! One month from today!!
Are you planning on going under muscle? If you are u will lose about 25cc's under muscle so they will look a little bit smaller than they do in your shirt. :)
I am going with under the muscle....have been really thinking of going up to 450cc lately so i will discuss it with my PS on the 22nd at my pre-op and will see if they will let me try them on before I leave. Also, they told me if I like the way the 400cc looks, they would fill it to 425cc so that I could achieve the look of the 400cc. After seeing your comment I realize why they do that now:) However, I am still thinking of going a smidge bigger.
I honestly think u should do whatever makes you happy; 450ccs under muscle will look like 425cc's! Go for it if the dr thinks it's safe & you're comfortable with the size do it! This is a surgery u are electing to do for u & it shouldn't be something u do to please anyone else. I can't wait to hear about how your pre op appointment goes!!

26 Days!!

26 days until my augmentation! I keep going back and forth on size...it is my own obsessive doing. I keep reading the posts of others and looking at pictures all the while forgetting that each one of us is very different from the other. At my consultation I felt that a 400cc submuscular saline implant was the perfect size for me.

"Googling" images of others makes me feel that a larger implant would be more appropriate, because I like the way they look on other people. However, I need to remember that I am my own person and a 400cc will look one way on me and one way on someone else.

So, that being said, I am still entertaining the idea of 400cc-450cc and will discuss it with my PS at my pre-op on the 22nd. I would like a natural look plus a little extra:) For my own good I am going to stop comparing myself to others and will simply focus on myself and the look I want to achieve.

I will post an update after the 22nd on which size I decided to go with.
Good luck today! Update us when you're feeling up to it!
I'm so glad that you're going to stop comparing yourself to others! Nothing can make you feel worse about yourself than looking at other people & then seeing how u compare! I really think u should try rice sizers & wear them around your house, try them one with your favorite shirts. Use pantyhose don't tie the ends too tight & you'll be able to change the sizes! :) Best luck to you

Had my Surgery This Morning and Feel AWESOME!!!

I did it! I was at the hospital at 6:30 this morning and by 9:00 I had my new boobies! I declined the Valium written for me to take last night as well as offered to me this morning because I didn't want to experience this awesome moment in a fog. I am not a fan of any narcotics, so I have only been taking liquid Extra Strength Tylenol. So far it has been taking the edge off, but I am definitely still sore, but a manageable kind of sore.

I had the roller coaster of emotions since last night up until about 30 minutes before surgery, then it switched to pure excitement. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am already and how much my confidence has improved. My Husband is thrilled with my results too:)

All of my post op photos are on my phone, so I will post them here is just a moment:)


I forgot to post what size I went with...Again, I am 130lbs. and 5'7", average build. I was a full C before the procedure and went with 450cc Saline Moderate Profile under the muscle. Not sure what size I will be once I drop and fluff, but I would be willing to bet at least a DD, which is excatly what I wanted:)

Before Surgery Pic

After Surgery pics

Congrats on your new babies...they look great in the pic!
Thanks so much! I really love them! Saw them without a bra for the first time today and all I could do was smile:) I will post more pics once I am able to move around more.
Yay , so so happy for you.. Can't wait to see how they progress!

Day 2 Post Op

I didn't get to write this yesterday, but I wanted to update. I ended up filling my Lortab prescription because the pain was too much for me to handle. The first dose made no difference in pain level. 4 hours later I took the second dose, and about an hour later my pain turned from searing pain to just high pressure and discomfort. I took half before bed not thinking about the fact that they should be taken with food and wow was I nauseous!!

I just woke up (Day 3), unfortunately at 3:40am to pee. Can't fall back asleep, so I figured I would sneak in a quick review:) At the moment I am in no real pain-just discomfort similar to Day 1, which I can live with. If it stays this way and continues to lessen, I will be a very happy camper! I really want to go to a craft fair with my Mother in Law later this morning. A. I want fresh kettle corn :) and B. I think it would be good for me to get up and moving around a little more.

I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. I have a 45 minute drive each way, and have not attempted driving just yet, and am sure I will be taking it very slow. My PS told me to go back to work tomorrow, and the girls in my office who have had BAs with him have also had their surgery on Friday and were back to work Monday, so I guess I will need to drag myself in whether I like it or not!
How are you feeling?? Hope you were feeling well enough to get some kettle corn (yum!) that a bit unfair for your PS to assume just because others could return to work Monday that you could too. I'm sure even identical twins would respond differently to pain. If you need more time you need more time! I hope you're feeling okay and so sorry to hear you got nauseous on top of the pain. Can't wait to hear how things are going for you!
Congratulations! Glad to hear the pain is easing up. Good luck on getting to and from work tomorrow. Hope you plan on crashing into bed when you get home. I'm thinking you'll be exhausted! ;)

First Post Op Visit Today!

I had my post op visit today and it went great:) He removed the steristrips and long stitch (didn't even know one was in there!). Afterward I was SOOOOOO itchy, but that went away in about an hour and now I have no itching at all:)

I still have A LOT of bruising which he said is totally normal (I bruise very easily anyway). He also said everything is healing exactly as it should, and unless I feel the need to see him sooner, he will see me again in 3 months!

I have to admit I was a little, no...a lot...bummed when he told me that the size I am seeing is still 15-20% swelling:( I absolutely love my size and when the swelling does go down I hope it is only apparent in the projection, because that I could live with, but time will tell.

Oh, and I was a little surprised when they gave me my implant information card today. We had discussed a moderate profile implant during my consultation, but my card says that I received Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile 450cc Saline Implants. I really want the wide-boob look, so I hope I still get it even with the Plus Profile, but that is another one that I will only know in time.

Overall, I really am thrilled with my experience and my outcome. I am post op 6 days and already I am feeling about 80% back to normal. I still have pressure and I still take things slow, but every day I am improving. He said I will feel really amazing by the end of next week, and I don't doubt it. I have not had to take anything, not even Tylenol, since Monday afternoon for my discomfort.

I will post new pics soon and will continue to post updates as my healing progresses:)
Glad you are doing well.
Hey there!! I am doing really good! Are you all settled back in at home now? Missing beautiful Miami yet? I am actually glad now that I went back to work Monday. It felt good to get my mind off things and to get back into the swing of my every day life. I have been passing out very early every night this week though! I just saw the new pics you posted btw....OMG you look fantastic!!! Are you absolutely over the moon happy?!! I hope all is well! "Talk" to you soon;)
Hey surgery date buddy! So happy going back to work went smooth for you! It's too true, sometimes getting up and out is all you need to get in the swing of things! I'm settling back into the swing of things myself but boy does my body miss that Miami weather! I came back to what's normally a "nice day" no jacket needed and I was shivering! I had adjusted too quickly to the warmth of Miami lol. It sounds like your post op visit went great! Yahoooo!! That's great to hear that everything is healing exactly as it should!! :) Glad that itching went away on its own too! I was supposed to remove my steristrips and long stitch then as well but I was told to wait until Monday, not sure why, but I'll be doing it myself so I'm okay with waiting lol. Do you remember how they removed your long stitch? I was told to pull on it and cut close to the skin which sounds easy enough but I can't help but feel there's more to it. I'm right there with you on being a bummed! I love my size right now too so I hope when swelling goes down there's not a different in the projection. Fingers crossed for us both! I think there's barely a difference in the diameter size like a few centimeters from the moderate versus moderate plus profile but I know that moderate plus definitely has more projection so it's like you have the best of both worlds! Again I'm super happy you are almost back to normal and have been medicine free, hope you're still doing great and can't wait to see pics! Take care and yes, we'll "talk" soon! lol :)

Two Weeks and a Day Post Op

This week has been considerably better than last week. Incisions are practically invisible, no more pressure or discomfort, and no morning boob. I can sleep flat, but not yet totally on my side without discomfort.

I believe the swelling has gone down quite a bit too because, to me, they don't look nearly as big as they were, and I am more than a little bummed:( I keep telling myself that they still have to drop and fluff and that what I see now is not my final result so I need to be patient. I am also hoping that with the d&f will come some side boob because I don't have much of that either right now.

Is there anyone going through similar feelings at this stage in recovery? I did this procedure for myself so when I look in the mirror and am naked I can be proud of how I look, and I am back to not wanting to look at them because they look so weird to me. The right one was always a little smaller (barely noticeable) than the left one and now all of a sudden the size difference seems magnified-by a lot.

Incision photos

I feel like you do. I was in the beginning very happy and I still am but they look smaller then before. Hoping when they drop and fluff out they appear a bit bigger. Also I have pains still. Like my nipples are ao sensitive... Burning and just uncomfortable. I bought a couple of bra. 38 D fits the best but I just don't feel like a D. Weird right?! Hopefully we are just emotional and will overcome these feelings in a couple months when we are completely healed. Hugs to u! Xoxo
Hi Lynn! My nipples burn too:( I just keep reminding myself I am only 2 weeks post op, so I really need to be patient about all of this. I was told there would be some swelling, but not told how much to expect, so I honestly thought that what I saw right after surgery would be really close to my end result. Still though, like you, I am happy. No question about it. Just bummed that I didn't know, so I set myself up thinking one thing although reality was another. And I don't think it is weird at all that you don't feel like your size-I think there is a big adjustment period after having a BA. Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and think "My push up bra is doing wonders for me today!" And then I realize that no, those are my new boobs in a sports bra, and it totally throws me off! Other than the burning is your recovery going well? All the very best to you! Hugs!!
Recovery is actually very good! No actual pain just discomfort. My steri strips fell off and I actually posted a ? Waiting for RS to post it. I was just wondering when I can apply the scar guard I bought. I emailed my ps but they are closed for the weekend. I'm sure they will get back to me Monday morning they are very good in getting back. I went to the gym and walked 2 miles so that felt great. All in all I am very happy with everything. I had worried sooooo much prior to surgery lol. But happy healing !! Pls stay in touch.. Can't wIt to see both our end results :)
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