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Sculptra Expectations and Results - Cleveland, OH

Newbie to art of slowing the effects of aging...

Newbie to art of slowing the effects of aging through cosmetic procedures. I am a young-looking 57 year old who stays out of the sun, works out and fuels my body with healthy foods. I chose Sculptra after researching the options available and amount of time it should last.

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Arrived early for my appointment and spent time...

Arrived early for my appointment and spent time with the nurse having special high res pictures taken and numbing cream applied. Waited about an hour and a half for the doctor and almost got up and left. Finally the doctor arrived and precisely drew a map on my face for the injections which felt like tiny pin pricks. It took about 20 minutes. My face felt puffy, cold and numb but no pain.

I used the ice packs a couple of times during the first 24 hours that I received in the Sculptra After-care packet and had very little swelling with no bruising. I look like I did when I went in which is what I expected after reading the many posts on this website and other information sources.

The only constructive criticism so far is that my doctor and staff should have better patient communications. I received very little direction from my doctor and staff about what to expect before and after the procedure. When I asked about massaging my face, I was told by my doctor and the nurses that it wasn't necessary. I read many posts on this website about the importance of massaging to help insure a good result and I have been performing the massaging.

I have another Sculptra scheduled in May along with two Fraxel Restores planned for April and June.

Looking forward to a renewed and refreshed face.


Hi too_,

Welcome to the Sculptra community. I love your screen name! I'm glad you had a relatively positive experience with the Sculptra procedure. You mentioned you were not all that happy with the doctor you saw. Are you going back to them for the next procedure? How long had you been thinking about having the procedure done? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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So far I have had two Sculptra treatments and two...

So far I have had two Sculptra treatments and two Fraxel Restore. First one in March and the second one in May with Fraxel Restore in April and June. I am a bit concerned with the results that I am seeing. Or should I say, the minimal results that I am seeing (total spent so far $3200.00). I have been reading about the amount of patience required to see results from Sculptra but... jeeez this is slow!!.

The first Restore was very disappointing. I think the setting was too low. The setting was 12. My face was a little pink with some flaking around my nose and mouth. With the second Restore, I finally had some results. She used a setting of 15. This time I had more of a "sunburn" with more flaking around my nose and mouth. My skin has a more youthful appearance but still concerned with the lack of fading on some minor scars and age spots.

Overall, I am really questioning my decisions here. I am going to try one more Sculptra and see if my doctor will work with me somehow with regard to the lack of results (due to too low setting on the first Restore)with the cost. Maybe I have the wrong doctor.


Whenever I am having any type of facial procedure (I've had a number of fillers) I always do a lot of research of the product/procedure AND the doctor performing it. In the past, I've worked with a plastic surgeon for filler injections (Restylane, Juvederm). I recently moved to a different state and didn't have any referrals for Sculptra so I called my dermatologist and they referred me to another derm. office that perform cosmetic procedures. I had a 45 minute consultation with the PA that assists the doctor and she also told me that I would need to massage the area on a 5/5/5 program (5min./5xday/5days). We also discussed using Arnica for bruising (which I had done in the past). Then she gave me some assorted literature on Sculptra, including a DVD. I took it all home, waited a few days, and then made an appt. My first appt. was on Wednesday, 8/17. I look and feel normal. I know it will take 2-3 more visits before I will notice anything, but all the literature tells you to be patient. This is NOT a quick fix. By the way, my cost was $2250 for 3 treatments, 1 vial each (which is plenty for me). I am a very young looking 65 yr. old and am using the Sculptra all along the jaw line (starting from the bottom of my ears) and the hollows under the cheek area. My face has lost a lot of volume and there is some loose skin, but that is expected at my age :) I know you've already spent a lot of $$ and have gone through a couple of procedures, but maybe you could just check around for another doctor's opinon.
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So here I am after 3 Sculptra and 3 Fraxel Restore...

So here I am after 3 Sculptra and 3 Fraxel Restore. I started this journey in March and had my last treatment in early August. I have now spent $4800.00. Would I do this again??? The answer is NO.

Very disappointing results with Sculptra because I have NO results. Noone, including me, can honestly say there is any difference at all with regard to additional volume in my face.

As for the Fraxel Restore, the first treatment was set at 12/10/8. The setting was far too low and I had minor peeling/flaking around my nose and mouth with slight pinkness. By the way, I am a fair-skinned blonde. The second treatment with the setting at 15/10/8, I had a little more peeling/flaking around my nose and mouth with a slight sunburn look. After the third treatment with the setting at 25/10/8, more peeling/flaking with definite sunburn look. My skin has a more refreshed, youthful look. However, I have a small age spot on my right cheekbone about three inches from my hairline that has not faded.

I have expressed my concern to my doctor and we have a follow up appointment scheduled in October. She will review my results at that time and has agreed to give me my choice of either another Fraxel Restore or another Sculptra at no charge.

I am still wondering if I may have chosen the wrong doctor. Please offer thoughts and recommendations. Thanks


hi there. i am in cleveland as well as nd am considering this procedure. just starting my search. can you please tell me who your doc is? i understand that a skilled hand at this procedure is needed, and I may like to avoid a bad doc. my email is amrene2000@yahoo.com SO much appreciated.
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Hi amrene2000. It has been over a year since my last post. I decided to go to another doctor because of the negative results and overall unacceptable experience from my previous doctor, a dermatologist. Based on the experience that I am having with my current doctor, a plastic surgeon, I have decided to disclose the name of my previous doctor and my total disappointment with her. Her name is Dr Amy Kassouf. After discussing the lack of results using Sculptra with my PS, he tells me that it is possible that some people will not have a result with Sculptra. The main idea behind Sculptra is to help the body produce it's own collagen. And according to my PS, it is a known fact that some people do not do very well producing collagen and Sculptra will not work for them. He was told that by the Sculptra rep. Dr. Kassouf should have been aware of this and when I was not getting results, adjustments should have been made. Hopefully, Sculptra will work for you. I cannot recommend my current PS because he is not a Sculptra fan. Hope this helps.
I am sorry your experience was not that great. As I mentioned before, I have had only one of my three Sculptra appts. but I have confidence in my doctor. I don't know why your dr.'s ofc told you the massage wasn't necessary, especially when all the Sculptra literature says it's important. I hope your doc at least massaged it in when he injected it. I think your first "red flag" was the wait you endured before your treatment. I have never had Fraxel but I don't know if it's a good idea to do multiple procedures at the same time. Maybe those two are ok. I have my second Sculptra scheduled for the end of Sept. I will post a comment after seeing those results. My husband has actually commented that my skin looks better and more youthful already!
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Updated on 20 Mar 2011:As this point, I am undecided if I would recommend this doctor or not. Better communication is definitely needed about the before and after care. Also, if I am going to be expected to wait an hour and a half before the procedure begins, it needs to be communicated.

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