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I have had rosacea forever and nothing has ever...

I have had rosacea forever and nothing has ever worked for the redness. My doctor prescribed Mirvaso and I was a little skeptical. I went online and found that a lot of people (JennyR on Realself) and other commentors at Mirvaso review sites were mixing their Mirvaso with other moisturizers etc. One user wrote:

“I’ve been using Mirvaso mixed with a moisturizer (1 part mirvaso with 3 parts moisturizer) and it’s worked great. Someone else who posted on here mentioned using benedryl cream. So I switched to mixing together 1 part Mirvaso, 2 parts moisturizer and 1 part benedryl before I apply it. The combination works great. Give it a try. i think you’ll agree. Good luck!!”

Someone else on the same forum said that he mixes Mirvaso with sunscreen.

I checked with my dermatologist who said it would be OK to ease into Mirvaso using one of these methods and it has been a true blessing for me. If you are thinking about trying Mirvaso, give this method a try.
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I have read many negative comments on MIRVASO in internet. It helps but then there is a dramatic negative rebound? Is this true?
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I have read a lot of negative comments as well and started using it recently. First day or two wasn't great. Then I figured out that what seemed to work for me (and others) was using it sparingly with cream. My dermo told me to use elidel and mirvaso together - and I am using both VERY sparingly. I think it's strong enough stuff to just use a little dab with cream and the results are starting to come around. I still have redness, but my complexion is much better and I think it's working well enough.
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This totally worked for me.
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