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As some of you know I had my surgery on 3/22/11...

As some of you know I had my surgery on 3/22/11 and today I am finally posting my pictures, and will post more as the swelling comes down.

Thanks for everyone whose love and support I really needed throughout this journey. I am pleased with my results so far, and know I will be happier once I can workout again and resume all of my normal activities.

Anyone who is contemplating doing this, I would be happy to share my experiences with! Looking forward to a wonderful summer!

Going back to work has been very tough! I only...

Going back to work has been very tough! I only could get through a half day then came home and slept. Just glad I have a super workplace.

Saw Dr. yesterday and he said I am doing great. ...

Saw Dr. yesterday and he said I am doing great. The swelling is driving me nuts though and he says is just takes time. He wants me to start peeling the glue off the incision and will see me back in 10 days to clean it up really well and start scar therapy.

I worked my whole day today, but by mid-afternoon...

I worked my whole day today, but by mid-afternoon was very sore and uncomfortable. Home in my PJ's is so nice and comfy!

So I am exactly one month post surgery today and...

So I am exactly one month post surgery today and am posting 2 new pictures. I am still pretty swollen as you can see, but my Dr. says it is not unusual and it will continue to decrease. My incision did have a small infection and I am using Bactracin on it 3X a day. I do have another follow up in 3 weeks and he will do a scar revision if necessary. I am still sore, but that continues to improve every day. I can start the treadmill again, slowly and increase my activity. Also, I started scar therapy so we'll see how that goes. Will update again after my next appointment.

Six weeks since day of surgery. Started working...

Six weeks since day of surgery. Started working out again and feeling much better. Still swollen, but coming down!

Saw Dr. yesterday, 7 weeks and a couple days...

Saw Dr. yesterday, 7 weeks and a couple days post-op. He cleaned up those two darn spots that arn't healing and told me it was because my clothes are irritating that area, then he cleaned the area and gave me some special non stick gauze and am using the Bacitracin on it still. It is a tiny area, but I still want it to heal properly. Still swollen, but he says is will still come down more and doesn't even do his after pix till 3 months for that reason. I will post more pictures in a couple weeks, but I am feeling like my "old" self, with a younger tummy!

So it has been 12 weeks and I am still struggling...

So it has been 12 weeks and I am still struggling with swelling issues mid to late day after I have been up and about for a while. I know it is part of the process, but wish I looked the way I do in the morning. I guess it just takes some people longer then others, and me being so short 4'10" it just settles in my lower abdomen. This too shall pass! Other than that, I see my Dr. next week and although my infection has cleared, I still have redness and will need a scar revision. The rest of the scar is fading nicely. I feel good and am working out like I did prior to surgery. I couldn't have gotten through the tough times without my fellow TTers! Thanks everyone and I will update again soon.

I went for my six month check up, and am somewhat...

I went for my six month check up, and am somewhat satisfied with the results. In my appointment I expressed my disappointment with the scar in the lower part which seemed to not heal correctly. My Dr. agreed and has scheduled a scar revision on Nov. 15th for me at no charge. He stated that he wants me to be 100% happy with my results and told me this is quite common. I have some swelling at the end of the day even still, but once the revision is done and a few more months pass I should be very happy with my new tummy. I will update again after the revision.

Less than two weeks since the revision and I am...

Less than two weeks since the revision and I am really hoping after a couple of months when the scar fades I will be 100% happy, no make that thrilled with my results! The portion of the scar where it pulled apart was fading well, but I wanted a fine line like the rest of it which is looking great. My doctor was happy to take care of it for me at no additional charge so that was nice! If anyone needs a recommendation, here in the Cleveland area, please write me and I will be happy to share his information. Thanks to everyone again for your kindness and concern along the way!

So it has been 10 months today since I had my TT, ...

So it has been 10 months today since I had my TT, and 2 months post revision. This has turned out to be a very emotional journey that only those who have had this surgery can truly relate to. I am anxious to have the revision part fade away as the rest of the scar has. All I can say is I feel fantastic, am enjoying working out and eating sensibly and am so happy to be rid of that loose skin and have my nice, tight stomach muscles again! was exactly one year ago today that I had... was exactly one year ago today that I had my surgery and began the long and emotional recovery. There were times that I second guessed myself and my decision to do this, but at long last I can honestly say I am happy with my decision. No one can understand the ups and downs and highs and lows of this other than someone who has been through it. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and constant support I depended on through this journey. So, here I am, happy and healthy one year post-op!!!

Well its been two years since my tummy tuck, and...

Well its been two years since my tummy tuck, and all I can say is it was a long hard road but am so happy with how everything turned out. I did have a small area tested and had a laser done on it, but didn't have the whole scar done. I may do if in the fall, but we'll see. Hang in there if you are in the early stages, because it does get better!
Dr. Jason Leedy

I am glad I went with this surgeon, just a true professional in every sense of the word.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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You look great.
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You look so good!! I am going for a consult with dr. leedey at the end of May. He will be the 2nd surgeon I have consulted with about a tummy tuck. I had choosen my surgeon and then read a review where one of his patients compared to him as a "used car salesman"....soooo I decided to try dr. leedy. I was wondering if he does lipo as part of the tummy tuck or if he charges extra? Also I read a comment you put about dr. leedy doing the bb a certain way, was wondering if you could explain what he does differently. Any other helpful suggestion you would have for me. Thanks in advance! :)
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U look great !
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Thanks for sharing the long-term scars, you don't usually get to see that! You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go girl!!!
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You look fabulous .. I hope I look as good as you in 2 years I will be turning 56 I will be 54 in May.
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Thank you for your 2 year update!  You look so great - how flat your tummy is!  Your scar looks very faded. 
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Well, thanks, you are too kind! I am 53 now, lol. Not bad for an old girl!
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More reason to be proud, you look great at your age..
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Hope I have your body when I'm 51!! You look terrific! :)
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AMAZING! Congrats
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Cleveland1029...You look great post op over a year!!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel too...I had revision 4 months ago.  I am so glad you are happy with the results!  Enjoy the summer!
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Thanks girlfriend. No doubt it is a LONG hard road, but I am glad I had the revision when I did. I am still using scar gel and the revision is fading slower than the original, but it is fading and I know I have to be patient. How are you doing with yours?
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Thanks girls!
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Wow!! You look amazing! Your scar line is perfect! So thin & faded! I hope mine looks like that after my scar revision heals. Can you believe a year has already gone by? I will be a year on April 8th. Thanks for posting pictures - you must be so thrilled with your results!
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Well you look fantastic! Glad you are loving it too!!
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Wow you look great, congrats..
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Well, with me it tend to think it was possible pulling on and off the compression garment, and the fact the skin was pulled so tight. I did eventually go to a corset type compression garment that went around me and then it fastened with the hook and eye which may have prevented the splitting had I used that in the first place. In any case, each person is different, but it is more common than you think.
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Wow - just checked out your revision photos & they look great! Thanks for posting before & after photos. Your scar looks great already, I can imagine how much nicer it will look as the months go by.

How long until you could exercise again after the revision? Also, were you able to stand up straight right away? I am just so excited for mine! I also have a dog ear on the one side, so I can't wait to get rid of that. It really messes up the contour so I can't wait to finally see my true end result!
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Hey Madison...the revision for me was easy, and I started working out about 10 days after and have been going strong ever since. No problem standing straight at all, but mine was basically just at the base of the scar where it pulled apart and didn't heal properly. I was lucky I didn't have dog ears, and the scar is even on the sides. Can't wait to see your new pix!
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I keep reading about women who have had splitting problems that lead to revision. At what point is it possible for the incision to split? I am not quite 8 weeks PO and though I continue to spit tiny sutures it seems like a solid scar. Scarey thought that it could split!!
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I believe you should be okay at this point, but I had mine at 3 weeks post op.  It was textbook perfect prior to that incident!  I believe it is very common bc they usually occur at the middle where the point of greatest tension is applied.  AND I did not take seriously the trauma that this MAJOR surgery is on your body.  It requires EXTRA protein & Vit. C.(usually in supplements) to build and repair. 

Scar revisions arent' that big of a deal they just prolong the healing.  When mine split, there was little info on here to read about, but now we have put many more stories which hopefully will help everyone.  Good luck in healing!
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You are not 51 LOL Congrats you look great!
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@ degree....who is not 51?!!! lol, if you are referring to me, I surely am and very proud of the fact that my body has had a little help from an awesome PS who has restored my confidence and body back from the destruction of childbirth and gravity! LOL> Thanks for the boost!
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Cleveland! We are almost at the same place in recovery! Mine was a little uneven due to my splits/infection and I am very happy with the revision. There was no charge for mine either, however I did have my ps do it in the OR when I had my breast lift so I did have to spend an additional 150 for Anesthesia and OR costs but he would have done if for no charge in the office. I too want mine to fade! In time right???!!!!
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