Almost 4 months po the word revision was muttered. grr.

Hi Ladies! I have finally got the courage to type...

Hi Ladies! I have finally got the courage to type up a review.... I am 31, married, with 3 kids. They are 8,6 and 19 months. I am 5'5" and 127lbs. I am pretty much like everyone else on here that just wants to get their body back after kids. I had all 3 via c-section, first one emergency and the other two scheduled. So my tummy is a hot mess that looks like I'm 3 months pregnant and I got into a fight with a tiger. ;) I would love to have all my strech marks gone but I"M very happy with having most of them gone.
I want to be able to feel like I don't have to cringe when I look in the mirror while getting out of the shower. My husband loves my regardless, but he wants me to be happy. So, he has stood beside all of my craziness while trying to figure out the "right" time. I guess the "right time" is NOW! I'm scared to death about all the things everyone else is.

So THanks to all the ladies who have willingly shared the ups and the downs. This website gives me great comfort in knowing other ladies feel the same way and are going through the same emotions. ;-)

I feel the same way! I want to stop avoiding mirrors. And feeling self conscious!  I am getting a full tt, BL, BA, lipo of my back, flacks, back inner and outer thighs plus a MR!

What about you?
HI Blonde! I'm getting the full tt with MR and BA and lipo of flanks. I'm nervous about that I can't imagine adding more lipo.... you are brave!! Can't wait to have it done with!!

Next week the boys are back to school and I have...

Next week the boys are back to school and I have one more appointment with my ps to go over a few questions I have. I'm ordering my compression garment today and plaing on getting my shopping list for when my boys are in school. Some days I'm am so excited.... others I'm so nervous I could barf. lol
** Happy healing to everyone!

Last night I just found out that my husband has to...

Last night I just found out that my husband has to go out of the country for work when I'm appox 4/5 weeks po. I am just wondering what people are feeling like at this point? I'm thinking I should be fine but my daughter who I have to lift to get in and out of her bed may be my problem. Feeling a little overwhelmed and it's not even here yet. Thanks ladies.
I'm hoping to get the nerve up to post some before pictures in the next week. ugh.

Went to see my ps again yesterday to go over a few...

Went to see my ps again yesterday to go over a few questions and he confirmed that I'm going to have a vertical scar. There is not enough skin above the belly button that can be pulled down. He gave me the option to raise the scar line up but that is NOT an option for me! I'd rather have the vertical line.
Now, feeling like I can get my head around this.... I'm going to start my shopping lists and to do lists for the up coming weeks. I'm back to being excited again... Oh and I need to call my coordinator so I can offically pay my bill. ha.
Good luck! I'm scheduled for 9/13, so we will be pretty close together. I don't know about you, but I get increasingly nervous as the days get closer.
Birdy- Good luck to you too! I think I go up and down every other day between nervous and excited. Then I think about my little girl and not being able to pick her up and I get more sad. I think I'm a train reck! lol.

Ok I know most of us have some guilt that goes...

Ok I know most of us have some guilt that goes along with having this type of surgery............. this is going to be mine little pity party for myself. lol The thing is I don't feel guilty about spending the money. My hubby has known for sometime this was on my to do list so that is no big deal. I am feeling guilty about the little things... The day of my surgery my boys have a flag football game that saturday they have soccer... I have never missed anything of theirs.... I know it's probably only 2 weeks worth that I will miss, but I feel so bad. Then my sweet baby girl who just loves to give me hugs and kisses and wants mommy 24/7.... UGH. it's eatting at my heart. Oh and because I'm doing this surgery I'm making my kids ride the bus everyday home and I quote my son getting off the bus yesterday, "mom can you come get us from school? Please! I HATE our bus driver!" If you know him he doesn't say hate....
If I can just get past this.... Ok Pity party over...
Don't feel pressured to post pictures but please take plenty for yourself in various positions so afterwards you can see the positive change. I don't miss my hanging belly one bit and even though I didn't get the perfect results I hoped for, I feel better when I compare the pictures and see that it's a lot better than it was before.
Hi there! I feel your pain. I was worried about the little things too. Even though I was super prepared I was still nervous and felt a little guilty. I cried the day before and almost did the morning of because I knew I was going to miss cuddling my baby and that it was going to hard for baby as well. After 2 weeks I tried to hold her but it hurt. She did love kisses on her forehead though. After 3 weeks I cuddled her even though it hurt me some. Now at 4 weeks U can pick her up, cuddle, etc. I don't think she even remembers it... Except when she screams to join me in the bathroom and wants to peek and see if my owies are still there. Time will pass quickly after that first week, I promise. You are worth it! Don't feel guilty and try not to worry so much. There is no perfect time to have surgery just like there's no perfect time to be pregnant. Can't wait to see your before & afters! So excited for you!
Sorry, I really do know how to type. Auto-correct is a killer sometimes. LOL
U should be I

Two weeks from today I will be in surgery! I...

Two weeks from today I will be in surgery! I don't know if I should be excited of scared by this point... actually I feel kind of numb to the whole thing. I suppose I should start buying the things I will need afterwards....
So, I had a little view in to what the house is going to look like when I am unable to do anything and I think that is going to stress me out more than anything! I was sick a couple days ago and could barely move from the couch. I could do enough to take care of my daughter but everything else went out the window. When the boys got home from school they helped along the tornado look..... when my husband got home from work I went to bed.... BUT when I woke up the next morning NOTHING was picked up. Dirty dishes were on the counter (dishwasher was empty), toys everywhere.... OMG if my house if like that right after surgery I will go nuts! On the other hand I am very thankful my mom will be here in the begining to help keep things in line. :-) WIth my little rant I will put faith in my hubby that he won't let it get that bad again. He will also be off with me after my mom goes back home so he can keep up with everything.
So here's to TWO WEEKS and counting until I get my body back!! WHOOT WHOOT!
Less than 2weeks now how exciting I know how you feel I'm scheduled the 25th you'll be a week before me almost. For me I just keep glancing in the mirror it feels so unreal well stay positive soon you'll be on the other side:D

How exciting 2 weeks! I know my house will be a mess after surgery and it will drive me nuts!:-/

Ok, I know I'm getting stressed about what I'm...

Ok, I know I'm getting stressed about what I'm about to do to myself.... but waking up at all hours of the night the last couple nights is killing me. To top it off I'm stress eating. WTH! I normally don't eat like this but I can't seem to help myself. :-/ I guess there is a reason I've been working out 6 -7 days a week. Ha just not to gain weight.

So ready for this to be done with and not thinking about the unknown... I'm a planner and not having the control is really getting to me.

Any advice on how to cope with the next week as I'm a stress ball right now.

Thanks to all you ladies! ;-)
Yayyy 5 more days for us! Its weird but I'm not stressing at all, just super anxious and wants it done already. I wanna make sure I wake up, that's the only thing that stresses me out.
I'm not getting much sleep either it feels so unreal just think one week from now you'll be on the other side!! How exciting I'll be thinking of you this Thursday!!

Oh you sound similar too me. I am such a planner- its going to drive me nuts not being able to do what I usually do. Wow a week! Exciting and nerve racking. I will be riding the crazy train(more then normal) the week before. I have 3 weeks until my pre op nd I am freaking out!!!

At this moment all I can say is I am soooo glad...

At this moment all I can say is I am soooo glad that I will be done with the waiting crap tomorrow. :-) I am so thankful for my hubby who has tolerated me on the crazy train express and my mom for coming into town to help! Tomorrow at 7:30 I will be nicely taking a couple hour nap! I have to be there at 630 and I THINK it's a 40 min drive. I need to double check my times.
So here's to a smooth surgery so I can be back at home tomorrow afternoon all druged up on pain pills. haha.
Happy healing to all the wonderful ladies out there and patience to all who are still waiting their turn!

I had my surgery at 730 Thurs morning and it took...

I had my surgery at 730 Thurs morning and it took 4 hours. I am feeling pretty good. I am down to one pain pill every 6 hours or so. Although I am very stiff... I will try to write some more later. Happy healing to all!

I'm not sure if I count my surgery day or not......

I'm not sure if I count my surgery day or not... lol. I had my surgery on Thursday morning at 730. It ended up taking 4 hours. The last thing that I remember is giving my hubby a kiss in the pre op area and then waking up in post up with him sitting with me and the nurse talking to me. Thursday and Friday are pretty much a blur from the pain meds and being so tired. I never had very much pain. I stayed on top of my pain pills for the first 48 hours and since Sunday I am only on ibprofen 2xs a day. I have yet to see my stomach since my dr doesn't allow showers until drains removed soooo thank god for a sink to wash my hair in. so gross! Tomorrow at 1 is my post op appointment and when I get my drains out. I'm now only draining less then 25ml so everything should be good to go. And then there's the girls! WHoot WHOOT I love my new set of twins! hahha. I do have to ask my ps if he and my right girl had a disagreement because it is all bruised around the side. My left one no brusing at all and looks great. I did go out to Target today for a little bit (my mom drove me) and that was exhausting. So if this makes no sense I'm sorry I really need a nap. I wanted to say how wonderful my hubby has been.... He was so nervous about the drains and he even told me before hand he didn't know if he would be able to help me with them. I said ok and my mom would help, no big deal. BUT He is never took a second thought. He has been the one checking, milking, and draining them for me since day one. :-) OH and the first time I saw them I thought I was going to pass out. Ok I've done my share of rambling! take care ladies.
Glad to hear everything went well and you are happy and resting. Happy to hear your husband is helping out too - the physical help somehow ends up helping more emotionally. Hope that makes sense. Anyway - CONGRATS!!!

OK Did anyone else kind of "freak out" - like a...

OK Did anyone else kind of "freak out" - like a panic attack- when they took their compression garment off for the first time by themselves? UGH. Yesterday, the ps pulled all my padding and everything else off and I felt the need to pass out... didn't but felt like it. Got home and I wanted to show my husband and mom (before she left town) and I had a total melt down. I think it was just because it felt so different, but I have NO idea. Hubby and mom were right there telling me I didn't have to take it off, so their was no pressure but I just cried and put the garment back on. So now I'm feeling like a total hot mess. HAHA.

Today I'm 11 days PO and feeling pretty good! ...

Today I'm 11 days PO and feeling pretty good! This is also the first day that I'm left home with our daughter, so we will see how that goes. I can honestly say in the last week I am feeling so much better. I never had and major pain after the surgery but I did have sorness that is still that but controlled by ibprofen. My right girl is dropping slower than my left... My right one is also the one that was bruised on the side where it looked like my PS got into a fight with it! HA I am standing almost straight in the morning then a little hunched over towards the evening when true swell hell sets in and I"m tired and stiff.
As for my tummy tuck scar and belly button I'm still curious is to what is it going to look like. My ps told my to not focus on my belly button right now because it looks distorted because of swelling and glue that they used on me during surgery. ( I had no tape at all due to a problem I had when I had our daughter) So I have glue all over and everything is shinny... it's looking better as it is starting to come off.
I also have a lot of streatch marks left. I knew there was going to be a fair amount left but I was hoping for a little more. Well I will try to update more later. My sweet little girl wants her mommy to cuddle with her. :-) Have a great day ladies!
Way to go! On your own you can do this take it easy and don't over do it I have to say the one of the pros of being home and not always on the GO! GO! Is being able to spend more time with my daughter:) that is such a very special bond between mom&daughter
Mrs. AZ - it is nice not being on the go all the time! Part of me loves that I have to stay home because I cannot lift my daughter yet.... the other part really would like to go out. Teaching me to settle my butt down! haha. How are you feeling? Now to put my feet up while my little girl is napping. :-) Have a great day!
Doing good except the lipo is killing me it looks like I got hit by a bus I'm very swollen taking it easy and resting I got out today for the first time I went with my husband to drop of my daughter it was nice getting out but it wiped me out time for a nap have a good day too!:)

Not much to say really. I'm getting better...

Not much to say really. I'm getting better everyday. Actually yesterday I switched my compression garmets from a med to small. I ordered both because I was right on the line for either one, so I am all snug again... Actually last night I woke up and felt like I couldn't move so I unzipped it part way. My breasts are looking really good! I LOVE THEM! lol. Oddly I was so afraid of the wrong size and everything to do about have girls again.... now I'm so happy I did the BA. I have stiches that are showing at the ends now that are going to be needing some attention but I go in on Tuesday... Not sure if I can wait but I'm going to call and see what needs to be done. I think he actually left the stich coming out the side because I was glued with no steri strips or tape. They don't look like they are pushing out or anything. (don't know if that made sense.)
I did go out on a short walk today. My daughter climbed up into my jogging stroller and we went out for a bit. I think it was the best thing I did. It felt so good to be out. I miss my runs sooooo bad. I was running 6 to 7 days a week and now I feel like my drug of choice has been taken from me. SO, hopefully ps will ok at my 3 week mark to go on short jogs... This is the time frame I was told beforehand so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!.

Happy healing everyone!

I had another check up today with my PS. It went...

I had another check up today with my PS. It went really well. He cleared me to pick up my daughter and start doing the eliptical... I tried to see if he would let me run yet but he squashed that thought like a fly. lol. I get to start running at 4 weeks- really only another week and a half. Therefore tomorrow I'm going to get this former tight butt now jiggly butt on the eliptical for an easy workout. :-) I was told to ditch the compression garmet and switch to spanx.
Althought i"m still a long ways from the end of the road on this journey I changed my rating to worth it! I still can't tell if my scar is going to be as low as I want it to be but I still have swelling throughout the day.... so it's a wait and see. And I can honestly say I spent so much time worrying about my boobs and what size and if i even wanted them.... I am soooo glad i did it. They look amazing and I love how I look now! First time I can say that in some time.
Happy healing ladies!
Just checkin in on ya! Hoe you are doing well!!
how u doin

So there's really not much different. I'm healing...

So there's really not much different. I'm healing slowly... I'm impatient- YES! I'm exhausted- YES! I did start back to slowly working out. PS said I could do the eliptical at 3 weeks then start running at 4. Well today I'm at 4 weeks and I'm soooo scared to go out for a run! I miss my runs so much but I like the safety of my eliptical in my basement. :-) I'm still swelling and I go back and forth with my spanx and compression garment. I get worried I don't have enough support when I'm on the eliptical so I use my CG. I wish I could just feel back to "normal" again.
I'm also ALL by myself here. 3 days no husband- he's out of town.... and when he comes back his grandmother is coming into town. OMG stress. So, since I"m stressed I have been making poor choices with my food. grr. I think I've got the food thing squared back around again, but still, so annoying.
I wish I had the courage to put up pics like so many of you ladies but I just can't bring myself to do it.
Hope all is well with everyone. Happy healing.
Hang in there and stay positive I'm a slow healer also it's okay:) try to take it easy k

Ok... After days-weeks of wondering when I would...

Ok... After days-weeks of wondering when I would atleast wake up completly flat ... I DID this morning! I'm so excited! With that said I took it easy yesterday afternoon! Now, that I have a million things to do today before company gets here, I'm sure I will be swelling like a champ today. :-( I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for minimal but it's the name of the game right?!? Everyone have a great day! :-)

** and my hubby comes home today! Happy lady here!
So happy for you that you can run again - I was going insane without being able to do anything! I think we will be back to ourselves in two months time. Glad you woke up flat - oh happy day!!!! Thanks for acknowledging my post today - it is so good to know I am not alone and!
amy828- Nope not going crazy! ;-) It's always nice when you can see yourself truly on the other side of this. I atleast had a moment. LOL> And feeling like I can get back to myself with my running is my true sanity. I'm SLOW but I can do it!!

I'm just wondering when people started doing a...

I'm just wondering when people started doing a modified ab workout or regular? The thought seems very scary to even think about but I'm just curious!
My PS told me I was cleared for ab work at 9 weeks. However, every time I try to it hurts - feels like I did 50 instead of 5. Pre-surgery I did 3 sets of 90 second planks and now it's 30 seconds a set. My trainer has me do 4-5 different core workouts so it's possible but I try NOT to do direct abs like situps or crunches. My friend who had a TT said she didn't do abs for 6 months! Said she didn't feel the need to cuz her tummy was flat. I still believe it's good to do core strengthening for overall athletic improvement. Just so you know, I'm training for a century bike ride that is next month. So, call me crazy :) but I just wanted to share my opinion. I'm sure you'll do what feels comfortable for you and things will improve over time... just start out easy. Good luck!
Aww you're not crazy mom2fiveUT. :-) I tried to get into the plank position and my abs screamed NOOOO> lol. I'm just now 6 weeks.... so I know I've got a long ways to go but I don't want to not try...

So, I got the girls sized the other day...........

So, I got the girls sized the other day........ HOLY 32DD... umm yeah I about died when she sized me. LOL. BUT I LOVE MY BOOBIES> lol.
All in all everything is going smoothly here. I have only one complaint at this point and it's the same as most people.... Swelling can take the next train out of town! I'm good in the morning and then by noon or before I'm swelling. It's never painful but it would be nice if I didn't need to put my spanx back on in the middle of the day...
On a bright note I am happily shopping for a new swim suit for my hubby and my vaca that is scheduled in March... 10 yr anniversary trip.And the family vaca in the summer time! I'm so excited. I'm even more excited that I am comfortable in my own skin again.... I'm not worried about every little thing.
Hope everyone is healing! And for those waiting.... Take a deep breath and it will be all good! :-)
Nice size girlie:-) happy u ate going well! I just started swelling and it's so bad
Hang in there Blonde! The swelling does get better. ALthough the point you are at right now... it's painful. Time is on your side! :-)
Thanks AR. I am not even 2 weeks post op I thought I would be feeling better by now...

I will first say overall I am still very happy. ...

I will first say overall I am still very happy. I'm still swelling but my ps thinks there is some laxitivity still in my muscles. Which there is but I don't know if a revision is really necessary or if I would even go through with it. He said that he wouldn't consider doing it until I was 9 months to a year po... therefore a wait and see. On the flip side my boobs look great and I am still in boob love with them. hehe. My stomache does look pretty good- way better than it did... my muscles were just so bad before this even the extra layers of stiches may have not been enough.
Happy healing to all you ladies out there that are healing and take a deep breath and relax for all you that are wating in the wings. :-)

I didn't really say revision for what. It would...

I didn't really say revision for what. It would be to tighten my muscles again and a little bit of skin that is still there.
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