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Finally at 37 I decided to go ahead with the...

Finally at 37 I decided to go ahead with the breast reduction I always wanted. They were always very large but only grew bigger during and after the birth of my twins. I've dreamed of being a C cup, and my Dr said he could give me a med to large C.

Now I'm 8 days post op and am nervous about the results. I was a 40DDD and had almost 4lbs removed. At first I was in a lot of pain but was happy with my small yet somewhat deformed size, optimistic that they would gain a nice shape in time. But the swelling has been increasing dramatically, which is so disheartening after being smaller for a few days, and they are still quite sore. My Dr says everything is fine and that the swelling should go down within a few months, but I'm still nervous because I didn't have any drains or a lot of drainage, and I'm scared there is fluid trapped in there that could become infected even though I took antibiotics and have no obvious signs of infection at this point. I know it takes months to see the real results but could still use some reassurance that I will shrink down again and begin to feel better.

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My Dr came highly recommended by family members who are medical professionals in my area. I heard from a nurse at an unrelated Dr appt that he is known as a brilliant surgeon who fixes other dr's mistakes. His bedside manner in the office is just SoSo, but he's more personable during pre-op suggesting he prefers to be in surgery, which is where the real work is done anyway, right? Although it's still too early for me to see final results, I have confidence in his abilities.

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It is normal. I guess I didn't notice swelling a whole lot since I was a 42G! I do know that after only a week I was so relieved that I wish I had done it years ago. It has been over a year now and beside some scarring that I have(that still doesn't particularly bother me or my husband) I know it was the right thing to do. Give it a couple of months at least and be sure to fully follow doctor's order.
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I will have had my surgery 3 weeks ago in 2 days. I am still very swollen and sore. I have been nauseous every day since my surgery. I go back to work full time next week and I am wondering when I will ever start to feel "normal" again. I'm beginning to regret I had this done although I was very large 40E. I'm just hoping all this is normal and I will be so happy to have had this surgery.
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I had surgery 4 days ago i was happy and excited first then i began to feel like a boy
i don't have drainage tubes and i was instructed to wear sports bras for support anyone suggest anything better?
they have a bit of blood in them everyday i was concerned but now reading this i guess normal
i had the best doc and his bedside manner is GREAT he has called my home 3 times in the last 4 days
i was concerned after reading that I don't have a prescription for antibiotics in case of infection
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I would call to be sure. My doctor was great with answering every little question. Good Luck!
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I saw my Dr yesterday, and he said some people just have lots of swelling for several months, and that nothing appears to be wrong. He was good about answering all of my questions this time. I'm trying to be patient and believe that the results will improve over time. Thanks!
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I think you will be just fine. I had tubes but did not have a lot of drainage. I did not get an infection. Just be sure to take your antibiotics and you will be fine. Be sure to follow exact instructions of doctor.
I had my surgery 1 yr ago and I don't regret a thing! I still have some noticeable scarring but it is well worth it. I feel great!
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Thanks for your reply! I hope you are right. I took the antibiotics as prescribed and tried to follow everything to the letter. Yet now that I'm a month out from surgery, I'm still swollen and have pains near the incisions in my right breast every so often. Hopefully I haven't over-done it with normal activities and messed something up! I'm not due to go back to my dr for another couple of months, but I might need to call and ask some questions just to calm my fears.
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No, no swelling but I'm still leaking AND I have wound separation and infection. I'm having to use collegian to grow skin where it separated. I hope you get to feeling better. What size are you? I'm a D cup, its nice size seeing as how big I was before. I'm sure your doc put u at what fits ur body best. :) I promise once the swelling goes down, u will love them better than what they were before.
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I would be a little concerned also about it not draining... Do you have your tape off yet? If not, maybe that's the problem. I'm 5 weeks, 3 days post-op and I'm STILL leaking!! But I've had infection too and some wound separation. Good luck and God Bless.
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Yep, the tape is off. I've had a tiny bit of leaking here and there but nothing major. Still no signs of infection. The swelling seems to be going up and down, but I'm still larger than I hoped to be, and I'm afraid I won't shrink down anymore. Are you still having lots of swelling at 5 weeks?

Thanks for your response, and good luck to you as well!
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Why do you say your new size is somewhat deformed?

You are still going to be quite swollen at this point. As far as drains go, it sounds like some doctors use them and some don't, but just because they don't doesn't mean you're going to get an infection.

Please come back and let us know how you're healing!

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I just meant they were not very shapely, but that seems to be working itself out as time goes on. Also the pain is getting better. But I'm still quite swollen, making me a med D, and I'm hoping to shrink back down into C range. I'm anxious about the swelling going down so that I can get a better picture of what the final results will be. My Dr says it might be a few months, but that seems like such a long time at this point!
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