Just Want to Be Me - Cleveland, OH....4 Weeks Post-Op

I have silicone implants since 1987. Went to PS...

I have silicone implants since 1987. Went to PS after birth of second son for TT and asked about lift, he said implants would be better, I was a 34C, came out DD. Years later & many health issues, pain in right breast, breast MRI, shows implants intact, local PS says no reason to remove, many hours of research and this forum validates how I feel. I'm now 56 and want them out.


You go girl! The doctos are sometimes so sneaky and liars :/
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Yes, I agree that it is time. I'm at peace with the decision and know that I am in good hands. Whether I need a lift or not will be determined when I see the doctor before surgery. I will just be happy to be implant free. Thanks for your comment.
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I think it is time to explant. You will do great!
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I am so grateful that I found this forum....so...

I am so grateful that I found this forum....so much support from all these brave ladies sharing their story and pictures to give us a glimpse of how we might look after explant. I no longer feel alone and I benefit from each and evert story or update that I read. I cheer each time someone makes it to the other side!


I would love to know how you go on after explant. I too have suffered with autoimmune symptoms for years and know in my heart that the darn implants messed my body up. I am 4 months post surgery and at first felt fantastic but gradually my old symptoms started to come back. I really don't know what else to try other than supplements, juices and good food. I'm waiting to see an immunologist and just had all of my bloodwork re-done (waiting for the results).I read on other sites where lots of women have recovered but that it can take months to see an improvement. I just have to believe this and live in hope. Keep us updated xx
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I'm sorry to hear that your symptoms are returning. My surgery is April 12th so I will give updates on how my symptoms have changed. I see the PS on the 11th and will ask lots of questions about this. When I talked to her office director via email and phone she told me it can take a long time to start feeling better so please don't give up hope. Loving thoughts sent to you.
Have you gotten them out yet? :)
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Three more weeks and I will be implant free. I...

Three more weeks and I will be implant free. I have been visualizing that when the implants leave my body so will the constant pain throughout my body. I have been visiting this site since January and cheered each and every woman on reaching the other side. I have received so much support by reading the stories here. You start to feel a connection and wonder how this one or that one is doing. Women you have never met but have a bond with. A sisterhood. It is a beautiful thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you all you brave sisters!

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We will be leaving for Cleveland 2 weeks from...

We will be leaving for Cleveland 2 weeks from tomorrow. I can't begin to thank all of the brave women who have shared their stories, pictures and support. It has been a blessing to have found this site. I am exciting to start this next chapter in my life. I know it won't be a walk in the park, none the less I'm ready. I'm sure I will be updating daily as it gets closer as I find so much comfort in connecting with the sisterhood I have found here. Much love and well wishes to all of you!

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It's April 1st and I leave for Cleveland on the...

It's April 1st and I leave for Cleveland on the 10th.....9 days and I'm on my way to be me again! When I first found this site I felt like it was just a dream to get my implants removed....I wanted this for so long. I will continue to post as I'm sure I will be having a lot of thoughts and feelings as my surgery date approaches.


Have a safe trip and sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery xx
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Thanks...we are suppose to get freezing rain then snow tomorrow so we may start our trip this evening...get south of this storm.
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Wow be safe. You are almost to the other side. Keep in touch.

Ok, so we left early due to the threat of freezing...

Ok, so we left early due to the threat of freezing rain Wednesday morning. We drive about 1/2 of the way to Cleveland and stayed at a Holiday Inn for the night. I slept about 2 hours...I suffer from insomnia but am excited too. I took my meds but even that didn't work. Going to get some breakfast and head out around 9:00....forecast for the rest of the drive....scattered thunderstorms. Nothing like a little bad weather to add to the stress! I'm not nervous about the surgery just excited...like a little kid before a big event that you've been looking forward to.


Thinking of you - good luck! Everything is going to go wonderfully - you have a great doctor, a great attitude, supportive family. Can't wait to hear all of the "after" - comments from you! Sorry you did not sleep well but certainly understandable. I have 15 days to go and already not sleeping well!
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Arrived in Cleveland around noon...staying at the Homewood Hilton...they have been wonderful, let us check in early...room is very nice...all the comforts of home. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight...see Dr. Feng after my ultrasound mapping. Can't wait....2 more days :-)
So glad you arrived safely. Glad the Hilton is nice and comfortable. You are in great hands. Get some rest and keep us posted. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Hugs.

Had my ultrasound mapping at the Cleveland Clinic...

Had my ultrasound mapping at the Cleveland Clinic today and my implants are polyurethane coated which were used in the 1980's. They break down and I have silicone in lymph nodes in both sides....at least 4-5 in the right axillla..under my collar bone and next to the breastbone. There are too many to remove and Dr. Feng does not remove them any longer unless they are painful. There are definate signs of implant failure with possible intracapsulare rupture on the right side. I ddin't see this coming since my Mammogram and breast MRI were normal. These don't show up on either test so ladies request the ultrasound. My appointment with Dr. Feng was amazing...she takes so much time to learn about you, your lifestyle and is very thorough. She definatley feels like these implants are causing many of my health issues and would like to work with me after surgery to help me regain my health. I felt so comfortable with her. I decided to get the lift cuz there isn't anyone else I would trust to do it and she said that it won't contribute to having to wear the drains longer. She felt I would be ok without but said that my breasts would still sit on my belly which is one of the things that bothers me. Lots of breast tissue so the lift will get them off my belly. I have to be ther at 6:15 for surgery at 8:00...expected to take 4-4 1/2 hours plus recovery 1-2 hours. Drains for 3-5 days. Long day but I'm more ready than ever given the report from the radiologist. These things are BAD news!!!! Well ladies, thank you so much for all your kind words. I will update when I'm feeling up to it.


Hi glad that are you are good hands and will get the implants out. I'm definitely going to get the ultrasound. She will help you get better for sure she is a pro. Happy Healing . You are in our thoughts and prayers.
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It's good to hear you're in the right hands tomorrow. I'm not surprised there's rupture--despite getting imaging prior to going in to replace my implants in 1996, the PS found that one had ruptured when he opened me up. So ultrasound looks like its a great way to pick that up before surgery. Best of luck tomorrow!
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Thanks...appreciate it!

Surgery is over and my right implant was ruptured...

Surgery is over and my right implant was ruptured in the back side...pretty big tear. The left was intact. No lymph nodes were removed due to the amount..over a dozen on each side. Dr. Feng said they will not pose any future problems. Had significant scar tissue on the right side which is what was causing my pain. Surgey took 4 hours then 1 hour in recovery. No
Pain on the left side post surgery but burning on the right where the scar tissue was removed. The staff and dr. Feng are amazing. I have four drains. One behind the breast tissue on each side and one under the skin from the lift. The Arnica is controlling the burning and I'm sure the blocks are a big factor in my comfort level. I feel pretty good and am so happy to have them out. I did have the polyurethane covered implants and this is why I have silicone in so many lymph nodes...it just continues to break down. Dr. Feng will be submitting a claim to my insurance company due to the medical necessity for removal. Will update when I can...going to rest, rest, rest so my body can begin to heal. Hubby is awesome and doting on me.....love him! Thank all of you that have wished me well...you are an awesome group of ladies :-)


Hiya. Thanks so much for your post on my page. So glad to hear op went well and you are already seeing improvements in your health. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you continue to see further improvements. Keep in touch. X
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Hey there! Hope you are feeling well and are home safe! :-) Hubby still taking great care of you? xoxoxo
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Got home yesterday...made the trip in one day...never could have done that before surgery. My body is feeling so much better. Don't know if you read my profile update...really bad stuff was going on in there....but, they are out and I'm just going to improve. Yes, hubby has been wonderful....couldn't have done this without him. I'm going to finally post pics soon...day before surgery and now, although can't see much...still have waterproof bandages from the lift. Will do that sometime today. Good to be on this side of the fence :-) xoxoxo

Hello ladies....I am one week post op today and...

Hello ladies....I am one week post op today and feeling great. I am so happy that I am on this side of explant and wish all you lovely ladies out there to follow your heart and don't be afraid. Many of my health symptoms have disappeared completely. I feel so light and free. I will have the waterproof tape on until Monday so I will update pics then. It has taken me a while to get up the nerve to post them but have found so much comfort in being able to see them before my surgery. Time to pay it forward and hopefully help someone one else. I want to thank everyone who has inspired and supported me on this journey as it has made it a journey that I will never forget. Thank you! ((Hugs))


Your post is helping me a lot because i think we had the same implants placed (and about the same time) mine too are the textured polyurethane coated. Today i talked with a friend who is a plastic surgeon and he told me he thought having them removed 'en bloc' and then a lift would be very difficult surgery and that i should wait for the lift. I am a bit nervous about it but your post is a huge help. If anyone can give me any more info on this it would be soo much appreciated. I am not that far away from my explant date now (May 8th) so it's on my mind and a little nervous about it all.. Thankyou for your post..you do look fabulous!! Huggzz xx
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You look wonderful!! We are all different, we may have different outcomes but what is important is to love oneself be confident and healthy. I find it a lot easier now than when I was younger!! This is a revolution!!
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You are right...accepting ourselves is something we all had issues with when we decided to implant. We are now ready to explant and love ourselves better in our natural state. My health was the number one reason I wanted them out although I was unhappy with them for many years but once I knew there was a connection, they were coming out. This forum has helped me in so many ways and I wanted to share my story so helpfully it will help someone else someday. Yes, good word....revolution!

Today is post op day 10 and the tape has been...

Today is post op day 10 and the tape has been removed. I am happy so far with how they look, although a little flat from the compression and a little assymetric. I will continue to wear the ace wrap and compression bra for 4 more days, then I can start wearing any bra that is supportive. Have begun incision care routine 2x day for 3 weeks. I have a lot of bruising on the right side, rupture and extensive scar tissue on this side. I bruise very easily so I'm not surprised by the amount of it. I am continuing to take my Arnica 3x day until the bruising is gone. It feels great to have all that tape off....I'm happy that things seem to be healing well. I continue to feel good and many of my health problems prior to explant have disappeared. This is the best thing about having them removed.....anything else is a bonus? Will post pics as things heal and change. Thank all of you wonderful ladies for all your support!


You look wonderful!!
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Thanks verana, it's the best thing I've done for myself and my health keeps getting better.
Well, I would say that those are Right Nice Titties!!!! Congratulations!
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Hello Ladies....today is two weeks post op and the...

Hello Ladies....today is two weeks post op and the ace wrap and compression bra are off....wow, what a relief. I feel great and have posted some pics in bras....to my surprise I'm a 34D. I am so glad I did the lift now that I see how much breast tissue I have and given how much sag I had with implants, they would have been sitting on my waist LOL. I was already having problems with sweating and the skin under my breasts with implants so the lift was just what I needed. I will post just boobs next week at 3 weeks post op. Thanks for all your support...just love it :)


You look fantastic. Can't believe how much breast tissue you have, wow! I am so happy for you. Happy healing. Xxx
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Thanks....I was very surprised. Best to you as well!
Hi JWTBM How are you feeling sounds like you are improving everyday and your pics are amazing love the bras and amazed at your quick recovery. I've already started the pre-op vitamin regimen and so excited as my 5/10/13 surgery date is arriving quick. We are taking the redeye out of CA on 5/8/13. My pre-op is 5/9/13 so it will be quite the journey.. Can't believe all the extra stress I added to myself by getting these implants in the first place. We sure live and learn and that is what it is all about. So thankful that I have a supportive better half and an awesome surgeon and all the wonderful ladies on this board. Thanks for sharing you sure have helped many on this board feel a sense of comfort about proceeding.. Have a great weekend.

Today marks three weeks post op and I have added...

Today marks three weeks post op and I have added some new pics. Things are healing nicely but I they feel very vulnerable. I am still wearing the post surgical bra to sleep in just cuz it feels more secure. The first few rides in the car without compression were uncomfortable. I found myself holding my breasts in my hands against my chest. That has gotten better and I am pretty comfortable in a regular supportive bra now. I have a lot of sensitivity in both breasts so that is good as I didn't lose it from the BA either. I am slowly resuming activities, walking on my treadmill and doing things around the house. I feel so much lighter and my neck and upper back feel great. I still have very minor aches and pains, nothing like before explant so for that I am very grateful. Dr. Feng did tell me that it may take a while for my symptoms to get better due to the silicone in my lymph nodes...however I am doing much better than I thought I would be. I will update pics at the 4 week mark. I so appreciate this site and all who have supported me in this journey. Love and Hugs Ladies!


You loook great!!! Yes the worst part (i hope is over for me) xx
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You look amazing! My surgery is getting closer! I'm just removing them. I'm thinking I might need a lift in a year , it's possible because my implants are large, my doctor thinks I might not need it. Happy healing, again you look great!
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Thank you...I am feeling great. I'm so excited for you....you will love being implant free. I did the lift cuz I knew I had quite a bit of breast tissue and was already very saggy. I just wanted one surgery...I am very happy I did it. Good luck to you!

Today is four weeks post op and every day I feel...

Today is four weeks post op and every day I feel better, more energy, clear thinking and so grateful to fell like myself again. My breasts are healing great and the swelling is gone. I am back to my normal activities and am thrilled with my results. I just wish I had made the connection to my implants and failing health a long time ago....but better late than never :) I am posting pics that I took today. For anyone on the fence about explant...do it and for those who have been so helpful through my journey....thank you so much.


I am so glad you found my story helpful. I spent a lot to time reading posts before I shared my journey. This site was so supportive that I felt it only right to hopefully do the same for someone else...knowing that I have makes me glad that I did. You will do fine...I know how excited and nervous you are. I have not regretted explanting for one moment. I pray that all goes well for you.
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Thank you for sharing! Your results are amazing :) I have go for my deflation of 700cc implants tomorrow and then I am having a lift in 1 month. I am so excited and nervous.. I keep trying to picture how these bad boys are going to look after they are drained but I have no idea of how this is all going to turn out. Thank you so much for posting. I can only pray for results like yours!
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Thank you for sharing your story you have given me the courage to do the same. I hope I can look as good as you do!
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Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

After many, many hours of research emailed Dr. Feng's office and Linda set up a time for me to call and discuss with her. Dr. Feng believes that there is a connection to implants and health problems. She is one of the most recognized explant Dr. in the US although her fees are much higher than the average. Awesome staff! Dr. Feng is very, very thorough...she spent over 2 hours with me the day before surgery.

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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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