49 Y.o 3 Childen with 45 Lb Weight Loss. TT, BL,BA and Lipo at Waist. - Cleveland, OH

I have wanted a flat stomach all my life. I...

I have wanted a flat stomach all my life. I already has a pouch soft belly before kids, but with the weight gain and pregnancies It really stretched.After 10 years of diet and exercise. I started my journey consulting Plastic Surgeons about 2 years ago .I lift weights, do cardio and eat clean which helped me to loose body fat and gained muscle. Even at 5"3 at 145 lbs ,my tummy is just as big and now my breasts that were a DD are a tribal B/C.It is time to finish what I started.I have a GOAL of a 6 pack and perky athletic boobs.
You're gonna look amazing! Can't wait to hear how it goes!
Thank You .I hope Dr Leedy does his magic like he did on you. Your transformation is still coming day by day.
About time you got your profile out here! 48 hours and we will be on the flat side!!!!

before pics...

Motto Dont be scared be excited. Dream body of a flat tummy to show off all those abd exersizes and perky breast that dont need 2:bras for volume and lift.##.
How are you doing?!?
Best of luck Suzy. I'm sure you'll be fine. Such exciting times ahead. Keep us updated on your progress :)
Thank you Machine. Here I go to the hospital. :)

surgery day

Headed to the hospital after my second chlorhex pre. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if I should do this. With all the Real Self ladies, encouragement from friend and my sweet Hubie, I felt ready for my journey. I met with Dr. Leedy after my admission which included IV start urine pregnancy test. He has such a calming , confident bedside manner that I knew that I was in good hands.I met the or team and also talked to the Anesthesiologist.He ordered a scopolmine patch for nausea prevention, It worked great !!I woke up in recovery feeling very sleepy. The pain was not bad at all. My abd had a slight burning.Everyone was very pleased with the results.I spent the night because I was so seepy/weak . The hardest part is moving. But It got better each time. Since I had the implants under the pecs.I was instructed not to use upper body strenght to move. Thats the challenge of combining the two surgeries.I only used 3 percocets for the 1 st day. The care at the hospital was excellent.

Post op day one

The Foley catheter was removed this am and my IV was d/cd. I did get a one time Toradoll dose IV. After that I have no pain at all. Just tightness. The percocet during the night helped too.I was so scared of the pain but IT IS manageable .I will be going home if I can urinate after my catheter removal.Moving doesn't hurt it just feels weird. Thank You real self girls. :)
Welcome to the flat side
Thank you . I am glad you are doing so well. That smoothie sounds delish.
Happy to hear you're doing so well. Congrats! You're going to look great! Keep us posted.. I'm up one week from today. Nervous.. M

Feeling so much better than I thought

I went home yesterday after I ate some food, urinated and walked . At first i just dribbled urine then I went fine. I was alittle anxious of going home. Felt weak and alittle dizzy. I went on the couch with pillows propped behind my head and under my feet.My doc gave me a big wedge to put under my feet...I took a motrin and took a nap.The naps are very good especially when you feel anxious weak or just exhausted. I learned to LOG ROLL off the couch. It burned the abds at first now its ok. I also use only my legs to get up beacuse the implants are under the pecs so my doc did not want me to push the muscles.My helper husband has been waiting on me hand and foot. I cant reach bend etc, But each day is better !!!Coughing also hurts but brace I brace myself with a pillow. I am stiff swollen and sore but feel better after a nap or moving around.My drains are in still .They pinch alittle bit .
Suzy, you really look great with low incision and perky boobs. Also not much swelling so hopefully your PS will put you in a binder before swelling starts. Continued success with your recovery.
Thanks Sexy. I will get my binder Tuesday after the drains come out. My boobs are very swollen now. I hope they go down. I am using ice on and off.I hope to stand up straight . I feel like I have this weird shape.
Suzy, your shape looks good to me. Take more pictures one week from now and you will notice how much your shape will change. Plus once you get your binder it will help keep your shape. I'm not allowed to shower or take my binder off. On one hand that's good because it keeps me from examining my shape everyday. Take new pictures at each week anniversary. Stay calm, relax and be patient. Also please remind me of words when I start stressing out, lol.

Post op day 3

I went to see Dr Leedy yesterday My breasts are very swollen . He said I am progressing well. I feel tired and weak but pain is totally manageable. I use ice for 20 min here and there.I will keep my drains in till Tues. I will get a binder at that time. He does not want the incisions to get rubbed if the binder moves. I am balancing being tired and getting a burst of energy.Then I am exhausted and take a nap. I am moving better each day.Thanks Real Self Girls ....The one thing I could not have done this without my husband. You really need a helper!
You're looking fantastic! Sounds like things are progressing as planned. I am sooo nervous now. Lol! Only 4 days to go... Thank you for sharing. You have helped me a lot. Can't wait to see more pics and watch your recovery. Again, thank you! -M
I will pray for you M that you will feel calm when it is your turn. You will be just fine.
Thank you sooo much ... 3 days... Nervous giggle

Store Trip

Had a busy day... I paced myself in the am. Took a nap. Then went to the store. I drove a short distance. That was no prob. Then my husband took me to the store to get a sports bra, Walking caused the abd muscles to tighten up. I took it slow hunched over the cart with my drains hiding in my hoodie. I had to breathe slowly and tell myself I am gonna be fine LOL. I took abreak and sat down. I chose not to try anything on and get out of there. My back took the brunt of being bent over so I sat down when It was time for check out. I am glad I did not feel sick or dizzy. My drains are tender now. Mabey it was the pressure of the drawstring pants.. OOCH. I also feel more swollen. I hope I did not over do it.I seem to do alittle more every day.
Did you get your drains out??! I got one removed today. If the remaining one puts out less than 30 cc in 24 hours, I am getting the other one removed Thursday. I have been waiting to get them removed to put up some after pics. That one pic I had from day one post-op looked so scary I had to delete it. I looked like a hunched over neanderthal woman...and holding my drains in my hand...ugh!
Yes I DID. Mine were less than 20 cc each. I am bummed for you Twin. Are you resting enough? Can't wait to see your pics. gonna post now I have a small pocket of fluid that open up on my rt breast.Overall doing well. Heal girl when do you go back ?
I wasn't draining a lot. That's just the way my PS does it. Since the body can resorb 30 cc's of fluid per day, he likes to remove just one at first, then make sure the other doesn't collect over 30 cc's in 24 hours. It has been 24 hours and there is probably only 10 cc's collected, so I will definitely get the other one out tomorrow am. No biggie, as they never really bothered me, except for being in the way when trying to wear clothes, or shower. I am resting quite a bit. I live by myself, so don't have to wait on anybody. I go back to my full-time (desk) job on Monday, I feel ready. I also work a second part-time job at a department store, but since I am on my feet all the time there, I took off until the end of September. When do you go back?

Sun's out Drains out.

Went to the PS office today. I got my two drains removed they were draining less than 20 cc.It did not hurt at all. I had been putting Triple Antibiotic oint x times daily to avoid a crust/scab. My steri strips were removed from the TT incision. I have demabond so no sutures to be removed. I will be putting scar cream on my incision now twice a day. My abdomen is swollen above the incision line which is normal. I can stand straighter but get some spasms with walking and huntch over again. No pain. Just get tired with activities.My BL with 300cc Mentor Augs are firm, swollen and the Lt is larger. I had a small pocket of fluid that opened on the rt breast incision. It is not infected but I will apply Bacitracin and I am on Keflex orally... just in case.
My surgeon , Dr. Leedy is so conscientious and caring i feel so Blessed to have such great care.
I can shower but leave the breast dry. and NO exercising.I was only dreaming I can barely clean a room.
How you feeling? Are you as wiped out as I am by the end of a work day? LOL.
Daz I am not even back to work and get wiped out with chores or shopping. It takes alot of energy to work.You have to be "ON" Also my hormones got the best of me yesterday . Had some Blues. So glad they dont last.
Pics look great! Sexy momma! I am not using scar treatment yet. Still have scabs on my incision. Do you? Maybe I should start? Plus I have all dissolvable stitches which are still there.

Continued Healing

The last 8 days seemed to go by quicker than the first week.No Pain just muscle tightness and mild spasm with walking. I was first walking very slow in a hunched position. I can walk fairly straight.I am getting up and down freely. I still tire and will swell in the lower abdomen at the end of the day. I wear the binder and a sports bra.
Using scar cream to the TT and areola scars. Bacitracin under the breast.

I am grateful that I healed so well so far.

Ps I went to the gym Monday. Walked on the treadmill for 7 min at 1.5. My body said not yet !!!
Have you noticed any difference with that bio corneium ur using? Do u think it's worth the money?
Hi Time I can see that the scars are healing and lightening up but are definitely still there. I received the Biocornium as a sample from my PS. I will add the scar tape to see if I really notice a difference. Its a hard to say.....Would something else work as well?
Congratulations! Thank you for your story!!

1 month already

1 month ....

Week 3 was tough. I felt good and pushed the exercise alittle .Boy was my tummy tight and sore. I was scared that I ruined my TT.

Week 4 Feeling great. Going to the gym . Started walking 10 mins on treadmill and worked up my time. Walked 30 min in the sand at the beach, Stepmill x 20 min. 5 lb weight shoulder, chest, bicep tricep sets. Body weight squats and lunges. NO abd or Core exercises.

Breast : Lt is still larger. They are getting fluffy as you RS girls say. They are measuring D . 38 inches breast. Using scar cream . Will get scar tape. I read that Oleeva brand works well. Breast lift scars are significant esp under Lt breast. They will always have the areolar pigment to them.I am ok with that to have the beautiful shape and fullness. I would be happy if they even out and alittle smaller.I am SO GRATEFUL my surgeon, Dr Leedy, has such surgical skills. I have no problems with nipple sensation which can be a problem from the manipulation of the areolas. I had an anchor lift.I started breast massage too.

TT: scar healing well. I wear a binder for support but not all the time. I will wear my CG for work. Thanks RS I like the Maidenform firm from Walmart. I get puffy at night. My PS recommended CG or binder for support.I am sleeping on my side . I am giving up the pillow under my feet most of the night...Its a security thing.

Ordered a waist corset from Ali Express. LOL

Weight up :((( 148 .

Grateful for you all.Support, laughter and advise.
Hey there! Just stopping by to say hi and see how you are! Hope all is well :)
HI Ang .. Yes I am doing well thank you so much. Just get some body image issues which is crazy.It would be my scars ,or my weight being up. I was on my period so that can be havoc. I am exercising at about 75 % -80% of my weight lifting and endurance. I am really grateful to heal so well and get great Dr Leedy results.When is your next surgery ?
Hi girl stopping by to say hi and check for review updates!! Hows the gym? have you lost anymore weight? I am stuck at 149 too and last week on my period I was 154 LOL but thankfully it came off a couple days after. No change in my tummy still at 28" too. I really want to get back in the gym Or buy some equipment for the house but Im so worried I will hurt something so I am telling myself stop worrying about the scale and measurements until I am in the gym. I felt like a tough woman until I went through this. Tthis is painful stuff so I am babying myself with activities!! Well I hope you are having a good week. Look forward to hearing your update (((hugs)))


Healing well from my surgery.I feel like I am 80% back to my weight lifting exercising in the gym. Push ups on my knees for now. Yoga class , jogging and some sit ups. I am working on getting my diet very clean again esp SUGAR. It is my addiction but I feel so good when I am in control.
Check out the documentary fedupmovie.com. It is a disturbing realization of our country regarding health and nutrition related to obesity. It hits home with me because I was obese and it took tears to get it off. I believed the food industry would help me loose weight with its claims with low calories, reduced fat , sugar free processed foods.But It only made me fat.

My areola scars are visible but I have a nice natural shape to my breasts. My TT scar is very flat.

Take Care RS Ladies.


It took years and some tears to get the weight off....Typo
Looking fantastic!
Thank you Ang!! :)
You look wonderful! I'm going to check out that documentary. Just like people don't realize that FAT doesn't make you fat! Have a fantastic day today!!
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

In my consultations with Dr.Leedy,I found him to be very kind,professional and took plenty of time to answer all my questions.He has an excellent surgical reputation in the hospital system in which I work as an R.N.and was also recommended by my OB/GYN.

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