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I had a chin implant on 4/16/13 along with...

I had a chin implant on 4/16/13 along with liposuction along the jaw/chine line. Although I do trust that my surgeon is technically competent, there was NO discussion of the type (as opposed to size) of implant available. In retrospect, I wish I taken it upon myself to do my homework on the types of implants there are out there and which one would best suit my face. Actually, I wish the surgeon would have done this for me-it is after all his job! In any event, the surgery went smooth and the side effects from the surgery are minor although there is a touch of numbness in the right quarter of my lower lip.

8 months out, I am not sure of the results. I feel like the implant extends too far out when viewed from the profile and that the implant is not the correct shape for my face. It also can look a bit flat from the front or "implanty" . Thoughts?


Honestly I think you kind of look like the girl from Big Bang theory. Your profile looks great. I feel like people often go to far and end up looking so "perfect" that you can obviously tell they had work done. You look just right and are beautiful! Also, your advice is great in that the doctor should have done a better job consulting with you.
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Do you have any before pictures?
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I do...need to dig them up...stay tuned....

Some Befores


Hmmm . . . I'm having the same problems and I'm about 6 mos out as well. Besides still not having full feeling in the middle of my bottom lip, it's somewhat flat on the bottom front. I'm sort of liking it now, but I still feel that it somehow doesn't "look" right - I feel that people look at my chin when I'm talking. Of course, it could also be that my bottom lip is still sort of stiff. Truthfully? At least through your photos, I feel it's too big!
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I appreciate your honesty. I just posted a few pictures that I took today as I feel like my chin isn't as big as it was in the previously posted pictures ( the first set of pictures were taken 2-3 months pot-op). I still am unsure if I like my new chin though...

Thank you for sharing your experience so far on RealSelf! Have you gotten feedback from people in your lift about your chin and what they think of how it looks now?

I agree with you about beauty being a rabbit hole. So easy in this society to get fixated on it.

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Recent Pictures

My chin looks a touch smaller in these pictures that I took today but I am still undecided on my chin....


Hi dear and Hello from Toledo :) Ill be honest with you 100%....I'm a perfectionist...and probably just like you analize everything lol. When I saw your pics in your car, side and front view....I thought the chin implant that was picked was way too big and too over projected. A so called perfect aka right chin is suppose to in the same line as your lower lip. From your car selfie pics, your chin goes well above that. My first question is, how soon after the surgery are those pictures from your car? Now having said that, your picture in your home, when I view them, your chin looks actually very nice and fits your overall facial features. I like it....I'm just curious as far date goes, from the car pics and the pics from home. Btw, I think you are an very attractive woman....and I'm not saying that to make u feel better. I think ur super gorgeous :) I'm just curious, what size implant u got, and the dates on your pictures from your surgery. Also if u take a nice profile shot, without smiling and looking straight, see where ur chin is compared to ur lower lip, if ud draw a line down from ur lower lip. Anyways I think it looks to be turning out awesomely for you and perhaps it was a lot of swelling at first that made ur chin appear too large. It looks great now..... Smile, you look beautiful :)
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The time between the pictures was about 8 months.....swelling has gone down a lot. I appreciate the feedback- so nice!
Hi there, I had a chin implant in November to fix my weak chin and am now struggling with the way I look from the front. I like the side view of mine even if others think it is too big for my face, but from the front, I am nervous it looks a bit too masculine ( you can see my review in my profile if you're interested). I think you look great and wouldn't worry about it looking too big- it gives a more feminine look to your face in my opinion. I think no matter how perfect a job a surgeon does, we will always be critical of ourselves and think that a change could be made for the better. I am struggling with this "too big" thing too but am going to just try to learn to love it :)
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Mark A. Foglietti

Nice guy but plastic surgery is a big deal and I didn't think he spent enough time discussing what expectations I had for the surgery or what look I was trying to achieve ( even with a chin implant there is a "look"-one shape does not fit all). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think my idea of beauty and proportionality may differ from his.

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