What I Have Done to my Body (2 Sets of Implants + Removal)

Back in Feb of 2006 I had breast implants put in,...

Back in Feb of 2006 I had breast implants put in, They where teardrop saline above the mussel , Then on May 15th of this year 2009 , I had a lift with exchange to silicone round, the capsule was not removed then, 6 months later, which was Nov.15th of this year, I had them removed with capsule as well, I had drain tubes for 4 days, on Dec. 11th I had to go in have fluid taking off, 82cc of the right, 27cc off the left.

My PS has me doing physical therapy now, to break down some scar tissue, all my mussels are tight, hurts to move, Plus now seeing I have had to have tight compression on so that the fluid will not build up again, I'm having some discomfort under my left breast, by the rib, can't where sports bra to well hurts.

Plus I'm still having a lot of breast pain, It took me about 3 months to get better from my last exchange, I had a lot of inflammation in there when she went to take them out, from last surgery.

I used the PS in Cleveland,Ohio. I would not use my PS that put them in cause he said that it would only take 1 hour to take them out, He was not going to take the capsule out as one. I hated my implants the day I first put them in, PS talked me into just exchange back 6 months ago, wish I would of just took them out then. I have really spent a lot of money doing all this, I have no insurance.

So what I want to know.... is do you think that I will ever be out of pain?

I don't no if you read my story or not, You would feel and look good if you have them removed, Have you had any health issues sense you have had them put in,like joint pain, feeling tired all the time, hair loss, rash , weight loss , light headed, eye sight problems, this is just to name a few that I have had, sense having them removed, things are better.. :)
Yes honey I felt that way as well, but I blamed it on the surgery... it took me 3 years to figure it out that it WAS the IMPLANTS that made me feel that way, I wish I would of went right back then to have them out, I love being me... life is good having them out.. don't let them (Dr) tell you that it can't be done,,, because it can..

I just got my implant about 3 days ago It hurts sleep on my back only I hated that on the third day I have a really bad headace real light headand i feel like i just want to throw up I been crying to myself what did i do to myself I been telling myself just go back and take it out but i know its not as easy as that anybody feeling the way i do
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