Updated Pics! Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair & Lipo - Clearwater, FL

Wow! I can not believe this is finally happening....

Wow! I can not believe this is finally happening. I have wished for a tummy tuck for 15 years and I am only 31 years old.

I became pregnant at 14 years old. I gained only 3 pounds until I was 7 months pregnant and then gained 40 pounds in the last 2&1/2 months. This shredded my tummy and I only realized that my stomach would never go back to it's prior state when my son was approximately 3 months old.

I was the only teen in my group of friends unable to bear their belly during the low-rise jeans phenomenon a la Britney Spears.

After my son I delivered 3 beautiful daughters. They gave me no further stretch marks but the damage was done and was quite severe.

The appearance of my body severely messed with my head. I have dealt with eating disorders and body image breakdowns consistently for the last 15 years. I have been super skinny with super saggy skin and I have been overweight with super saggy skin.

I basically live in body shapers when I go out. I'm looking forward to wearing a bikini and having it not disappear into my stomach flap.

I am the editor of the leading online denim themed e-mag. Denimology.com. I hate that when I am sent samples, I am too ashamed to post pictures of my self on my blog because jeans generally don't fit me properly thanks to the general squishiness of my stomach.

I will definitely be documenting my healing daily. Ideally, putting it into a flip style image viewer to share with everyone.

Good luck I am sure you will look great with your new tummy!

Mine is the 19th so we are both super excited!

New Tummy get here soon!

Pre-Op in 5 days!
I had my preop on Friday. I have gone through my paperwork a million times reading it, just because. I can hardly believe that when I open my eyes in the morning, I'll have 9 days left! I haven't much left to do, but still so much to do it seems. I dont' want to concentrate on the time too much, because I am afraid time will stand still! Luckily the kids are out of school on Friday to start spring break. For some reason, when I don't have to get up for school, the day passes by quickly. I am also taking them to Busch Gardens on Monday to get in some good exercise and enjoy some rides before I am confined to my comfy recliner.

I can't wait to compare pictures when we are done. I am probably going to cry! If i had been able to enjoy my body into my 20's, I probably wouldn't really care to have a TT, but just like you & J-Taylor, when I see this stomach, even with the blessing of my children, it's still a constant reminder of all the pain that I went through mentally and physically.

Woops, sorry for the novel! LOL

Pre-Op Today! Eeeeee!!!!!

Pre-Op Today! Eeeeee!!!!!
I'm going on the 26th..I'm excited and nervous at the same time but I definately would like to wear a swimsuit without the bulge! Gratz, Good Luck and God Bless!
Thanks so much!
Good luck, this is the same day as me!!!!!! hope everything goes well.... you will be beautiful.....

My Pre-Op went fine. Waiting for my phone call...

My Pre-Op went fine. Waiting for my phone call today telling me what time surgery is on Monday morning.
Glad your preop went well. I went to pay my last bit of $ and she told me I had to be in on Wednesday @ 11:30. I am bummed, I wanted an early morning appointment LOL. That morning is going to take forever and I am going to be famished! HAHA
Eeeeeeee! You are so close! I bet we won't talk until next week... Booooo!
You're story sounds a lot like mine too! I was a teen mom as well. Got pregnant at 15, did a number on my body! 4 kids later I'm finally getting my body back at 25! You're results are going to look amazing and you're going to rock those jeans girl! Good luck on Monday. :)

Just finishing packing my things for the hospital...

Just finishing packing my things for the hospital.

I'm worrying about my medication. I see most people are prescribed percocet but I was prescribed vicodin. I don't wanna hurt too much. Eeeee......

8 hours till take off. 11 hours till the start of surgery. Nervous.

Wow... today is the last day my body will look like this. I hope I like the new me.
Today's your day!! Can't wait to see your updates. Hoping for a smooth recovery. We're on our way down to Florida now. Lol
Good luck dear!
Thanks! Almost to the hospital now!

I am at home and the pain in amazingly less! I can...

I am at home and the pain in amazingly less! I can not believe that this is finished and I am on the healing end. I definitely look smaller already. Can't wait to photograph and compare my images.

When my doctor came in to see me he said that he...

When my doctor came in to see me he said that he cut off almost 3 lbs of skin and fat and went a little more than 2 inches above my belly button. I am draining very little. Only about 10 cc's each 8 hours.

It was comforting to hear one of my nurses tell me that she HAS to get something done by my plastic surgeon before he retires.
Congratulations! It is done! Keep up on your pain meds, eat and drink well and rest! So happy for you!!
but YAY right?

Tomorrow I am heading to the plastic surgeons...

Tomorrow I am heading to the plastic surgeons office to have my drains removed. Pretty excited. I am only leaking light pink to clear fluids. Barely anything at all.

I can not wait to get a peek at my new tummy even though it's still pretty swollen.

Yay!! You got your flat tummy!!
woohoo look at u
Wow ur looking great. Congrats. On the road to recovery

I'm not sure how I feel about my nw=ew stomach...

I'm not sure how I feel about my nw=ew stomach. I need it to heal up some more I suppose. I am disappointed with one side that is not as well blened into my hip as the other side. I am under them impression it is just swollen so I guess we will have to watch and see how it heals.

II can't wait to put a spray tan back on. I am PASTY white!

I have faith in my doctor. He is the doc you go see when another doctored has botched you. I know it will loook great in the end and these pictures only represent day 3.
Hey girl!! How are you feeling today? So its a "lump" above your incision? Is it hard or does it hurt? Hmmm what did your PS say? Hopefully other then that your doing good..have a good weekend!
It seems to be going down. No pain or smells or sounds. Just swollen I guess. Some fat that probably could have been removed during surgery but as I am healing it seems to be diminishing! :)
yay cause you're a hot momma. I have a lump somewhere else and IDK why. I may have to go to the clinic up the street to figure it out.

So today is day 6 I think... I had my surgery...

So today is day 6 I think... I had my surgery Monday and things are starting look a lot better. Unfortunately, I probably will have a couple of dog ears to remove but I expected that considering the amount of loose skin and sagging fat that was dangling from my body prior to the surgery.

After looking at theses photos again, I have to...

After looking at theses photos again, I have to say I am a wee bit concerned about my belly button. But I guess on the bright side I could not even SEE my belly button before so this is definitely better!
LOL! I noticed your post about the belly button! I know what ya mean..mine used to all hang over my belly button that it was hard to see I had one!! You say your concerned? Seems to look fine to me!!
I hope i get to see my belly button tomorrow. Since i am draining under 10cc they said to call in the morning and they'll squeeze me in, so maybe they'll undress my belly! I just want a nice belly button, but since i haven't had a real one in so long, i can't be too mad LOL

It's official. I HATE my binder. I hope I can...

It's official. I HATE my binder. I hope I can use spanx and get the same result because that is what is about to happen. I can put 4 hands in the waist bandwhen it snug on my hips and it keeps sliding up. I HATE THE DAMN BINDER!!

It's 4:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. Why you ask... because of this binder. ARGH! Want sleep.

Those doctors mean it when they say don't do...

Those doctors mean it when they say don't do anything for 2 weeks. I did too much yesterday. You can not even do light housework..... like wipe over your bathroom surfaces.

My stomach has been so achy. Is that swelling I am feeling? That MOUND of stone where my womb used to be?

Upside healing very slim and even so far, despite the pain. Followed the maxi pad advice for covering the incision and yesterday I replaced with 5 pantyliners and paper tape.. Good looking!

Jessie..how have ya been!? Hopefully you had a great Mothers Day and all is well...keep in touch!
Hey there girlie! Just wanted to check up and see how your feeling. I hope that everything is healing up nicely for ya!
Thanks! I need to update. The healing makes me SO sleepy

It's 2 weeks since my surgery and it's so...

It's 2 weeks since my surgery and it's so strange. I can feel my nerve endings healing back up. You get a little tickling sensation that ends with another sensation that I can only be describe as a tiny jerk.

I am healing well with only a bit of seeping in two spots towards the center of my incision.
You're looking great...I didn't think you had stitches still..u have em only in your BB or along your incision. I have had my covered the entire time.

Been dealing with red skin that is insanely itchy....

Been dealing with red skin that is insanely itchy. I think i am allergic to the steri strps because no sooner than I took them off the itching lessened by half. I can only describe the intense agony to feeling like a dog with a horrible case of fleas. Scratching, scratching, scratching.

When does the itching end?! It's AWFUL!

WOW!! Its like a diferent person! Tummy looks so great! You must be absolutely thrilled. I am 6 weeks tomorrow and still itchy. Its driving me crazy too. Last night I was trying to scratch my incision line in my sleep. I woke up and was thinking man I am glad I am still wearing my binder!
Oh no.... you are still itching at 6 weeks? I'm eating benadryl like nuts.

Looking good girl!  What a difference.

How come nobody here in the realself forums...

How come nobody here in the realself forums mentioned the awful itching when you are healing? It started at about a week and a half and has been pretty consistently itchy up till today which is 3 weeks and 2 days since the day of my tt surgery.

I also thought that I had flab / fat left on my abdomen. He did lipo of my abdomen and flanks. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. I saw my PS 2 days ago and he said there is absolutely nothing left to lipo . . . not even a little bit! He said its all swelling and will go down some in the coming months. Girl I looked like I was 5 months pregnant last night ! (upper abdomen only) I pray this all gets better soon.
Your looking awesome! You are going to be so happy with your tummy. I as well have lots of itching that drives me crazy but I wasn't sure if it was the healing, the tegaderm or the swelling. It drives me nuts some nights.
Hey ladies! I did it! I'm 2 days post op now. I'm SO glad I got the pain pump. I can't imagine the Paine without it. My boobs don't bother me at all. I never realized how much I use my core until I had my surgery. I'm feeling ok just super sleepy. Just a word of advice. I found the the yoga pants with the part that fold down on the top are the best. It'll hold your drains in place. I hope everyone is recovering wonderfully and to the ladies who haven't gone in good luck!! Now I'm just ready to be back on y feet again it's driving me nuts just sitting here. I'll upload pics when I can for some reason it wot let me do it from my iPhone. Anyone have the same problem that could help me out?

Adding the latest tummy picture with before and...

Adding the latest tummy picture with before and after type image.
you look amazing I'm trying to get the same things u got done. Does he have a website ?
It's okay. Pamela covered for you. =P~ After seeing you guys' pics, excited is an understatement! I'm doing the same thing in the gym right now. I think any itching is basically from healing - no matter what the procedure. Drive me flipping crazy. My incisions were teeny-tiny though. I'm sure it's a whole 'nother story with a TT incision. Your tummy looks SO awesome. I can't wait to be part of the TT club, lol.
we have another friend who is apart of the tummy tuck club! Yay US!!!
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