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So I've finally decided after years of hating my...

So I've finally decided after years of hating my nose that it's time to do something about it. I think as we age our nose changes. It starts to droop a little more, and if you have thin skin like me, all of the humps and bumps underneath the skin starts to show a little more.

I didn't really have a problem with my nose until high school even though my older brother used to tease me about it. He would call me "ski slope" sometimes, but he was my brother and that's what brothers do. :) I grew up mostly in the Atlanta area, but when I was 14 I moved to South Georgia to live with my dad. I quickly found out that kids in the south have even less of a filter than the ones I had been around previously. I became increasingly aware of the size of my nose and since I was already shy and insecure it made it even more difficult to deal with.

Over the years I've continued to hate my nose but for the most part I've just dealt with and tried to think of it as just one of those things that was a part of me and made me unique. I've always been considered attractive, but I've always been the pretty girl with the big nose. I feel like it has kept me from doing a lot of things and enjoying life to the full extent because I've been so incredibly insecure about it.

My surgery is scheduled for April 1st and I am so excited, yet so nervous!!

Posting some before pics.

So now I'm starting to get nervous about this....

So now I'm starting to get nervous about this. It's three weeks away and I'm getting scared that it won't turn out well. What if I spend all this money and it looks worse! I don't know how it could look worse, but I'm sure there's a way. I'm also worried about my upper lip looking too long. It's pretty long right now, and I'm hoping that with my nose shortened it won't look longer!

New Pic

Been a while since I've updated, because I was embarassed about how bad my rhinoplasty looks, but I thought I's post a pic since it HAS gotten a little better

Another pic

This is more of a close up. There are multiple things wrong with it, but I've learned to accept it for now.

frontal view of nose

Goofy car pic after rhino

frontal view after rhino

photo won't post!

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When you say revision does that mean the same doctor will fix it...or a new doctor?
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While I am so sorry you are unsatisfied with your result, I am so happy that you are choosing to accept it for the time being. That takes a strength that I've been striving for. It is all about remaining positive until you can get your revision. I hate seeing anyone having to go through this, but you inspire me to not suffer while I wait. Thank you and best wishes to you!
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Hi Jill! I'm considering going to see Dr. Drehsen for a consult. I'm very excited for you and will be looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts and post op pics. Good luck are already beautiful so it can only get better!

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Hey Zuly! I have a pre-op appt with Dr. Drehsen this friday and I'm starting to get really nervous! I called the office to tell them of the anxiety that I was having and they said that it was normal. :{ We'll see how it goes. I may change my mind and get a breast aug! HA! I'll update my post on Friday to let you know how it went. :)
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Very exciting! I waited until 39 as well. I am 3 weeks post op and happy I went through with it. So excited to see your progress!
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wow! exciting! I'm 34 and have rhino and a BA scheduled May 15, it can't come soon enough! I'm more excited about the rhino, I went to my first consult when I was 16, so 19 (I'll be 35 when it happens) years later I'm finally doing it. Your a beautiful lady I can't wait to see your after images... I bet you can't either : )
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Thanks! I wish I could do the BA too! maybe next year for that one. I think its good to wait a while because then you can be absolutely sure you want to go through with it. I've read reviews from younger girls who regret doing it. I'm at good point in my life....great family, great job, I even feel sexier than I ever have before, so I feel like I'm ready to change this one thing about myself that I've always hated.
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I am 51 and am about 7 weeks PostOp. I love my new nose! Only regret is that I wish I had done it sooner.
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I am excited to finally be going through with it, but to be honest I don't think I was ready until now. Glad to hear you're happy with the outcome! You look great! Any suggestions on before or aftercare?
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It was a really easy surgery. I had a closed rhinoplasty so there was no scarring on the outside. I took arnica to reduce the bruising and bromelain for the swelling when I got home from surgery. You can get these at a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. I had packing for a couple of days and the removal of that was painless, but felt weird. Removing the cast was easy too; I cried tears of joy when I saw my new nose. You might want a couple of small ice packs but probably will not need them too long. I bought a product at CVS called Peas that is similar to baby teething products; these tend to do better than real frozen peas that just seem to get mushy. The CVS Peas come in a rectangular snap but also in a fish and starfish shape; the fish worked well for either sides of my nose. Good luck with your journey; you will do fine and be so happy with your results!
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** the CVS Peas come in a rectangular SHAPE ...
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Good for you! Congrats on making the decision. I hear you on hating your own nose. People may say you have a nice nose. I dont think its THAT bad, but mine wasn't THAT bad either. I saw uglier noses. But, so what? Mine could be better. And I did it! I did it 5 days ago, along with a breast augmentation (yup thats right might as well fix a couple of things while i am at it, my hubbys not going to serve me hand and foot for two surgeries!). Wow, pleasantly surprised. No pain, no bleeding, no packing. You know what, you will research and you will make your lists and you will probably over buy supplies. Thats ok. Your a woman and we are super organized. We are wired like that! And most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised too! Good luck.
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Thanks! I need a breast Aug too, but I have to wait on that one.:) Maybe another year and I can get it done. Glad you had a good experience!
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Oh yay! Another gal in her later 30s like me who is considering rhinoplasty ('ll be 37 in May)! Welcome to the discussion!
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Aw, dumb older brothers. You're gorgeous! I don't see your nose as being big at all, but I do understand hating your own nose and wanting it improved.

I hope you'll keep us posted throughout your journey.

Here's a list of supplies you might want for recovery.

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Thanks Angie! I needed this!
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You're a gorgeous woman! I bet your nose will look so good after the surgery. It's so nerve racking yet exciting! Keep us posted!
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marts you are VERY sweet! I think you are absolutely beautiful as well. I hope the outcome is exactly what you are looking for!
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Thanks for starting your story! I can't wait to follow you! I hope the best for you! :)
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Thanks so much Rayah7!
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