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Hello Realselfers, I am a 29 year old mom of 3.all...

hello Realselfers, I am a 29 year old mom of 3.all of my babies were breastfed which to me was the greatest thing ever until I realized one day what it did to my perky little tatas! I am a small framed female and have never had "boobs" except when I was breastfeeding,which was a small d.I wanted to nurse forever just to keep them after a failed iud and vasectomy I got a that we are done having kids,its me time!! at the consult I chose 450hp saline.I was happy with that until a few months back my best friend got hers done and now shes a dd! I dont want to be HUGE but a very full smll d is my goal.I try on small d bras and they just look so large,im stuck.but dont I have to get a larger implant to fill up my upper pole again? please any ladies with a small frame HELP with size

forgot to add my wish pics and stats!

I was so excited to put up my review I forgot to put my stats.I am a 29 year old married mom of!! I am 5'5" and goal is a full c very small d,as of now I am planning on 450hp saline crease incision.what do you ladies think? too much or need more to fill back up my upper boob?

more of me before

consult #3 tomorrow!

Ok so as you know i had planned on getting my ba when my youngest was not so dependant in thats he is 2.5 time has original ps i have found out he passed away in january!! I was devestated that this has happened so suddenly! So now im moving forward with my 2nd planned dr trevisiani in maiyland fl! My consult is at 10am i am hoping that he dont suggest smaller than 450 ccs which is my smallest implant.will keep everyone updated!

dr said silicone! mixed feelings

So i had my consuly with dr trevisiani. Hes very laid back and easy to talk to.he suggested 500 ccs high profile SILICONE! What?? I wanted saline dang it.he says since im so thin that saline could ripple.well yeah i knew that! So question is to all the silicone ladies that have had them for 3 years or more are you still happy even though you have to get mris done and have a larger scar? I will say i love the way they feel i just dont personally know anyone whom has silicon.

surgery scheduled for April 8th!! woohoo

OK I have finally set a date for my ba.wish it was tomorrow! I am getting 500cc HP in right and 475cc left saline crease incision behind the muscle. I'm so excited I don't know what to do to keep my mind off of the surgery.I'm a professional dog groomer I love my career but DR Trevisiani wants Mr to take 2 weeks off cause I use my upper body so much which I am dreading.I hate being helpless.I had a hysterectomy in July and was back full swing in 8 days! Yes I'm stubborn but very independent also. Thanks for reading ladies
Maitland Plastic Surgeon

love my dr,hes an old man and very old school.he is the plastic surgeon for the tampa bay bucanneer cheerleaders.I personally know 8 women whom have used him for.breast and.tummy tucks.he spent 2 hours with me at my consult and answered all my questions.I mean ive never met another dr who is so personable!

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