40 Year-old with 15 Year-old Saline Implants - Clearwater, FL

I have been waiting to get these heavy, horrible...

I have been waiting to get these heavy, horrible things out of me since the day I got them! I actually never wanted implants, only a lift, when I was very young due to severe ptosis which was embarrassing. The doctor convinced me I needed implants as well, even though I was happy with my size (a full B). He told me when they "take things out" during the lift, I would be left with very small breasts-not true!!! I guess this was just to convince me as a way to "upcharge" my service. I later found out this doctor (Ron Perlman in DC-beware!!!) had a serious cocaine addiction and has been sanctioned many times and dealt with plenty of malpractice suits to the point his insurance company dropped him. Anyway, my sutures ripped open and he refused to see me because he was at a party...go figure. This left me with a huge triangular area of scarring at the "T" of the lollipop scar. The implants were obviously too big and pushed the sutures open under pressure. He never did a revision so I look a bit like Frankenstein now.
Anyway, fast forward 15 years and I never let anyone touch them or look at them, it is so embarrassing. They are obviously fake when you seem them naked, especially with all the scarring, and they are SO HEAVY I feel like I can't even breathe. I would like to find a Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg MD to initially deflate or drain them so I can see if I need a second lift or not, then a couple months down the road have the implants removed under local. The MDs in my area have not been receptive so far to doing anything under local, or even draining the implants even though MDs all over the country will do just that. I'm thinking now I may need to fly out of state to get what I need done as I am no longer willing to compromise.
My first in-person consult is today:)


Hope your consult went well! My ps is in St Petersburg if you want to talk to another ps before deciding.
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Finding a doctor was the hardest part of this whole explant ordeal for me. If you opt for a lift, they will probably want you to go under anesthesia. The only times I read about local for explant (and how I had mine done under local) is simple explant with no capsule removal. The more "fiddling" they do, the better it is for YOU and the Dr for you to be under anesthesia. Even with the simple explant, you feel a lot and experience a lot - I can't imagine having a lift/having my capsules dug out under local. That being said, once you find the right surgeon you want and trust to do your surgery, trust in their plan for you. Some surgeons don't mind draining saline implants first in-office, others prefer doing things all at once. In my experience, explant doesn't make your boobs sag lower, explant only decreases the volume and outward projection of your breasts. If you are currently happy with where your nipple/areola is in relation to your inframammary fold, then you probably don't need a lift revision. If you are unhappy with where your nipple/areola is in relation to your inframammary fold or you want scar revision, then you will probably want a revision breast lift. This is pretty easy to tell even without draining your saline first - try the "pencil test" (I have pics on my review) to see if your nipples are above or below the under breast crease. All the implants are doing for you is making your breasts larger and making them project forward, implants are not "lifting" your breasts currently. Don't get too hung up on the necessity of having the implants drained first - just find yourself the best, most competent, and most trustworthy surgeon that you like and feel comfortable having surgery with. When you find the right surgeon, they will formulate a plan that is right for you and fits their preferred surgical technique -- and that may OR may not include draining first. You have all the information you need to decide on a revision lift as you are now, as long as you are ok with less volume, your areola is already in position to make a choice about a lift. Best wishes for a safe and happy explant.
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Thank you for the information...I'm pretty sure I would fail the pencil test, but I'm forty and I feel like that's normal to be a little closer to earth at this age:) In my consult, the doctor made me feel like I needed a lift no matter what because my measurements were bad. I don't mind the way I look, I just don't want to look big and feel heavy.

First consult

Went pretty bad. The doctor was OK, but pointed out flaws I had not even noticed!!! He wouldn't drain the implants as part of the process which I have done a lot of research about and it appears to aid the breasts in healing/reshaping before going under the knife again. I also wanted to know if I was going to look horrible and saggy without the implants or if I would definitely need a lift. Draining first is really the only way to know how you will look.
Anyway, and I DON'T recommend this to anyone reading, but after the consult I got some supplies (I work in the medical field) and had a co-worker (under very sterile conditions) place a small needle in each implant through the skin. I did not have any numbing, but the needle was very small and I barely felt it. It was amazing how simple it was and the water just shot right out (This IS dangerous if you do not know your anatomy well or are not sterile). Now that they have been pierced, the rest of the water is slowly leaking out and I feel so much lighter. Amazingly, my breasts look LESS droopy than they did a couple days ago and my nipples look a bit smaller. Thank God I didn't listen to the plastic surgeon who made me believe I would be deformed if my implants were drained or removed without a full lift.
Again, I don't recommend doing the deflation the way I did, but if you can find a doctor who will drain fist and remove later, do it! I know my water is still draining but I already love the way I look and feel so much more. I know there is a surgeon Dr. Grotting in Alabama who will do this and has written extensively on the subject.


Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf!
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Sorry to hear your consult didn't go well but glad you have more to go....good luck with the others Hun x

pictures before deflation

This was actually immediately after draining a little of the saline as I forgot to take a real before shot. They are continuing to drain slowly.

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pictures day 2

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Had to see...

Sorry, my pictures are not that great, especially because of weight gain a lot of my breasts are really me (fat!) so the difference is hard to see in photos. The biggest thing for me is the weight-I feel a million times lighter, and when I walk they don't have that terrible thump, thump, thumping feeling as they bounce.


I concur with Luv's assessment here. Very good advice.
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