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I Did It! From 32A to 32C + -Clearwater, FL

Hello ladies of RealSelf! Here's a little info...

Hello ladies of RealSelf!
Here's a little info about me: I'm 5'6, weight 117, 28 years old. My surgery was yesterday at 9:30 am. Surgery went well and I was out of the hospital by 12 pm! My surgeon and I decided on 350cc Smooth Round Natural Profile Mentor Silicone Implants, Inframammary incision under the muscle.

Today I am doing well... Drinking lots of water and taking my antibiotics every 8 hours... I'm not feeling much pain around my chest but I'm also taking a muscle relaxer(carisoprodol) & Tylenol just to be safe. I am having problem taking my other pain meds oxycodone, which made me feel very sick to my stomach that I would vomited like the girl from the movie the exorcist!! lol
Well I'm feeling sleepy so I'm going to Zzz. Hope all of you other ladies who just had BA have a good recovery as well.

Day 2 after surgery.

Sorry been busy today. So I woke up this morning feeling a little bit sore around my chest.. Like I've been doing 1000 push-up in one day! Took Tylenol, muscle relaxer & antibiotic and I was feeling great for the rest of the day. I even went out walking around the mall & had lunch with my girl friends! I'm back to eating normal meals but I can't drink any alcohol yet. :/

Anyway Dr. Eric called this morning checking to see how I was doing and he had explained to me that I can start massaging the top part of my boobies & if I wanted... I can take a bath today/night or tomorrow. Yay!!! I can't wait for these soreness to go away and finally have a nice big natural looking boobies!!!! :) ugh tired of looking at these pointy nipples!!! Lol
Well I'm going to check out for now and I'll check in again tomorrow for more update. :)

Day 2 after surgery pics

Day 3 after surgery

Still swelling and a bit sore but not in any major pain. Boobies are hard as a rock! Lol my left nipple is numb and the bottom of both boobies are also numb. I hate sleeping on my back... It sucks! Now my back & shoulder are also aching! Today I took a nice warm shower and my hubby helped gently wash my body and boobies. :) I'd also cleaned and put on antibiotic ointment & new bandaged on my incisions.

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 : still tight, swelling & morning boob aka aching boob!... but that goes away right after I sit-up straight! Massaging the top breasts and taking antibiotics.

Day 5 : no morning boob!!! Still swelling and numb on the bottom of both breasts... Also left nipple is still numb & I'm still taking my antibiotics every 8 hours. I stop taking Tylenol and other meds because I'm pain free!!! Yay! Still massaging my top boobs.

Day 6 & 7

Day 6: no morning boob.

Day 7: no morning boob. I still have a HP.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Eric Egozi is an friendly, kind board certified plastic surgeon. I am happy to have him as my BA PS, he would personally call me if I have any questions and concerns. Also his staffs are such lovely professional, helpful ladies.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hi, how are they going? It's funny my right one is dropping faster than my left! Lol! They're still sensitive. Are yours?
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They're looking great! I think they'll settle really well and it sounds like you're recovering well too! My surgery is Wednesday and I'll be going from 32A to 32B+.
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I love your day by day! Please explain your activity level/level of exertion in daily activities at day 2-5? These are the days I am most curious about! Thanks! Results look great!
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They look good I very happy for you :)
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Does anyone hav nerve pinchings? I'm freaking out there's something wrong so have moved my follow-up app to earlier...lol
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Gig I have in my nipples and my ribs under my right breast and I freaked out till doc told me it was nerves settling I hope you feel better post op day 9
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Oh phew! It's on my right side, right on the ribs! And yes in nipples also! So strange the feeling. I freak out about the muscle not healing and the implant falling through... Think I've read too much!
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I had the same thing for 6 days still off and on with the ribs hope your gets better like mine has gig
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Gigimafro it will get better
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Still having that issue at 18 weeks:)
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Thanks for the comments! I have a little tingling in my right arm, the same side as the nerve pinchings so I freaked out and called the surgeon who said its normal for a bit. Got follow up on Tuesday so that will put my mind at rest!
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I think her implants are new and haven't had time to unswell they look good
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Your implants look high (im 2 months post and im still swollen to my collar bone) ... in time the swelling goes down and they become less like a hard rock. I noticed its the most stiff right after a nap- "morning boob" But it gets better. I will keep checking on your progress to see how recovery is going.
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Thanks girlie. :) Yeah it does seem like I have a high profile. Lol It's just swelling, hard and tight! Ugh I just can't wait for it to drop and fluff soon...... You are 2 months post and still swollen?!?.. I hope the swelling boobs go away soon. Your boobs looks great! Happy healing!
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I hope it goes away soon to 2 mths too long jade happy healing
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Oh and with the sleeping on back thing, when can that stop?! It's driving me insane also!
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Lol ... Yeah I'm going to wait after two weeks before I sleep on my side. :)
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I stopped after day 5 now I sleep on 2 wedge pillows gig
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You look good have u had any rib soreness I'm on day 7 post op and still morning boob and rib soreness
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Thank you! I am still swelling.. Yeah I do get morning boobs they are aching in the morning but I just take Tylenol and the pain is gone until the next morning! Lol I don't have any rib soreness yet but my back and shoulder is getting sore. I need to do more massages. Your boobies are looking great! :) your morning boob will go away soon maybe in 2 or 3 weeks! happy healing! K.i.t I'll let you know when I'm soreness free! :)
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Thanks I hope so putting ice on for 30 min a day helps my morning boob and I am sleeping on 2 wedge pillows 2 night in bed I love my baby's hope the over all look is good tks qtjade01
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You look good for 2 days out, congrats! Thanks for posting updates:)
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Thank you. Just some swelling and soreness & nothing Tylenol can't do... other than that I am doing well. :)
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What is this Tylenol? I'm in Australia, wonder if it has a different name. Ill google. My back pain has been the worst of all the pain. I'm quite little and my surgeon said the max I could go was a 360 but then had to drop to a 350. Getting there tho. Back to work 1 week after so in 2 days eeekkk....
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The generic name is acetaminophen, it also has some other listed ingredients;like caffeine. It is usually an over the counter pain medicine, but if you want a stronger dose, you need an Rx from the Dr. Hope your pain gets better ;)
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