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I Had a gummy smile, now I do not, but It appears as though I've had "work done"! - Clearwater, FL

Motivation: Gummy smoker sufferer forever. Pros:...

Motivation: Gummy smoker sufferer forever.
Pros: After the first treatment two weeks ago (1 per side) I noticed a subtle difference, but guns still showed. I was "ok" with the results but wanted less gum showing. A cheap alternative to major mouth surgery.
Cons: After the second treatment a week later (1 1/2 per side additional injected) I had great results with my smile, but now my face looks...weird. Not sure how else to describe it. Smile is exactly what I hoped for, but now I kind of look like the joker when I smile. It's very unnatural. Also, there is noticeable bulging at the side of my nose on either side (where botox was injected) that I can feel and see.

I will give it the requisite 3-6 months to wear off, and going forward I will do 1 1/2 per side total. Hopefully that will subtly enhance my smile without making my face look plastic.

Please excuse the grammatical errors!

I'm not sure why my spelling, punctuation, and grammar changed when I submitted my review. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to edit my original post. Thanks!
Hey, your smile looks great and natural. Maybe you're now smiling fully, without feeling self-conscious so you think your smile looks like the joker. Your before picture looks like you're a bit shy, but the after picture looks confident.
Thank you Elana, that's a nice compliment, and a good observation. No one has said anything to me about my smile being different (including my hubby) so perhaps it's mostly in my head. I feel like there is a subtle difference though around my eyes when I smile now, but obviously that's blocked out in the pictures. I do think I'll do it again when it wears off, but with a lower dose.

I am not a smoker!

Wow, a lot really was lost in translation when I made my original post. It's supposed to say under the motivation part, "Gummy smile sufferer" not "smoker"! I just wanted to clarify that in case that influenced anyone's decision about having the procedure done. Thanks!
I actually think you have a gorgeous smile with or without the treatment, though I would never say you look like the joker in your last pic. You're beautiful! Please keep us posted on how the Botox wears and what you do next!
I have this same kind of smile, I did not know botox would help. I have to say observing what you see, I do not, your new smile is beautiful. I'm 58 and now and I have a horizontal line in the middle of my upper lip because of it. I had laser done to my face 6 months ago and it didn't take care of the line as well as other lines around my mouth so I'm having a redo to those areas at no charge. Also dr said he would put botox during the procedure to assist with relaxing the line. Now I'm excited after seeing how it helped relax your smile which is beautiful. I'm so self conscious about it especially as I age because it just shows too much teeth and I have a couple teeth issues that probably wouldn't be so noticeable if my smile wasn't so big. Thank you for sharing, maybe I will posts before and after photos here, I find this site very helpful.
Agreed. I think you look very natural.

Two and a half weeks in...I think my smile is looking much more natural!

Here's a pic I took to show how my natural full smile has settled in two and a half weeks later. I still think I'll go with 1 1/2 units at my touch up appointment, but I feel a bit more confident now. Best part? My clueless better half turned to me today out of the blue and said, "I don't know what it is, but you just seem even more beautiful to me in the last few weeks." He doesn't know I had my smile corrected and I plan to keep it that way!
Wow, that's is the most sincere compliement from your sig. other. I agree, you were beautiful before and after, but I can see from your before pics the gummy bit that you personally would notice, but unless pointed out, I don't think anybody else would. Including your better half!

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