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So I just got accepted by my insurance for a...

So I just got accepted by my insurance for a breast reduction. All costs covered. And I'm super nervous. My surgery date is so soon and I'm really excited but also terrified. I am a size 40 DDD. Going down to a C cup. I can't wait!:D I am afraid of having complications during surgery or a reaction to the anesthetic. I freak out about those things. I hope it goes well :D I have two weeks to prepare. Will post more and pics later (:

Sooner than I thought (:

I have been scheduled for next Friday! :D That was fast. I'm so excited and real nervous. I go in for blood work on the 22 then surgery on the 25 (: I'm gonna upload before and after pics after my surgery (: Ugh. I'm just so nervous. Update soon!
Very exciting and you will do just fine.  The nerves will calm and you will feel so much better going down to a C cup.  

Positive thoughts coming your way.  Keep us up to date on everything and check in often.
Thank you!
Looking forward to seeing how you go. All the best.

So nervous!

Okay, so I had my pre-op today. They checked my blood and asked me a bunch of questions. Then they gave me my prescription for my meds, an antibiotic and pain killer. I only have two more days! I am so scared. I have bad anxiety so of course I am only thinking of the worse. I'm thinking, "what if I have something go wrong and I don't wake up?" I feel like I am voluntarily walking to my death....wow...see, it's like I don't have a positive bone in my body about this. I can't wait to have less pain on my back though! That I am super excited for. The plastic surgeon said he is gonna try to make me a C, but I kind of want smaller, like a B. I hate big boobs. Haha. Well, as soon as the surgery is done Friday I will definitely be posting before and after pictures. :)

I'm alive!!

Woo! I had the surgery and I'm feeling good. Everyone was so nice and reassuring and I didn't even know it was gonna happen. So quickly. Is was over before I knew it. I woke up quick with no complications. The only pain I had was a minor burning and they gave me something for that. Since then I have had no pain! Except for when I stand but it's not that bad. My C section I had a year and a half ago was way worse than this. I have drains and that's like the only thing that's freaking me out because sometimes they get little spaces of nothing in the tube. Is that normal? Other than that I feel great, kind of tired. I think I did well. I will keep updating throughout the week. And I'll upload a few pictures here. :D
My daughter is having this surgery over Christmas break and her anxiety ia getting bad. Would love foe you to share your positive experiance with her if possible.
Could you please message me with your experience? My daughter is having this surgery over Christmas break with Dr. Blalock and her anxiety is building up. Looks like you had a great experience and could calm her nerves. Lmccowen16@gmail.com

Another picture of before.

Yep. I look miserable. Because of my huge boobies. Haha.

3 days post op.

I'm feeling good. I've had such a horrible pulsing headache since yesterday I have no clue why. The nurse said it could be from the anesthesia or my pain meds. So I stopped taking the meds and went to tylenol. It helped a little. I have no pain in my boobs except a little where my drains are. Other than all of that I feel fine. My boobs are so much smaller! (: I'm glad I did this. I'll post more pictures when my headache goes away.
WAY TO GO ! SEE .... YOU DID IT ! And really didn't have to get SO Worried ! I think we almost get OVER WORRIED and about PSYCH OURSELVES OUT ........ and Before you know it - it's all Over and Done With !
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