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I just turned 20 on the 13th of May and currently...

I just turned 20 on the 13th of May and currently reside around 165 lbs (last time I checked) and 5'8". When I was in High School I was 142 lbs. College got the best of me. Wtih going to school full time, working 25 hours a week and having an intership 25 hours a week, I hardly had anytime to work out let alone want to cook myself healthy meals. I've tried diets like HCG and Low Carb and I work out as much as I can, but it seems my gut stays the same. I use to be HUGE when I was younger, so my thighs and legs are flabby due to the excess skin, I talked to my Dr (who I met at my consult) about getting the lipo there as well, but he said with his honest opionion, I would not get hardly any results. I went to SonoBello and the consult lady told me otherwise, like 70% of my flab would be gone! I told my dr about this and he said he would not do it if it were him. Sonobello is all about making $$. I left w/o making an appt due to work scheld, however I emailed his practice later that day and the surgeon responded not some office lady which I liked. Anyways, my appt is next week and I'm excited yet super nervous.

Had my surgery today and just walked out. i feel...

Had my surgery today and just walked out. i feel fine but i have on two compression garments so i feel so fat. thru surgery itself took about and hour in a half. hardest part was getting numb... it hurt like a bitch. after that it was ok. occasional pain and burning here and there.. he sutured me up after. Will post one day post op tomorrow. im loopy right now. i also had to bee right after ge started so it felt awkward down by my blatter

Well one day later and im not in pain anymore just...

Well one day later and im not in pain anymore just sore. leaking has stopped for now, i went through four pairs of sweatpants and shirts cuz i soaked through them. i have yet to take a shower, kinda scared to see what i look like! plus i heard people pass out so that freaks me out!

Well i took off my compression garment and took my...

Well i took off my compression garment and took my shower. no dizziness. i Lookthe same as before i guess im pretty swollen? i know most people see instant results but i did not see what i looked like rightt after. hopefully i can see results soon!

Day 2 and im still sore. my cat got hit by a car...

Day 2 and im still sore. my cat got hit by a car yesterday so I've been stressing alot about her. swelling had gone down a bit so i can see some improvement. my compression garment keeps sliding up past my lower inscions so i hope that doesn't do anything. i did notice i do have a bum above my belly button. messaging would help?

So my po in notes it says to take off the...

So my po in notes it says to take off the compression garment 3-4 days after. i feel fine and brushing is gone but i look EXACTLY thru same as before me surgery. should i keep my garment on or use span?

Day 4. i feel fine just a little bit tightness i...

Day 4. i feel fine just a little bit tightness i look the same still no improvement. I feel so depressed and fat. i can't go work out to burn off my frustration. All this money i put towards this i could of used to get my kitten a Ct scan and corrective nerve surgery ($6000). i feel like i was lied to because he said my stomach would be pretty much gone. I dunno what to do. I go in on Thursday for my one-week po check, we'll see what he says.

Well ya still no difference im still fat... go figure.

Well ya still no difference im still fat... go figure.

Today was my one week post op check. I asked my...

Today was my one week post op check. I asked my doc what i can expect as my result, he asked if i saw any result when i took a shower the next day and i Said no, but he stated that i should be considerably flatter than i was. Im still swollen and he suggested wearing my actual compression garment for 3-4 more weeks. he also said i should be seeing some results in 3 weeks..

Today is day day 9 since my procedure and im...

Today is day day 9 since my procedure and im finally starting to see a difference. my shirts that were once tight are now loose. Ill post pics at the two week mark.

Two weeks PO: I've started to notice results. In...

Two weeks PO: I've started to notice results. In the mornings I feel supper skinny but as the day goes on I tend to bloat and look fat after. My BF says he cant see any difference, but its my opinon that matters right? Lol. My dr has amazing before and after pics, he takes all his at 9 months PO though. I've been trying to wear my compression garment as much as possibly... what am i suppose to wear to the gym?? I tried spanx but it was so itchy. Latley my incisions have been itching cuz they are scabs and its driving me crazy since i have my garment tight!

Week Three- Time to go to wearing my compression...

Week Three- Time to go to wearing my compression garment 12 hours a day instead of 23. I have been slacking the last couple days about wearing it all the time because it hurts my back and its been warm here. I'm liking my results thus far, although some days I look more bloated than others.

So one month PO. I think I look the same since my...

So one month PO. I think I look the same since my 2 week PO. I've been working out everyday and eating 1200-1400 cals a day. I've noticed that I have been getting little dimples around my belly button, not sure if its noticable in the pic i posted. I emained my Dr about this and he said that it is normal, some may be permanent. They are not like OMG but I can see them, my BF can't.

Almost a year later: I dont recommend this...

Almost a year later: I dont recommend this procedure to anyone hoping to get thin. About 3 months after my procedure, I realized I was not seeing the result I expected to see, I still was fat. Not worth the 3500. My fiance kept tellin me to go get my money back. Infact, I gained weight after smart lipo. It was not until November of 2012 that I made the change for myself and dedicated myself to eating right and excersizing religiously. Now down 25+ pounds, I wish I would of saved my money.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr Gorin was really nice, answered my questions And talked to me during my procedure. real responsive when i emailed my questions. Im just not seeing any results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi kittykat, its been the 6 months and I do feel like ive wasted my money in a way; granted there is a difference, just not as much as id like. I havent seen Dr Gorin since my two month PO. I'll see if I can post pics. Since my procedure, ive been busting my butt at the gym and lost 17 lbs. I feel that I should of just been motivated at the gym then do surgery
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Hi BrittBritt101, This feed hasn't been active for about 6 months but I wanted to see if you have any more updates? I'm in Oregon too and I'm planning to get liposuction from Dr. Gorin. Have you seen any further results since your procedure? Do you feel it was worth it? I feel pretty good about Dr. Gorin and his staff but I want to know if it's worth the money. Also, I'm so sorry about your kitten. :( I hope everything worked and that your kitty is okay. Thanks, K.K.
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Hey, how's everything going?
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Im doing alot better than when i first started. now i can do a half hour at 105 steps a min 480 cals ! im trying to eat good but its hard! my boy friend loves to eat out and have dessert and of course he is in perfect shape lol! let me know how it goes for you!!
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Hey Britt, my doctor cleared me to workout today. He said, I could use my elliptical. I was thrilled.....l now can eat more than 1200 calories :) I'm going see if I can do 30 mins. I feel pretty good. I was doing some research & a lot of doctors state that the earlier you get back to your regular lifestyle, the better your recovery will be. How are you doing w/ your workout plan?
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Hey Britt, I just updated my review; check it out when get a chance.
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I think you look fantastic!!
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thank you!!! :)
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You do look great!
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Looking good Britt! I'm gonna add my pics as soon; currently, I only have my iPad. I'm gonna add some pics as soon as I get my laptop.
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Ur last pic looks great! And it's only gonna get better! Keep wearing ur garment and ur belly will looking great! :)
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Oh okay that makes sense! My follow up is Monday and that was my first question! I'll post some pics.
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The thighs I've been told take forever for the swelling to go down since swelling travels downwards. hang in there! As far as numbness... my upper abs are not numb anymore but my lower abs are still numb. its different for each spot and person.
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Apparently I need to proof read!
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So I had smartlipo and a Brazilian butt lift about 2wks ago. My main concern was my inner thigh rubbing together. It was so bad I thought eventually they would start a fire! I have a 4 yr old so my abdomin has changed. Overall I was considered to have a hour glass figure but we all want to change something! So anyway I noticed my new bum right away, but currently waiting to see a change in my inner thigh. The very top of my inner thigh is smaller but the middle and knee area actually looked bigger. When I rub it it feels numb and I'm praying that its still swollen. I go to Miami in about 3 wks so u hope the swelling goes down enough.
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When your time persist you should write a review & post pre/post op photo's. I was actually thinking about getting a bbl, but I couldn't imagine not being able to sit for such a long time. I hope you are happy w/ your end results.
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I looked super good this morning but after i eat i bloat up!! its frustrating lol. I've been watching what i eat having honey bunches of oats for breakfast, strawberries for snacks, tuna with wheat this for lunch and chnx & green beans for dinner! granted some days i go off track lol. i can't wait till ur surgery!
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I've been dieting and going to the gym as much as possible. I've noticed that I have hardly any engry lately, like b4 my procedure I could do an hour on the stairs at like 90 steps a min now i'm lucky if i can do 15 min!
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I think the fatigue your are experiencing now is normal. 15 mins of continuous stairs after 2 weeks of surgery is pretty good. Take it easy; most doctors only clear individuals to conduct light exercising for the 1st 4-6 weeks. However, some ppl tend to recover faster than other. Keep us updated; I can't wait to share my results next week :)
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I can definitely see a difference in the last pic u posted! Looking good :)
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So can I, it seems you are tracking well......Good for you. Some ppl tend to retain fluid in longer in their body post surgery & I think you may have been one of those individuals. I know I was one of those individuals after my c-section. I'm hoping I don't retain as much during my procedure. I'm watch my sodium & drinking plenty of water. Your results are only going to get better due to most ppl don't see 100% result until 3-6 months after. Hopefully your result will met your expectation. Do forget to watch your calories/fat content; I hear it's crictical that you do 3-6 months post surgery.
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Hi, has your swelling resided w/ in the last few days? My procedure is next Tuesday.
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My inscions are itching. its driving me crazy!
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