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Fillers Under my Eyes and Cheeks - Clackamas, OR

I always wanted to get rid of the bags under my...

I always wanted to get rid of the bags under my eyes I got them of a young age is hereditary, so I got two different consultation and both doctors recommended fillers I got BELOTERO and Juvederm for the cheeks. I didn't feel pain witch it is a good thing it was a little weird to see it at first but I like it so far. one eye is very tricky since is very puffy as anesthesia wears off I feel a little sting but nothing I cannot tolerate. I think I will need a little touch up but it is too soon to know. So far everything ok after four hours of getting it done.

Fillers day 2

Today is the second day after getting BELOTERO and Juvederm I have not get any bruises , but I got a little swollen. One eye looks better but still see tiny bumps. The left one I see I ridge I quite don't like and is gotten big but hopefully it gets better. I have been taking arnica and applying arnica gel as well. Something else i did is avoid garlic and eat pineapple. Apply ice as well. I have some pain still took some Tylenol.

Day two after fillers

Here are some more pics of the swelling that I hit going on. I wonder if any if you had a bit of discomfort slims like a sting and pain when smiling. Like to hear from anybody that had this done as well.

Day 3 BELOTERO and Juvederm

So I am still swollen left eye is still with a big ridge along the tear corner down it makes my eye look very small and like I got stung by a bee. :( also I feel pain and has not subside. My right eye looks a little better depending how you look at it or the light, it makes it look bumpy and a little bluish. I really really hope this gets better. It was a big investment at least for me. And I was so nervous about all of this. So anxious to see what the Dr. Say it would look like.

Day 4

Well the pain is gone tender to touch or when I smile very minimal. I still not too convince about this water pillow look on my left eye it is so obvious even with make up. The right eye is getting better. I am very nervous this won't get better.

Day 5

Today i had some pain on left side and later got a headache it's tender. I have been applying arnica gel and ice on and off. It look a little better. Puffiness has not disappear I still look weird I can't wait to see if it will get better I read in some reviews that gentle massage might help but, I have been hesitant to do it. Any advice ????? Honestly this is not a procedure as they describe in and out with no downtime unless you want to keep getting question of what happens to you and get people stare at you. :/ (sight )

One week after fillers injections

After a long week applying ice and arnica gel. I am finally seeing less swelling and my bruising was very little. I did have pain and still have tender spots. I started to feel a little itchy ness in the site of the injection. As you may see in the pictures I still have ridges, and does not look smooth. My left eye has a very ugly profile hopefully it continuos to get less puffier. The right eye I notice bumps along the eye. And it's a little bruise still. I'm still hanging in there hopping to see good results. ;/

Not sure it's getting any better

Really this is not getting better I so not like what I see so fat. I look so puffy after exercises and I feel really swollen under my eyes. I see darkness under and I don't see the ridges are getting any smoother. When I wear make up I look worst. Will this be it or or will I still see some changes ?????

Day 13 after fillers

I am impress the swelling and tenderness has decreased tremendously, last two days I am more calm. I do still see some bumps / un evenness. I also still see some green/blue shadow I am hopping the are bruises and will go away. I overall had to wait two weeks to see my face better. I still have to get my Dr. Look at it.


Here is my one month BELOTERO review. I will not advice to get this done unless you are conscious of the risks , side effects , and the risk of getting an unwanted result. This are most expensive bags I ever buy. I still have bags under my eyes and the worst part is that I now have dark circles I never had before and they make me look worst. I am having hard time finding the right make up. I spend a lot money and I am not happy at all. I agree you can go to work right away only if you are willing to be seen with bruises like you are a raccoon or swelling and water pillows you cannot cover with make up. And yes that lasts at least 1 week if not more. I took my own precautions from my own reserch to take arnica and did a diet. I knew I did not wanted to get bruises I couldn't take time off and I was not willing to be seen like that, but I was not ready to see the water ridges and I had a lot pain as well. Wich I was not informed I could have. One last thing I have to say to any of you is that no matter what you get done keep in mine that you get to see only the before and after results ,and of course only the ones with happy ending. The day by day can only be told by the ones who got it done. That is only my opinion and I am not trying to give any advice or convince anybody that is just from my own experience.
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

He explained the procedure and why he recommended that option over blephlastomy.

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Hi,I had it done a week ago and looks like I have Racoon eyes!its swollen no bruises thought even my husband went like ,what happened to you? And have a very important meeting family next week!but i was reading that Arnica my help with the swollen,I only did it ,cause it was the second time 2 Doctors mentioned it,but Im not doing it again with ,belotero,bolatero whatever the name is!
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The whole Belotero experience has squelched my desire to try using any fillers again. I have used Radiesse and Juvederm in the past w/ satisfactory results, but after the "tear trough" fiasco that CAUSED me a year of tears and unsightly under eye bulges, I am wary of doing any more to my face except occasional Botox.
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I also had a Belotero treatment administered by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon I had been happy w/ before. However, this was the first time she used Belotero and the first time injecting the under eye "hollows" or tear troughs. The results were horrible. Instead of filling in the hollows under my eyes--it added noticeable "puffs" under the hollow area of both eyes, thus accentuating just what I had wanted to eliminate. When I called the next day, returned to her office a week later, she acted sorry that I was "unhappy with the results." That she had placed the Belotero exactly in the "tear troughs" where I had wanted them and that was that. The effects lasted an entire year. Now I am older, but look definitely better than I did after the misplaced filler. I have not had any treatments since, and doubt that I will again. Be SURE your doctor is skilled and that your are sure s/he is clear what area(s) you want to be filled.
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I'm so sorry you are having all these side effects.  Have you considered seeing a doctor to have it removed?  I found this forum post for people who are dealing with under eye issues due to Belotero and thought you might want to check it out.
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Did you get the Belotero dissolved yet? Is that an option per your doctor? Has he offere you Vitrase/Hyaluronidase?
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You are very lucky that you improved spontaneously. It is now over 4 months since my Belotero injections and I am still dealing with lower eyelid swelling and deformity. Please keep us posted on your progress.
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I've noticed lower eyelid edema also. It has been one month since the procedure. How are you currently dealing with it. I have made a appointment to see the doctor.
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I've also been left with severe malar edema since my belotero injections, which I've never had in my life. Puffiness and water reaction has never been an issue for me. I actually went in to correct tear trough deformity (hollowness)!
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I have the same ridges from the same doctor!!!!!! I created this account just be able to see your photos and discuss this with you.
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Thanks for sharing.  Let us know how long it takes for the swelling to go down.
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Thanks I will post more pics.
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My experience with Belotero has also been an nightmare, I had Belotero in December 2012 at the top of my cheeks in Tunbridge wells England , like a lots of people I ended up with ademas under my eyes especially the left one, unfortunately this got worse and the doctor suggested I have radiofrequency , she told me this would with the water retention and the puffiness , this was the biggest mistake of my life. Not only the belotero didn’t dissolve , but I still have the puffiness under my left eyes , but after 6 session the RF melted my fat on my cheeks and chin and above my lips,. I look absolutely awful, I lost my identity . I found out that belotero isn’t a very product after all for Under the eyes and Cheeks as this retained a lots of water and can last for years . I was lied about the product and about RF . Whatever you do, don’t go Near radiofrequency this can REALLY disfigure your face. I wish I left the belotero alone and massage it everyday . This is now over 2 years and my face got worse , I still have my left eye swollen , and have lost so much fat that the only solution is fat transfer but am too scared to do . I have ages 10 years . I think the best solution is to leave it alone and wait till it goes on its own , there is too much risk . It will go eventually be patient , I know it is difficult but you don’t want to end up doing something you will regret like me . This has affected , my look , life and health . Good like.
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Thank you. I'm sorry about your situation.
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