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Hello ladies! I'm 24 years old,I'm a mother of a...

Hello ladies! I'm 24 years old,I'm a mother of a beautiful 2 year old princess and I'm separated from my husband. I was born in Santo Domingo and raised in Brooklyn NY. After my pregnancy my body just looks terrible! I'm very unhappy with myself and I don't plan to have any more kids. I want to feel happy and confident with myself. I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic with my mom and daughter for the whole month of July. I'm currently at 200lbs 5'8, I need to go down to 180 by 7/3 which is when I'll see DR Rafael Torres Acosta. 2years ago he performed surgery to my mom (tt, breast lift and lipo) he did an awsome job! And she still looks great! I'm very excited and nervous at the same time because of all the pain I'm going to go through. I'm very happy to share my experience with you all. I will keep you all updated with this journey.


Hello ladies! i'm still doing my research and got a quote from DR Yily $5,800 and Dr Jesus Abreu $7,500. I hear good things about Dr Abreu but i personally think thats too much money.. Dr Yili is less money but ive been reading bad reviews about her, specially the fact that she "isn't the one operating the patients, and that they cover their patients face while sx" i don't really know if this is true but i don't want to take any chances. I've seen her work and i love them, but im just scared that these rumors might be true. I also got my blood work results back today from my doctor and im very happy to say that everything came back NORMAL :) i am sooooo happy! I have not lost weight but tomorrow im going to start juicing and eating healthy, in exactly 2 weeks i will be traveling to the Dominincan Rep with my 2 year old and my mom. Im super excited to get sx but im too nervous to be in the Dominican... I just don't know why.


Hello ladies! So tomorrow is my flight! I'm very nervous but at the same time very excited! I still can't believe this is really going to happen. I have not lost one pound ???? but I'm not going to stress it, hopefully the DR can do magic on me ????


Hello ladies! I'm here in the Dominican Republic and this weather is a killer! Any who..... I saw DR Torres Acosta yesterday 7/3, all my results are good and he will be performing tt, breast reduction and lipo. He scheduled me for Monday 7/7/14. This is what I think of the clinic... CIPLA has very professional and nice people! They are very sweet and try to help you with whatever they can. It's very clean and do wear gloves to draw blood and even the doctor to examine you. I love that place! I'm very excited to get my surgery done at this place and I feel I'm in good hands. I am not nervous at all and I'm waiting anxiously for Monday morning. I have to be there at 7am because I'm the first one that day. I can't drink any meds Sunday and my last meal must be before 10pm, after that time I can't even drink water. Here are some pictures at CIPLA

My surgery experience

Hello ladies! I haven't been updating sorry :(

Anyways, I got surgery on 7/7/14
On 7/6 my last meal was at 9pm
I was at CIPLA at 7am and had my period :( my hemo level was 12.9(taken on 7/4) but I was very relaxed. DR Torres made me feel very safe in his hands and maybe that's why I was so at peace. I got marked my him around 9am and took my blue little pill, well let me just say that didn't work for me. I slept for 5 minutes and woke up. I was take to the OP room by this guy named Alejandro, when I got to the OP room a lady put the IV and sat me facing Alejandro, he held me while she was putting about 5-6 needles in my back. I got knocked out until my biggest fear happened! POW!!! I woke up!!! I was on my stomach and the doctor was doing lipo on my back, I remember I told the anesthesiologist "I have to pee" she said " go right ahead, you have a catheter" then felt asleep, then woke up 3 other times and I kept telling he DR " Rafael I'm awake! Please put me to sleep" he would answer me " Pamela everything is ok, don't worry". Next thing I know I was taken to the recovery room and remember telling Alejandro " I'm very cold, can you please get me an extra blanket" I woke up in my room and remember seeing my mom and my daughter, my precious baby was napping. I ate a soup that night and drank an apple juice, the nurses kept checking my pulse and pressure, thank GOd everything was normal. At 11pm DR Torres came to see me and tells me " you did great! You came out a true doll" he gave me a kiss and told my mom call me at whatever time if Pamela needs anything (my mom and him are friends outside CIPLA) that whole night I did great and they have me pain meds through IV. The next day I ate soup for breakfast again and apple juice. The nurse came in and helped me put my girdle on and sent me to walk for 2 minutes. I left CIPLA around 11:30 on 7/8


Hey ladies! Since my surgery on 7/7 I've been doing pretty good. I saw DR Torres on 7/10 and everything is healing pretty well! I started my massages on 7/12 I was expecting something worse than what I'm getting. They are uncomfortable but nothing out of this world! I was really scared of them but I can handle them. I've been taking a few naps during the day and I eat normal but very little cause this girdle is tight! These are a few pictures of me now.


Hello ladies! I'm finally back home! I feel great during the day but at night I can't sleep and my body hurts :/. Everyone loves the way I look :) btw that's DR Rafael Torres Acosta


1 week after surgery and 1 moth after surgery
DR Rafael Torres Acosta

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Love your results
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you look great
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You are my favorite. This is exactly what I want.
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Thank you! I will post my 1 moth post op pictures :)
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You look AMAZING!............. FELICIDADES COMPATRIOTA. Nice job he did on you :)
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Thank you!!! :)
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Omg girl! your transformation is phenominal! Congratulations with your new body and happy healing!
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Thank you so much! I'm very happy with his work of art :)
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You look fantastic!
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Amazing transformation. You look wonderful. Did you get down to the eeight you were supposed to before sx? What is your weight now?
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Thanks! No, I went up to 206lbs. I was too stressed and still he did magic!
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Right now I don't know my current weight.
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Yes, agreeing with Jayleeza, can't wait to see your pics. Your almost to the flat side.
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Best wishes and cant wait to see ur results :)
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Best wishes to you and prayers.
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Thank you! Good luck to you too
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Our date is around the corner!!
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im very excited! cant wait :)
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pain to me is just that! pain..nothin'more. to some it was worth it.others i am not sure. MI BFF got hers done years ago,fla.(way cheaper)than ny/nj she said,but did nt want to fly longer than 1 to 2 hr.flight or would have went to D.R. like u,she is very happy still flat sexi stomach eating right/better exercise even at times,easier,to shop,for what u r wantin and she just overall is VERY happy.Had to put mine on hold,but still support many here,so u think positive k? Her pain was so minimize,(pain pump helps) but hers last for almost the 1st few weeks off and on,not much though. i had c-section 2x over.(90s)so i would not even mind it. but i wish you luck chica,well worth the pain. Your not even fat,at all Tall,we same height,so your goin to look so nice and fat,once mid section is flat,and lil waist,etc. your going to look nice. i can tell by your frame,height etc. you just think positive,glad your mother is happy with her results!God speed. adios ~CertifiedFlatSexiStomach~
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Thank you so much for the info. I was thinking of leaving my big butt just the way it is now bc that's what I like and being thin in too
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LOL Thank you primavera13!
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Wish you the best compatriota!.... let's lift that spirit and be confident that you will look amazing when back from DR. You have beautiful curves, just need a little help... and your "tetas" to put it in the right place... lol
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