Oct 2014 Diaz Doll - Dominican Republic

Deposit paid, date set. Had round1 with Almonte...

Deposit paid, date set. Had round1 with Almonte this past Spring and want more lipo & bbl. Fell in love with Dr. Diaz's sculpting based on reviews I saw. I appreciate his quick response time for my quote & to answer questions. His quotes seemed fair and I chose the all inclusive package deal. I'm so excited!!!


Congrats! What did you have done with Almonte?
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Lipo, tt & lil bbl
Congrats, we have sx on the same day.
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Bags Almost Packed

Bags almost packed. I'm not as anxious as round1. Counting down the days. Going in for final cbc/hemoglobin check next week. My holy grail hemo goal is 14.


Pls ladies keep us posted my date is December 9 2014
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Hello How do I find a buddy for December
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I don't know of any secret facebook surgery groups for Dr. Diaz

2 weeks & counting

It's getting real... excited... I can't wait


Good luck hun! Keep us updated hope u have a good and speedy recovery!
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Good morning. . When booking ur flight, what is ur destination in DR?
Depends on dr but most clinics are near SDQ Santo Domingo airport

Single Digits...

My countdown calendar is in the single digits. My monthly cycle may rear her head right before sx. Hopefully, my hemo won't drop too much


Wish you the best of luck (-_*) Cant wait to see your post op pic
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Thanks babe
Do you have a Round 1 review by any chance? I'm considering going to Almonte...
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Made it to CIPLA

Day 1 arrival. Preop testing. So far staying at CIPLA seems equivalent to an rh. I will post pics as soon as my reception is better.

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Good luck, boo.
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Best Wishes!
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