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Hey everyone! So I've decided to do it! Finally!...

Hey everyone! So I've decided to do it! Finally! The body of my dreams. Im 24, 3 kids, 5'4" about 195lbs. Im planning to get:
•Tummy Tuck
•Lipo Sculpture
•Bootylicious Butt Lift =p

Ive lurked and read and stalked the forums and love what Dra Yily does. Im looking to share journeys and experiences! Good luck to all ;-)

So I've been speaking to Yily through email and...

So I've been speaking to Yily through email and she told me its recommended I stay a minimum of 8 days after the tummy tuck before flying back to the US for all the girls asking about how many says need to be taken of work. I asked how necessary it is to stay at the recovery house or if i could just stay at my family's house and I also asked if she has a bank account for the deposit but I haven't heard back about that yet. I'll update as she responds =) I'm also thinking about ferrying some loop to my arms and thighs since its only $450 more!

So I've been speaking to Yily through email and...

So I've been speaking to Yily through email and she told me its recommended I stay a minimum of 8 days after the tummy tuck before flying back to the US for all the girls asking about how much time needs to be taken off work. I asked how necessary it is to stay at the recovery house or if i could just stay at my family's house and I also asked if she has a bank account for the deposit but I haven't heard back about that yet. I'll update as she responds =) I'm also thinking about adding some lipo to my arms and thighs since its only $450 more!

So after waiting two weeks for an email response i...

So after waiting two weeks for an email response i decided to call this morning since i already purchased my flight and wanted to confirm everything. i spoke to a real nice young woman who took my name and confirmed for August 3!!! I'm so freaking exited!!! She gave me Yily's paypal information for the deposit. The number I called was 8093315050 ext 208 and someone answered in Spanish. I was told I can Dr the day before my surgery. I'll be staying at CIPLA the first night and then staying at my grandparents house.i don't really think anyone can treat me better =)

So I just sent my deposit through Paypal!!! I...

So I just sent my deposit through Paypal!!! I called and spoke to Dr Yilys assistant and I am confirmed for August 3. I have a while to go but I'm so excited!!! I bought my ticket a few weeks ago and I'm ready to leave like today!!! Oh, I've also decided that I'm going to have lipo done on my thighs for the extra $250. Can't wait!

I've been going through it these last few days....

I've been going through it these last few days. I'm just sick if being stuck in this body! Exercise doesn't help because I just end up with loose skin. Then I have all this cellulite on my thighs I can't get rid of. I've been doing some reading and have read of some girls getting worst cellulite after lipo which has me worried. I started this red light therapy at my gym which is supposed to help. We shall see. ..sigh..

I'm not really liking the recent reviews coming...

I'm not really liking the recent reviews coming out about Yily. I'm reading about infections, her wearing the same bloody scrubs to all her surgeries, her not attending to her patients post op and not listening to what patients want as far as shape and size. Whatever is gong on with her she needs to figure something out and get it together. If these reviews don't change I'm considering going to Dr. Augustina Hilario Duran. There aren't any reviews on her, but I've seen some threads of girls planning to see her. She supposedly gives those big donkey booties. That's what I'm trying to get! We shall see.

I've decided not to go through with this surgery....

I've decided not to go through with this surgery. Too many risks are involved. I have five beautiful children in my life and a man that loves me the way I am. Good luck chicas, stay gorgeous inside and out, until next time. With love...

I want to be happy. I am not happy with this...

I want to be happy. I am not happy with this monstrosity of a body. Scheduled to have a tummy tuck liposculpture and fat grafting with Dr Duran. If anyone is going around this time leave your number in my inbox =)

Took my measurements today =X Around my breasts...

Took my measurements today =X

Around my breasts without a bra 41"
Smallest part of my waist is 33"
Around my belly button is 37"
Butt and hips is 44"

What I would ecstatic to have after surgery?

Around my breast 38"
Smallest part of my waist 28"
Around my belly button? I don't really know, I'll be happy as long as my tummy is flat.
Butt and hips 48"


So someone posted on here that 3 women have died at the hands of Duran because of a bacteria that spread through Cipla, also the reason it was shut down. I can't risk my life. Surgery canceled.

Women who died were NOT Duran's patients.

Cipla was closed because of health violations. The staff was not complying with health code requirements therefore they were shut down. Three women did die. here is an article posted in a Dominican paper to verify

This is just scary. I just can't do it =( . May God bless all you ladies. You're already beautiful and if you still go forward with any procedure, I hope God sees you through safe and sound. Good luck loves.


So as of right now I'm looking to get scheduled to have surgery with Duran on April 18. After getting her side of things I'm 100% comfortable again. Duran Doll 2014 =)

Duran Duran

Do I'm scheduled for April 2014 with my best friend who decided to go through with this surgery as well. Currently trying out Phentermine to try and lose about 30 lbs by the time I go see Duran. I'm currently 200lbs looking to go down to 165-170. Duran sure has been putting out some beautiful barbies!

Can't wait!

I recently had a pregnancy scare! That would be totally bad timing! I'm also up to 205lbs. =( I should be starting Phentermine on Saturday. Finally found a clinic by me. I posted a picture of myself and what I hope to look like after Duran gets her hands on me. For the girls that have asked, I talk to her on Facebook, her email address is I also posted a picture of some info she posted on her FB page. If you can, find her on FB, she posts tons of patient pictures. Have a good weekend dolls =)

Durans Facebook

Quick Update

Hey Girls! I'm about 2 and a half months away from my sx with Duran. All in all I'm really excited and can't wait to go. I've been having nervous spells about something possibly going wrong but I think everyone goes through that. I started my iron and other vitamins today. I'm anemic and getting my hemoglobin up to 12 is definitely a concern. From here to my date I just have to be dedicated. I'll post some info I found about how to get your levels up. I ordered my medical supplies from Amazon and now I'm just looking for compression socks and lipo foam. Me and my BFF (also my surgery buddy) are staying at the perfect stay condo in la zona colonial, we hired Jose Brito as our driver and Zara as our nurse/cook/masseuse. I think we have all our bases covered, I've just been wondering how much money to take with me. I'm beyond anxious! Duran has certainly been making goddesses lately. Hope to see you ladies around!


For my fellow dolls without insurance, I found and they charge $29 for complete a CBC count without a doctors visit! Yes $29! I'll update on how that goes. I've decided that since I do have sickle cell trait and my hemo is usually on the anemic side, I'm going to take 2 65mg tablets of feosol a day with orange juice on an empty stomach for a month and then 3 tablets a day the month before surgery. One of my biggest fears is going and being told my hemo is too low after I've invested all this time and money. Take care loves =)

62 Days to go!

I've started packing my bag! I'm waiting on a few items like the lipo foam and board to finish packing. It's getting real ladies!!! Here's a list of what I'm taking:

Duran Sx List!

Extra strength Tylenol
Arnica Tablets & Gel
Vitamin C
Super B Complex
Large gauze pads
Surgical tape
Dial soap
Long sanitary pads
Alcohol pads
Lipo Foam
Lipo board
P-Ez Funnel
Knee high compression socks
White tees
Granny panties
Summers Eve wipes


Fat! 55 days left!

Woke up fat as ever!!! I'm 212 lbs! I have to be a maximum of 204 to have surgery with Duran. Duran won't operate on you if your BMI is over 35. Going to start eating better right now. I don't want there to be ANY reason that I can control why I can't have surgery. 55 days left!!!

Maybe Robles

Hey girls. So I didn't have surgery with Duran. I am looking into Robles at the moment. I'm currently working on getting my BMI down. I started at 222.4lbs and I'm currently 207.2. I've been using Phentermine for the past 4 weeks. I want to have surgery at about 160 so I have a way to go. I got a quote from Robles (an all inclusive package) for recovery house, tummy tuck, lipo to the back waist, armpits, and bbl for $5200. I think that price is great and I think Robles can get me close to where I want to be without taking as many risks as other doctors IMO. See you ladies around =)
Dra. Yily De Los Santos

I didn't go to Yily or Duran. I am planning on having surgery with Robles. I have not set a date as of yet.

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I tink Robles does a great job on us thicker women, although, I am going in with Duran in 5
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I really think you should stick to Duran hun.
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When is your sx date?
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I'm currently working with Robles. I'm planning on September.
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I'm planned for surgery September 18 2014 with Dr. Baez. Pm me is you need a surgery buddy!
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Ladies if any of you knw how to lose weight easy,please share it with me. I'm 203 pds and I need to lose at least 20 pds so my BMI can be below 35.... HELP PLEASE
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Drink vega meal replacement shakes twice a day (whole foods sells it.) ONLY EAT BREAKFAST OR DINNER AS A SOLID MEAL. No snacking on anything besides veggies and fruit (not too much fruit though) Personally, I have a current BMI of 34, it needs to be less within 3 weeks for my sx! Im replacing breakfast and lunch, then having a dinner no more than 600 calories! I dropped 15lbs in a month this way=)
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Ladies I spoke to Duran this morning,and now I'm waiting on my email for my quote... Call at 8am
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Ladies, going to a third world country just to save a few thousand thousand dollars is simply not worth it. If you " google" cheap cosmetic surgery in the DR, it will be an eye opener. It's on the same island as HAITI, it's not even safe to consume the drinking water. That alone should be a HUGE red flag. Best to you/us all!
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Did you decide to not go?
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I have been stalking this post and re-reading through everything. I live in LA where surgery is SUPER expensive and they don't have the experience working on AA women like they do in DR. I have been wanting to get this done FOREVER! I'm so scared to do it, eventhough I had 2 csect and a partial hysterectomy. I heard about the deaths and then I immediately thought NO WAY. But then common sense kicks in and I think about the people that have died here (example: Kanye West mom), but gets buried/covered up. I really want to become a Duran Doll, but I need some encouragement!
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I'm sorry but I can't encourage you to go to DR. A girl I met in the FB surgery groups and became good friends with with to Duran and caught a horrible infection. Doctors in the US had to undo her tummy tuck and told her Duran had not used sterilized equipment and se left behind some blood she was supposed to clean out before she closed her back up. That blood started rotting and became infected. I don't think any of these DR doctors give a damn about your life. At least not at CIPLA.
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Thanks for the info. I guess I need to save up $ and get it done here in LA, which is like double the cost, but it's not worth my LIFE!
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....I mean having the surgery in DR is not worth my life. Thx!
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I feel the same way as u☝
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Yes save the money. It's tempting and you know what they say about temptation.
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What i have realized is here in the states there are guidelines they go by example when doing lipo they only can take out so much and a lot of these chicks and have multiple surgeries at once no dr here is going to do that and risk their license i was once on that bandwagon and decided to stay pu. All i want is a tummy tuck the rest of my body ill work on my own good luck
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Everybody is different!! Don't go to DR lying about your health (YES IM HEALTHY DOCTOR! NO CHICK... YOU HAVE sICKLE CELL/ HEART MERMMA ETC) loose weight before you go, have money for your blood transfusion, take your vitamins before surgery, KEEP IT 6,000 like the price your paying and you won't have problems. It's been two weeks since my surgery!!! I can't wait until I heal and go back to work Monday. #teamyily
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You're super hype for no reason. Bye Felicia.
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Go tuck your face. Nobody asked for your input.
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What does that even mean?! THIS IS MY REVIEW PYSCHO!
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I just saw your post. You cancel. Good for you.
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