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Yily did her thing.... But the recovery part...

Yily did her thing.... But the recovery part omggggggg is the worst so uncomfortable... But beauty is pain and the structure that Yily gave me is everything!!!!! I didn't do a recovery house and that was stupid.....I stayed at a Hotel which was stupid a recovery house is a must...but my best friend was with me so I was good and I hired a nurse...
The day of my surgery was suppose to be June 4th but the stupid nurse who u go down stairs to see lied to Yily and told her my blood pressure was high and she sent me home with meds!!! But the whole time I'm on the 4th floor waiting on Yily and this same nurse told me she was coming...I wanted to punch her in the face but Yily left because she had no patients that day and thought I left back to the hotel. So I did my surgery the following day I got lipo bbl and fat grafting to my hips....and she did me good......a different body I love it... The blue pill they give you is tricky last thing I remember is me talking shit to my best friend and then I woke up back in the room later that night with a new body....I think I woke up in the middle of the surgery because I felt pain but then I was out again. Anyways I'm out....


Hi doll, hope you're healing well.
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Thanks so much for sharing! Do you happen to have any before/after pics?
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Congrats & yes that blue pill is no joke..lol. I woke up long enough to various on the table & that was it!
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Very sweet

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