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Finally after looking for about 3 years on this...

Finally after looking for about 3 years on this surgery, I am mentally and financially ready for the surgery!! I emailed and researched dr's in tijuana but was skeptical because of the city. All my friends and family were against me going to tijuana. I wanted to go to Dr.Pantoja and received a quote from him for a bbl, he suggested that I have a tt as well but being 22 with no children i didnt want to have a tt. All the Dr's in tijuana stated that in order to have a flat stomach i would need to have a tt. After more reasearch I came across dr. Yily. I am so excited that I found her because of her amazing sculptinhg skills!! She is also a lot cheaper than the dr's in TJ! She took a little longer to respond, but with my heart set on her, I was patient. I finally got a quote of $3400 for BBL with lipo everywhere. I am so excited, now I just need to find out where I am going to stay, make my deposit , and make sure that she is back from maternity leave for my surgery!! I wont be able to stay with more than 8 days in the DR, hopefully that would be ok. Any suggestions on what to bring, or how to go about finding somewhere to stay, I would like to stay in a recovery home, or a hotel with a nurse to hire!!! please let me know if you have any information that could be helpful to me I would really appreciate it!

MArch 4 2014!?

SO I finally am positive that I want to have this surgery in March. Are there any other girls that are looking to go around that time?! I am traveling alone from Las Vegas and all the flights to DR are 9 hours long and have a lay over at JFK! I have emailed Angie's silhouette but I am also looking into upscalerh but not sure because they have not opened up yet. I am so anxious to hear from Dr. Yily to confirm my date!!! AHH!!!

Dr Duran

So after going back and forth I have decided I want to go with dr Duran!! But I have been emailing her since januRary and called a few times but I haven't gotten an answer back!! I would really like to have my surgery done by Duran but I just can't get a hold of her! Any suggestions ?

Contacting dr.duran

So I have been trying to contact dr.duran since januRary. I have emailed her almost every other day and today I finally got a hold of one of the girls at Cipla. Everyone told me to call including Angie from silhouette recovery. After I finally got a hold of the an d stayed up all night they told me that Duran has to email me a quite in order for me to set a date for surgery and put a deposit. I'm not sure what to do because I really have my heart set on Duran but she will not contact me !! I even sent the emails in Spanish no I have not gotten a response . Help!!


So I finally got a hold of dr. Duran!! I am so excited !! So I have gotten a quote for $3800 and she wants me to lose 20 lbs!! She quoted me $5800 for bbl lip and bl( which I think is really high) so I'm goin to do just the bbl and lipo!

I set my sugery date for September 2,2014 only 7 months away!!!!! I will be leaving on August 31 to arrive September 1! Anyone else going around this time want to room mate or buddy up with me please let me know!

I'm so excited !! I have to go to my dr. To send her my hemo level and I'm not sure what medicine that she said I needed for post op because it was in Spanish. I'm hoping I can get it from my dr here and maybe just take it over there!! I'm thinking about stayin at Angie's silhouette or I heard about a new place called daisys rh and the pictures looked really nice !!

Any advice from this point would be appreciated! I'm so excited to start my journey!! For those of you trying to contact duran don't give up!! It took me 2 months and no sleep to contact her ! Apparently she not replies to emails on the weekends so that's your best bet!

Real recovery armonia RH

So I was under the impression that it was $85/ night for a single and $65 a night if you bring a buddy. I just got a message that says otherwise !!
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Massage with Ultra Sound for Abdominoplasty and Liposuction treatment.
Pain Management Services
Anti-stress massages.
24 hour security
Transportation to medical appointments
Airport transportation (optional)
And more ...
It is able to offer YOU the care, respect and recovery Security That
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You Can Be Sure - We Have A Commitment To Excellence In regard to the level of care that offer.
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Radio Alarm
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DOUBLE ROOM FULL EQUIPPED WITH EVERYTHING INCLUDED 85 DOLLARS IN NIGHT, triple room 75 dollars per night EQUIPPED FULL. RESERVE WITH TIME... THANK YOU, Companions who are not going to run $ 50/night, 50 dollar deposit to secure the room
Visit us in facebook
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full name:
phone number:
Doctor's name:
name of the clinic:
type of surgery:
Agreed amount:
room types:
time and flight number;
time of your stay:
a week before coming to the country please send an email re-confirming, Previous dates mentioned.
thank you for choosing our work is the basis of experience and gratitude


So i was reading some reviews and i found out that you have to have a citibank account in order to make the deposit for Duran, I messaged her on facebook and asked if i would be able to put down the full amount since i don't want to carry that much cash on me and i will be traveling alone and she said only to deposit $250.

I am still looking for a buddy for Sept 2 surgery!! I am leaving on AUg 31,2014 and sx date is the 2nd of september I will be leaving on Sept 9! I am not sure of which RH to stay at!!!
#1 on my list is recovery armonia and angies silhouette
I realkly like how the healing haven looks but the prices are all seperate.

I will be putting my deposit down on monday!!! woo i cant wait! I'll probably start looking at supplies now!!!

Getting a hold of Duran, Advice

Dr.Duran is so busy with surgeries she usually answers really early in the morning or on the weekends. Im guessing she uses sundays to reply to messages because thats when i got to conversate with her via whatsapp and facebook, but she is faster at responding through facebook. I tried for 2 months and i was set on duran being my doctor so i kept trying!! but i never got a response via email! Also, Don't waste your time calling them without a quote all they will tell you is to wait for the doctor to respond. She likes to respond personally because she wants it to be like a consultation. Personally i would not pay anyone to try and get a hold of her I would just keep trying through facebook and whatsapp!!!

Deposit info

So here's some information I had to find out on my own. Although dr duran says to go to citibank, even if you have an account there they will charge you $40 to transfer the money.

I only found out afterwards that you can actually send from Wells Fargo for only 8.50 or $6.00 if you have an account there. But whatever. The citibank teller was really getting on my Nervs because she was wayyy too nosey. But anyways I got my deposit in !!! Yay me! And my surgery date is set for September !!! I wish I could I go sooner! But I think September is just enough time for me :)

I called to see anyways and they told me to call back so I did and I had a scare they said that I didn't have my name in the books and I would have to wait until after September 30! I was like um no I have te messages from dr duran for sept 2! So finally she found my name!! I'll take sept 2 over the 30th!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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I am hoping for Sept 3 Elizabeth said it was open but like you said I have to get a quote first. I have been trying on goggle+ I guess I will try facebook. I was thinking about going with bella vita.
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Lol London to miami...on to DR...dread the return journey!!
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Where are you flying from??
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Las Vegas u
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Hi there, I'm going to DR on the 31st of august and having surgery on the 2nd of September. ..let me know if you are still going then...be good to hear from you.
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Those are the dates that I am going as well !
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Hey girly, I live in Vegas and Im going to Duran also. I'm hoping to go in July so I'm going to use Bella Vita. Have you booked your plane ticket yet?
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HEY! I am booked for September. WHen I called to try and move my date up she is booked until september 30. I havent purchased my plane ticket yet
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They can help if you go through Bella Vita.
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I spoke directly to dr duran and her office and they said they were fully booked so I would call after confirming your appointment with Bella vita !
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Ok, Thank you!
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How is planning going ?
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Welcome and good luck :) I'll be getting my BBL done with Dra. Yily in (OMG!! Count them...) 17 days!!!! I wish you luck.  I'm staying at the RH that Dra. Yily recommended (Angie's Silhouette RH). She does not have a website but I can send you her email if you are interested in contacting her for her availability and rates.
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THank you so much for all ur information!! your time is almost here!
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I know!! 2 weeks from today and I'll be under the knife!!! Getting nervous!!
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im going april and looking to stay at upscalerh.com too
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Im going to yily in January and im staying at upscalerh.com ;) hope that helps girl
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Thats the one I was looking into as well!! I have heard good reviews on angie's place and heard they are reasonable. @ miss_new_booty, thanks for that info ill definetly look them up as well
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No prob girlie ;) when I finish my surgery in January ill give u the 411
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thank you!! i looked it up I will look at the reviews once they open! let me know how it is!
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