Yily Doll.....BBL w/ tiny waist by Dra. Yily de Los Santos....PICS, PICS, PICS

My details: Age 37 (looking like 25), 5'2" ,...

My details: Age 37 (looking like 25), 5'2" , 135lbs

Surgery date - Feb 2, 2013

Flew in on Feb 1st. Went straight to the CIPLA clinic. Had my bloodwork done, chest xray and EKG. Yes they take precautions in DR that they do not take in the US. I feel safe having surgery in DR. Result all checked out. Went back to my hotel (Jaragua). Slept well. Got up at 5:00 am,showered and headed back to CIPLA for my surgery. The Dr came in to see me. She marked my body and gave me a blue pill to relax me.

A few mins later, off to surgery I went. About 2-3 hours later I was transformed!! Immediately my waist was TINY, and I mean TINY!! I did not feel any pain in my breast, ever!! My body was sore and I had minor brusing in my thighs. The most pain I had was on my back, the sides of my back. Moderate pain due to the lipo. I did not need pain killers not advil, motrin, etc. I just slept thru it.

The next day I was wiped down and dressed to go to my hotel. I choose to stay at a hotel and brought a friend to help take care of me. Best decision ever.

Thursday I went back to CIPLA for my follow up. Had my drain removed. I went back to my hotel, packed and flew home to NJ.

2 1/2 months post op.....loving my results. I have so many girls going to Dr. Yily based off of my results. If you want to see pics leave me your email address and I will share.

Team Yily all day!!!

Hey Hun! So glad to see yor recovering well and loving your results! I plan on going to the DR for my surgery too so I would love to see your post op pics! Email is tabiibabyy@me.com
Hi! I'm glad to hear you have had great results! Can you send me pics please? I'm 5'2 as well but I'm 150 I want to lose weight before bc I'm worried ill be to chunky for the look I want! I want to be around 135-140 so I would love to see your outcome! Happy healing! Brabbitmuah@aol.com
Hey, Gurl... I'm very happy you are happy with Yily... Thanks for sharing... I sent you a pm...

2 1/2 months post Op......I also had a baby 8...

2 1/2 months post Op......I also had a baby 8 months ago :)
How many cc did she put ?
She didnt say. She puts as much as she can. Depends on how much fat she can take out, harvest and how much your body can take. I showed her a wish pic and she said your going to look better than that.....she delivered!
Well you look amazing enjoy that hot body love

I decided to put pics up because there were too...

I decided to put pics up because there were too many emails to respond to. I will be putting up before pics as well. Stay posted.

What to expect the day after your surgery.....you...

What to expect the day after your surgery.....you will be swollen. You will automatically notice how small your waist is, but your booty will look deformed. Almost to the point where you will want to cry. You will feel like you didnt get what you asked for. I felt this way. I was like where is the roundness........i found it 3 weeks later. 5 weeks later I was like DAM I got a fatty!! So be patient, positive and dont cry! It will take a feww weeks for the swelling to go down and your curves to come out :)
I agree!! You look wonderful! I am soooooo looking forward!
Please post before, but you look amazing
Wowww u look amazing!! R u going to post before pics?

Just want to share another part of my experience...

Just want to share another part of my experience for youi ladies. About 2 days after I returned home I started getting massages. After my 2nd massage I noticed I felt fluid dripping in between my cheeks. The hole where the drain tube was had opened up and liquid started coming out. It wasn't blood, it was fluid. All the fluid thay accumulated at your lower back. I had my friend come over and massage my back and help push the fluid down toward the opening. I also had my massuse do the same. After 3 days the majority of the fluid was drained and the hole closed back up. I use Neosporin and Maderma to heal up the wound and fade the mark. Now while this may sound gross, it reallu wasn't bad and I looked forward to draining my back everyday. It helps so much!!
You look amazing.. What are your measurements?
Thank you. I hve no idea. I think pow, pow, pow..lol
Did you have a tummy tuck? Pre op pics please!!!

Hello my beautiful BBL sisters!!! I am still...

Hello my beautiful BBL sisters!!! I am still working on getting pre-op pics up. Please be patient with me............once I got my new bod all those went out the window....lol I asked Yily to send any pics she took of me to me. Hopefully she still has them.
have I told you yet how much I'm hating over here lol you look freaking amazing
lol your too funny!! I hope to be hating on you in the near future :)
why thank you lol

So today is my 3 month post op aniversary!!! So I...

So today is my 3 month post op aniversary!!! So I guess everything I have I get to keep...lol
You look good your results are stunning if I was going to Yily would have definitely be my wish pic :)
Thank you!
Hey girl you the bomb.com can u send me info on how to contact Yily

So I took my measurements with the help of a...

So I took my measurements with the help of a friend...I hope we did this right..lol

36" around my boobies
26" my waist (belly button area)
42" my hips/butt

Aye dios...Im so happy!!!
Did u get a tummy tuck?
I had a tummy tuck in 2001 with Dr. Ivanhoe Baez. He has since retired. Yes 12 years ago and I had a baby last year in 2012 and it remained in tact. I did not get a tummy tuck with Yily.
Luv it omg... Ladies check out my profile and let me no what u think

More Pics 5/16....Team Yily

I'm so in love with Yily's work. Before I had my surgery I was on this site daily like most of you. Im grateful for RS it helped me choose the best doctor for me. I have had surgery in the past but this BBL with Yily is the best surgery I have had hands down. Although others feel Yily has/had an attitude and did not like/love their results.......I have not experienced any of that. She is a great surgeon and MASTER SCULPTOR as you can see from my results. My sis will also be posting her pics soon. She too had a great experience with Yily.

Procedures Yily performed on me.....liposculpture (meaning lipo of the back, side, tummy....how she achieves the tiny waist), lipo of the inner thighs, BBL (fat transfer from liposculpture) and breast lift. I did not get implants from Yily. Her price did not include implants.

I had a tummy tuck in 2001 with Dr. Ivanhoe Baez. He has since retired. Yes 12 years ago and I had a baby last year in 2012 and it remained in tact. I did not get a tummy tuck with Yily.
Can someone answer me this most of,us travel to dr for this surgery and I was wonder how do u sit on the airplane when coming back home os there a special waY ur suppose to sit I,know u cant sit on ur bottom.
I sat the same way I always sit. No boppy, pillow or anything. I had no pain or discomfort.
Ok I asked because soo, many people say that ur not able to sit on ur butt because it will mess everything up because of soo much sitting I am just worried about pain and this,whole sitting thing how long,were u there

5/16 pics

wow! you look amazing! congrats :)
I love the outcome , it's amazing I was starting to loose hope in Yily's ability but you gave me the hope I needed!!! I want to go to her in July or August . How is the surgery center , I've heard bad things about it ? I need as much insight as u can give me , please
The surgery center is okay. I didn't have any issues. I wouldn't stay there passed the 1st night. The recovery portion is not up to par. The place is modern and clean, lots of marble lol. People just hate sometimes. Go with confidence. You will be in good hands.

Almost 5 months post op......NEW PICS

Took these today
How many days did you stay in DR for?
7 days
I can only stay 5 u think that will b a prob?

5 months post op pictures

5 months later I am really enjoying my results. I can wear short shorts, minis and maxi dresses that cling to my curves. These pics really don't show how big my butt is. In person my waist to hip ratio is crazy. Women ask me daily how I got my waist so small.......lol
Hey Love it's so sweet of you to travel back to the DR with friends/loved ones not mention visit some our RS sista's. I know Dr Yily is excited to see her beautiful doll come back to see her! You keep up that gorgeous body hunti cus you da shit! Fa real..Muah Yily Vet!!!
Yes Yily was happy to see me. I wore the striped green/grey dress i have in my profile pic. She said lots of girls come here with my pic but the fac is cut off so she didnt know it was me. My girl was done yest. She is so happy!! One more girl to go :)
Lol..she Finna put you on her pay roll girl keep em comin..pooda!

In DR with Yily!!

I'm in DR with Yily today 8/10 thru Tues 8/13. If anyone is trying to get in contact with her inbox me and I will pass along the info to her assistant.
You look amazing:)
thank you
You look so hot, you are one of my all time favorite results. I hope Baez can give my results like yours.i need to get a tummy tuck and your my wish result. If you don't mind me asking what are your measurements and bra size??

6 months post op

Took these Aug 14th...just as an fyi I wrote in my blog before that I didn't see my butt results until 8 weeks after my sx. I was swollen and didn't see much of a difference until 2 months later. I'm beyond thrilled with my results! I'm a die hard Yily soldier! I love my curves, they look natural, womanly and not out of place. That's what I wanted so I choose Dra. Yily!
Hey hey mrs flawless i heard u,have ur own recovery house thats what So can o get the info
Yes dear I will PM you the info
Hey, can you pm information about your RH.

More PICS!!! So in love with my Yily curves!!!

As I was getting ready to hit the gym this morning I decided to take a few pics and share with my RS sisters. Im loving my side view projection...Can you say POW POW!!! Thank you Yily!!!
You look great !!!!
OMG you have my name....lizyliz thanks love
wowwy wow wow girl! You look amazing!!! I am sure that a lot of women on here are going to take your pic and take it to their docs and say...I want to look like her!

Booty pics...

One of the community managers sent me an email stating I can not discuss the RH even if you ask me about it via the blog or my inbox. So please dont take it as me ignoring your questions, Im just respecting their policy.
Wow amazing results I'm 9 months po salama and love it I must say yours is the best yall results I've seen
Girl, I can'tn wait. If it wasn't for the fact that she is having a baby and going on maternity leave, I would be there in December instead of the end of January, that is a long time. I will be there until two days before Valentine's Day! You look amazing and I am getting the works, tummy tuck, bbl via fat grafting to the buttocks and lipo of the flanks, armpits, abdomen, full back and waist.....I can't wait!!!!!!

Policy Violation

One of the community managers sent me an email stating I can not discuss the RH even if you ask me about it via the blog or my inbox. So please dont take it as me ignoring your questions, Im just respecting their policy. They will close my blog if I do. I prefer to have the blog and help you ladies than to discuss the RH. If you stay at the RH you are more than welcome to write your review about it :)
Wow so how will we know when its open?
LOL you'll know....

Advice on selecting a surgeon

Hello ladies. Just wanted to share with you ladies you should do your research, select a doctor and stick with your doctor. I have seen one too many times women selecting a surgeon after having done their research then the day before surgery or the morning of surgery switching to another doctor. What is the purpose of researching your doctor to switch to another doctor last minute? I have witnessed at CIPLA assistants of doctors walking through the hallways, talking to the patients of other doctors and bringing those patients to their doctor's office.Not only is that a lack of respect for their profession, it shows what they think about the ladies who go their to have surgeries. You are not a piece of meat that can be handed off to the next doctor to be carved. Each one of you has a personal goal. Who can best meet your goal is up to you to decide. Do your reseach before going anywhere. Any doctor that does not give you the time of day before you show up to their surgery center, DO NOT deserve your business. How can any given doctor be too busy to answer your email request for a price or advice but have time to take you into their office when you show up and have an opening that day.........That is a doctor that is only interested in your money!!! If they do not communicate with your when you are researching to be a surgery candidate, don't communicate with them when you decide to be a patient.

XXOO Stay blessed ladies
I'm going to Duran in April, but she rarely answers her emails. I'm very patient, but it's starting to get to me. I'm very organized and like to have everything in order. So when I'm asking a question like did you receive my deposit I wired to secure my date so I can book my flight, I don't think it should take a week to answer, but meanwhile like you said she has time to go on twitter & instagram. I almost want to change my mind & go to Yily & I never do stuff like that I'm loyal, but this is CRAZY. Anyway hands down you look FABULOUS! How much did you weigh before sx?
Preach! LOL I see tons of girls on here saying the same thing. I actually sent her an email to see if it was true and she never responded...smh I was 140lbs and I weigh that now
Good advice!!!

9 months post op....Booty, booty, booty

Attached are pics I took yesterday with my Blackberry....Yes I said Blackberry lol I refuse to get an iPhone! LOL I found my tablet so I will post better pics this week. Still have my curves and booty is still fluffing...lol
Wow you look amazing!
Greetings can you please check ya inbox sis
Mama, you look AMAZING! I love your body. So fucking hot. I'm making your body my wish pic for sure.

10 Months Post Op.....THANK YOU DRA YILY!!!

So here I am 10 months post op in my birthday outfit. I celebrated my 38th birthday this past weekend!! My BBL is holding steady! Dra. Yily did a fab-u-loussss job on me. I'm not bragging, just loving her work. I don't restrict what I eat, I just eat in moderation. I haven't had much time to hit the gym but when I do I only walk on the treadmill at the highest incline and I do squats. That's it and my shape maintains. I hope all you ladies who are scheduled to have surgery get great results as well. XXOO
Thanks for caring. Dang you are working my future body! :-)
LOL your welcome my RS sisters!!
How many cc's did you get for your bbl?

My Wish Pic

This was the wish pic i showed Yily

What to Pack...

Below are the ESSENTIAL items you should pack. Keep in mind you are having surgery, you will not need a new outfit everyday of the week, especially for the first few days! So adjust this list based on the number of days you will be staying. Remember what ever you pack you will need to bring back. Although you will be all healthy and strong going down for your surgery you wont be coming back. If you pack a 50lb bag like my girl did you will have to bring it back with your tender self!!!

For 7-10 days you will need:

Thick Kotex (to go under your garment)
Baby Wipes (This is what you will bathe with the first few days)
Sports bra that zips in the front especailly of you are having breast surgery
4-5 Loose Pjs w/o pants
5-6 Maxi dresses
Slides or flip flops
Socks (a few pairs and one THICK on for after surgery)
Sweatsuit to travel home in
Personal Hygenie Products

That is all you need! Some ladies take boppies and foam board, I didnt. I was only there a week. You will be home in a few days and that is where you should start your post op care, after the doctor gives you clearance to go home. Then you can use scar cream, maderma, etc.

Happy packing!
Hey hey my sister I thought I check on you too see how you were you r looking great as every happy 38 bday ,,,anyhow yes I got my work done a Yily did her thang ,,,I'm lovin it,,,,thank for your review. You r great many blessing,:)
your my wish pic ;)
Is your quote above accurate & did u just get a breast lift or with implants?

Work Yily Performed on Me...........


Procedures Yily performed on me.....liposculpture (meaning lipo of the back, side, tummy....how she achieves the tiny waist), lipo of the inner thighs, BBL (fat transfer from liposculpture) and breast lift. I did not get implants from Yily. Her price did not include implants.

I had a tummy tuck in 2001 with Dr. Ivanhoe Baez. He has since retired. Yes 12 years ago and I had a baby last year in 2012 and it remained in tact. I did not get a tummy tuck with Yily.
Hello my luv can you give me yilly info..anyone looking to go july 2014?
Opps found it thank u...is she nice and accomodating?
She has always been nice to me. I have read bad reviews about her and I just really cant see how they would write such things. None of my friends or family members have had any issues with her neither.

TT Scar Revision

I'll be in DR Jan 26th thru Feb 1st. Im having my TT scar revised by Yily. I would love to do a review on here for you ladies. I will def keep you guys posted!
Hey Yanique! When do you plan on going? I want to get the aggressive lipo with TT, BBL and thinking about doing my breast also
omg you look great im def using your pics as my wish pics when I go cant wait to hear back from her!
Thank you :)

Pre-Op Pics........Sponge bob Square A$$ LOL

Hello ladies

So I found some of my pre-op pics. Keep in mind these pics were from December. I gain 10 lbs in less than 2 months to have the surgery. So yes I was more square lol. I wish I had that software allowed me to do side by side LOL. Look at my pancake booty and square hips. You can also see my TT scar...its high and crooked. Hoping the Queen (Dra. Yily) can revise it for me.
Hey do you know of any massage locations in ny? I am a Yily patient and got back yesterday.
I received a PM from RS community manager a couple months ago myself about soliciting and it confused the heck out of me! This whole site is full of soliciting!! She went as far to tell me, "I've noticed that you've been sending PM's to the ladies...". So, yes, everything you post down to every period is being viewed. They fail to realize that our reviews are what makes up the Real Self community. Any who, I'm here to help anyone that needs it. And I sure did enjoy reading your review NJPRBeauty. You look amazing hun! Your curves are on point.
I truly appreciate everything njprbeauty has posted, and shared with us. I would love to see her post about her tt scar revision being I will be having a tt my self for the very first time. I'm not quite understanding what was done wrong on her page. I hope you are recovering well from your recent procedure.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Realself and MakeMeHeal

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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