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Hey ladies i been contemplating whether or not i...

Hey ladies i been contemplating whether or not i should make a review here or not. Being a member here for over a year ive seen all the drama that can arise. But fuk it, i feel like this website and you ladies have helped me soo much i want to give back and share my experience.

So im from new york. And I will be traveling from JFK to SDQ on august 4, its an overnight flight, and im returning august 16. (11 days) I am going to get a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dra Duran with fat transfer from my stomach flanks and back. She quoted me $3700. I already sent her the $250 deposit. (FYI Ladies, if you have chase, if you can dont do the wire transfer with them, they charge a $45 fee! Smh) Anyways my surgery is scheduled for August 7, Elizabeth told me to come on the 6th for exams. I am having my boyfriend (of almost 6 years) joining me on this trip. He is very supportive and says hes not nervous at all but well see if hes shitting his pants on the 7th of august LOL! I plan on spending the 5th to enjoy it with him, do a little tourist shopping, enjoy the pool.. The main reason for this extra day is mainly because I know its not good to get surgery right after a flight because of blood clots and the risk of pulmonary embolism.

I plan on staying at real recovery armonia. She charges $85 for a double room and $50 extra per day for a companion. Thats about $1500 for 11 days. But she does have a special going on right now which is $80 for a double room, a free massage and $40 for a companion... I think lol. Which is great! Saves me about $300 bucks.

So far i have everything packed, i got my passport two weeks ago.. Im just missing a couple small things like baby wipes and an extra pack of tank tops. I'll make a list and photo of my supplies in my next post. Everything is kind of just thrown in there at the moment. Lol.

A little more about my health and Me. Im 20 years old. I'll be 21 pretty soon. No kids. Im 5'5 and weighed 164 since my last appointment on june 3rd. My stomach is way bigger than it was a month ago, i been eating more. It doesn't really bother me because 1. My butt is growing with it and 2. More fat for my new booty! heey!! Even though Duran told me not to gain any weight, that it wont ensure better results.. Lol im guessing im something like 170 ish now. Well see.. I I also got my hemo on june 3rd, its 12.9, which is okay not great but not terrible. Since then ive been taking Geritol liquid iron twice a
day. One after lunch and the other after dinner. Ive also been take a mix of vitamins for a couple months now;

Iron 65mg
Blood builder
1000mg vitamin C

Folic acid & B Complex

I just stopped taking my multivitamin in july because it has Vitamin E, which is a no no! I also stopped eating any foods that contains salicylates which are cucumbers, ginger, almonds, grapefruit, grapes, tomatoes, cherries. And of course NO CAFFEINE! So no tea , coffee or soda. There are a couple caffeine free sodas like most orange sodas and some boylan brand sodas which are all natural sodas. I stopped smoking ( maryjane ) two months prior. I do have an appointment on the 27 of july to check my hemo.. Hopefully i get some good news.. Im a little nervous about that ...

Well i guess thats all i have for now, i added some wish pics and some fake before an afters.. Ill take some new before pics this week so you can see the weight gain. All the photos of me in this post i weigh about 150-155 ish. Any questions or comments, feel free! Im here to chat. Bye bye ladies!!

Supply list! 15 more days!!

Heyyy girls! I wanna start off by saying thank you so much for all the positive feedback and well wishes! I love that you ladies are following my journey and Im here to help. I promise to update this and answer all your questions! I just been trying to stay stress free and positive as the days go by and the countdown begins!! I have 15 days until i leave to Dominican Republic!!! I am nervous, exited, scared and anxious all at the same time, it feels so surreal. I counted all my money today and Im ready to go! I am leaving with $6500 cash. I looked at it all and it hit me just a little bit more. This is happening! I can remember like it was yesterday when I was stalking realself, trying to figure out what doctor i wanted to go, whether i really wanted to do this or not, no money saved up.. And here I am.. Im going to go through with this..

Anyways i have a list and some photos of all my supplies. I officially have all my bags packed, im taking one large luggage to check in, weighing in at 70 pounds.. I know under 50 pounds its free to check in. When my boyfriend gets his bag packed, ill try stuff about 20 pounds of shit into his to save me that $100 fee. I am also bringing a carry-on bag, like a weekender, and a personal bag, which is my purse.

In my large luggage I have
• 12 cans pineapple juice
• 15 bottles ensure
• 6 packs baby wipes
• 3 large cans pineapple chunks
• 100 pack alcohol pads
• 2 pcks ouchless tape (tape bandages & gauze pads)
• 30 gauze pads
• vaseline lotion
• about 110 pads ( xtra incase i get my period smh)
• pez
• big bottle hand sanitizer
• bug spray(theres a west nile type virus spreading around DR, dont forgot to bring bug spray ladies!)
• gloves (about 30)
• 40 ct antibacterial wipes
• thermometer
• bandaids (about 50)
• alcohol w/ spray bottle
• hibiclens
• arnica massage oil
• compression socks (my sis bought off duran when she went)
• neosporin
• pepto bismol
• zzz-quil
• 5 sheets lipo foam
• about 30 chux (puppy pads)
• vanilla & chocolate pudding
• apple sauce (14 ct)
• cheese and stix snacks (2pck)
• 2 ct aloe socks
• flip flops
• robe
• boppy pillow
• 7 wash cloths
• 8 packs facial tissues( my allergies be Crazyy)
• toothbrush & toothpaste
• 5 ct granny panties
• amoxicillin
• tylenol w/ codine
•b complex
•vitamin C
• Vitamedica

In my carry on, i have
• deodorant
• brush & comb
• 2 small travel pack antibacterial wipes
• pill organizer
• olay soap (for the boo and the two nights no surgery)
• 12 tank tops
• crocs
• pink tee w/ yoga pants set
• 3 maxi dresses
• 1 navy 3/4 slv midi dress
• 5 sleep dresses
• sweater for the plane ride
• 2x leggings
• white tee
• hair products & makeup

Ive also included some pics of my weight gain. BTW, Does anybody know if real recovery charges extra for rides around the city, or if they do that at all. My sister told me about this place called helado bon. I wanna make a stop there with the boo to get some desert, pick up a few bottles of Hennessy white... Lol. I guess ill have to email Mayra this week to see what she says about that. ...

Again its nice to have some support and women to talk to that are on the same page and position as me! Until next time Toodles ladies! Xoxo =**
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She seems a little difficult to get in contact with but I've been persistent and was able to get the ball rolling. I feel as if she is a great doctor and I can trust her in taking care of me, my health and into giving me the body and the results I want. I know her aftercare is better than others doctors in cipla and I appreciate that.. More info to come after I actually meet her!

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OMG girl I feel the same way I got 16 days.the days seem to be flying by I can't wait to be a Duran doll
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So excited 4 u n keeping u in my prayers. Thx 4 sharing ur journey n that breakdown of everything ur taking is sooo helpful. I keep hearing how uncomfortable having 2 lay on ur stomach is & i saw something on CubanBooty's list yhat looks like it wud make things much easier called a Bobby (maybe she meant Boppy) custom body pillow made 4 u 2 tailor 2 exactly what feels good 2 u, & 4 sitting on ur thighs this portable folding sling seat...damn can't figure out jow 2 upload pics 2 my comment--any1 know?
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Hey girl no problem! I always see supply list but i never see how much of each item to bring and thats important too! I googled that pillow its $55 on babies r us.. Here is the link: http://m.toysrus.com/skava/static/product.html?type=TRU_product_us&url=%2Fproduct%2Findex.jsp%3FproductId%3D17356086&domain=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.toysrus.com .. Heres a link to the regular boppy most girls (including me) have.. It ranges from $30-$40 depending where u get it http://m.toysrus.com/skava/static/product.html?type=TRU_product_us&url=%2Fproduct%2Findex.jsp%3FproductId%3D29197436%26cp%3D2255957.2273447.11302014%26parentPage%3Dfamily&domain=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.toysrus.com
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That's exactly the ! Hope it feels as good as it looks. U've helped me more than u cud know. I think ur doing the smart thing by going well-stocked w/ur "army" cuz i get a feeling if u need stuff once ur there the cost is off the hook. I'll be lookin out 4 ur progress n hopefully i'll have some good news 2 share 2 :) Sending u positive vibes.
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It looks like you are well prepare for DR..! Best wishes..!!
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I hope i am! I feel as if i might be overpacking but hey better safe then sorry right!
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Lol, your bringing USA army to DR..!
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Well done, congrats..!
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Soooooo Excited for you!!!!! Best wishes!
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Good luck ma I'll b cheering you on
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They are great
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Good luck
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Updates? =)
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Where are you getting that info of recovery armonia at? On fb?
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Yeah. Heres the link to their fb https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=184685655025856
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I'm glad I caught this before you went.. That is not real recovery armonia. It is another recovery house pretending to be armonia. Please do not go there. They are not good people and does not take care of post op patients right
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You will see me talk about this on my page. The only way to contact armonia is to message them thru realrecoveryarmonia.com
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Are you serious? I hope this is not true, can you send me the link to the real one? Omg I already sent her the deposit and errthing smh
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Hey. Girl thanks for letting me know about the recovery house! I am trying to find the correct one and the link you mentioned, realrecoveryarmonia.com, does not exist, im trying to put it in my browser and nothing is coming up.. I googled it and found www.recoveryarmonia.com.. ... Is that it? Oh god now im panicking.. Im leaving in two weeks i hope they have room for me
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Oops sorry, yeah it's recoveryarmonia.com. I forgot they changed their website and yes it's true! I found out 2wks before I left too! Once you go on that website you click on reservation and go on from there or click contact us if you have any questions. If you need to ask questions then you can contact jazzelyn from bellavita(I have the info on my page) there shouldn't be any charge since you're just asking a question of concern. There is a $100 deposit. I'm sorry you already put your deposit with the other recovery house but I read some reviews on realself about ladies going there thinking they were at the real armonia and they had terrible experiences. If you need any more help lmk
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How did you get in contact with her?
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Hey ComplexThinker, 1st i thought maybe the reach #'s i'd posted were wrong (my experience is sometimes u get thru, sometimes u don't--it's crazy like that) but turns out they're rite so here goes: (809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212. PrettyMixedBooty had suggested calling early--like 7AM--& i hot thru today that way. Got 1 of her assistants (but if u don't speak Spanish u shud ask 4 Elizabeth) & again was told 2 give them a wk from when u send ur pics & what u want done 4 a response. I sent mine end of last wk so still w8ing while i research others anyway. If u wanna get a jump on it send ur email asap 2 both of the following emails: hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com & hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com. Hope this helps & best of luck!
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Oh crap, you're getting surgery done on my birthday!!!
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