Cinderella for 2 Months, then Back to the Pumpkin

Thanks for hearing my story: I've not been able to...

Thanks for hearing my story: I've not been able to air my disappointments because I cannot hurt my husband after the hard-earned money we put into my selfish dream did not pan out (although I'm certain he has noticed but is too kind to mention). Just like all of you reading this, I used to look in the mirror and lift my sagging jowls and neck up and think how wonderful it would be to wave the magic wand, and... along comes LifeStyle...sign me up! First visit: posh waiting area and consulting room, tentative PRE-op staff, I felt totally pampered. I was assured that my good skin made me a great candidate for a successful and long-lasting fix. Day of surgery: once past the front room (and charge card signing) the story changed. Dirty floors, stacks of red plastic bags marked "human biotoxic waste"(yuck, FAT!!) in plain view piled high in corners, yawning unpersonable staff. The young surgeon was the exception, both personable and exuding confidence. Little did I know I'd never see him again. Next visits I was roughly treated by newly graduated med assistants yanking out stitches and "evacuating" fluids with a big syringe. No more details to report, but the sad sum of it all: IT DIDN'T LAST. I looked great for two months, then the skin suddenly slackened and jowls and neck look pretty much like pre-op. I'm sure by the 7-month mark there will be no signs of my 2 months of glory. Moral of the story: save your money for a real facelift and do not allow yourself to be sold out to a quick-fix, impersonal, assembly-line procedure like this. Thanks for listening.
I agree, looked good for a few months then I had a sharp pop in my right ear and by next morning, my face fell. Dr said I "expected too much" what a waste of time pain and $$

Dear ladies, I am so sorry that you had this awful experience with this procedure. I made an appointment with the Huntersville NC office and decided to do some internet research first. I was shocked to discover that women around the world that has had this procedure are just like you, With terrible results!. How do we stop this madness. We must go to the press and shout with our voices all the way to the White House if we have too. The commercials make me sick now. We can start a movement spread this email...*****@******.com my name is L M, We can start a Internet petition

Hi LM, I had a Lifestyle Lift in July, 2013 which cost me $13,197.00. I am left with the same sagging jowls and neck. This was a very painful surgery, which has also left me with permanent nerve damage around the frame of my face and up into my hairline. My cheeks still burn/itch/sting. I have contacted the company corporate office and am being ignored. We must hold Lifestyle Lift accountable for what they did to us. Please file a complaint with the BBB in Utah and contact your state's Attorney General's office and ask them to investigate for false and misleading information. NY and FL both filed law suits and we each awarded $300,000. Also, contact an attorney who deals with plastic surgery damage. Please take action on the viral media also. Gloria R
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