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I am a 36 year old mother of 22 month old twins. I...

I am a 36 year old mother of 22 month old twins. I honestly still look as though I am 6 months pregnant and have had comments stating such. "Oh, bless your heart, you're having another" or "Now I know you aren't in line for a beer". That's my favorite one because it's quite obvious I'm not pregnant if I am drinking alcohol. Plus, I really can't wear a T-shirt during the summer months and with it arriving soon...well, I want to wear a T-shirt!!!

Regardless, I have waited almost two years for my stomach to go away and nothing. It hasn't budged in a year and a half. I went to see my OB in October, who told me it will probably never go away, so after some discussion with my husband I decided to go for it. Now that I am two weeks and counting I am so nervous. I know the end result is well worth it, but I am just so afraid of something happening to me on the operating table. Reading a lot of these posts have calmed my nerves some and talking to my doctor also helped, but I'm not going to lie, I'm still scared. I almost want it to be tomorrow, so I can just get it over with. I think the anticipation is worse than the actual surgery.....maybe.

Well, thanks for listening.....

Wow Im so glad u both are doin so well. I am also doing grreat. I am now nine days post op. My Dr is on his way to take out the drain tube. I only haf one. I have been showering myself since the third day. My first shower in the hospital was the best. It was one of the best showers ever even though I was sitting on a shower chair and looked horrible. Lol. I will be flying back home tomorrow! Thank goodness. I miss my boys 3 1/2, 10, 12. I cant wait to see them and the flight is only one hour and twenty min. Not to bad. I have been walking 20 to 30 min a day going slow! Dr says its good for the circulation. Good luck ladies.
hey how are you doing? tomorrow will be 2 weeks since surgery! i feel awesome got my 2nd (and last) drain out this morning and tomorrow i can shower!! whhoo hoo LOL spongebathing for 2 weeks hasnt been so fun i feel icky. im so happy with my TT so far been able to walk around this is my first day on my own....first week i had hubby then last week i was with my sister...im doing fine so far while hubby is at work. i have 2 kids 19 months and 3 yr old so they are a handful lol im sure you know how that is but i think i can do it. i make them hop up on the couch for diaper changes so theres no lifting and they can climb into their own beds for bedtime. its nice that my 3 yr old is finally potty trained! and he is such a good helper too.
Hey!!! So sorry, I just saw this. I am 24 days Post op and feeling pretty good. I do still tire easily, but that's about it. My swelling is minimal, but I'm still not able to fit into my regular clothes. I can wear my larger pants, but that's about it. Plus, I'm much more comfortable in sweat pants. Oh...I was so happy to have my drain removed! I felt tons better after that!

I have two kids, who are 22 months. They are a handful, but have both been sick for two weeks. We sent them to day care and my son came home with a stomach flu and my daughter with a cold and a temperature. Now they both have ear infections. It has been one heck of a time with that. I will be happy when they are feeling better and I can finally lift them. I am able to get them in and out of bed with a chair and lowering their crib rail. I do the same for diaper changes, make them get up on the couch.

How are you doing, now that 10 days have passed since this post? :()) Hope you are well!!!
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