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Here I Come Flat Side :) - Cincinnati, OH

Thank you all for the wonderful reviews and info...

Thank you all for the wonderful reviews and info about this procedure. I have been thinking about doing this for years but due to several different factors I never thought it was the right time. Well now, it's time!!!!!! I am 33 years old, turning 34 in 3 weeks, and think this will be the best bday gift I could ever give myself. My husband and I have an amazing marriage but we fight often about my looks and how "fat" I think I am. This will finally solve those problems and I see us becoming closer than ever after my TT. I have 2 kids, 10 year old and 9year old. I am really nervous about the pain and recovery but feel like I have several friends and family that will help me.

My surgery date is fast approaching and thinking that anymore advice you all could give me, would be much appreciated! Thanks again.


You're going to love it! I'm 6 days post op and just love it! I still have lots of swelling and have already said if nothing else goes down I love the new me!! You'll be happy, just be super patient!!
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Thanks so much for the boost of confidence. Congrats on the new u! I am just concerned that I will not look any different and will still be a FAT blob with extra skin! Ughhh
A month would be perfect!
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Paid first deposit for surgery today!!!

Wow, this is all feeling very real now! I am really excited but nervous. What if I still look the same and nothing is different? I am really concerned about what I will look like. Too nervous to post picture.


I just had my 5 days ago and was so nervous about the pain part but it turns out pain is very minimal. The worst was the nausea from anesthesia so make sure they give you anti nausea meds. You gonna love your new body...I feel like this whole process is a dream come true!
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I'm scheduled for TT in Oct. I need your strength to get me through mine. :-). You're gonna look great!
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Hi Tina! You're going to be beautiful! I'm scheduled 10 days after you ;) we can celebrated together! When I Stratton getting discouraged, I look at my old pictures and say "wow, you've come a long way, babe!" Lol. Don't look at the negatives- focus on the good, the beautiful, the things that make you happy. We al have things we don't like- but there's so much to! Sometimes I just have to look t my pretty pink toes and say"toes, you are rocking today! " You are going to be amazing! Keep us up on how you are! Good luck!
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