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As most of you reading this, I have been...

As most of you reading this, I have been overweight most of my life; and like most of you, I have lost hundreds of pounds during my life. BUT, like most of you, I'm tired of it!!! I have COPD, lymphadema in my leg and foot, high BP and high cholesterol, and minor thyroid problems. My daughter had been suggesting that I have weight loss surgery for several years, but I was of the mindset that I could do it on my own. Well...I now admit that I can't. I've been researching the various types of bariatric surgeries available to me. I had my first appointment with my doctor on March 12. I went in thinking of having the lap-band surgery. After my consult with the surgeon, the phychiatrist, and the nutritionist, I am leaning more towards the sleeve procedure. I weighed 262.8 (I'm only 5' tall), with a BMI of 50. I have to be on a 90 day 'supervised diet' prior to surgery (insurance requirement). They wanted me to get down to 250 prior to surgery. On my second appointment on April 18, I was down to 250.0!!! They were VERY pleased with my progress. Now however, they have set a goal of 235 before surgery. I am really struggling with this. I have been at a plateau of 246/247 for over 3 weeks now. I haven't changed my eating habits, and have started walking. To say I am frustrated, would be an understatement. I have my next appointment on May 16. I'm trying not to get too discouraged, but it is hard. We will see what I can do in this last week before the appointment. I really enjoy reading everyone's personal struggles and victories! It does help to read that what I'm going through is normal.


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your weight loss and your next appointment. Have you started keeping a food diary of everything you eat and drink in a da? Weight loss is really just math, calories used have to be more than calories taken in. If you can start keeping a diary of everything you're eating/drinking, you can see where you need to make changes, to lose the required amount before surgery.

It's hard, I know from experience, but you can do it! We'll all support you. :-)
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Kirsty, Yes, my doctor gave me a Personal DietMinder. I just made my entry for Day 60. I've been keeping a pretty good record so far. We'll see what happens on Friday. Thanks!!
Congratulations on your decision and your weight loss so far! I was not at the weight they wanted me to be pre-surgery either but I had followed their diet to the letter and when the day came I was good to go. Try not to stress, just do the things you are supposed to do, stress just makes your body resistant to losing. How exciting to be so close! This truly will change your life. I also could not go through losing one more time just to gain it back. It was either stay overweight or do something drastic. Turned out to be the best decision ever, wish I had done it 20 years ago!
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#2 of 3 Pre-op visits

I had my 3rd visit this morning with the doctor and the dietician. I had lost an additional 6.5 pounds, for a total of 19.3 pounds in 2 months!!! They were very happy with my progress. I was really hoping to make the 20 pound mark, but fell short. I asked my doctor about several things and I thought I would share his views on them. I asked if he did a 'leak-test'...he said he doesn't. He said the chance of a leak is during the first 5 weeks or so. He said that if I were to start running a fever or have severe pain, then they would look into doing one. I asked him if he put in a drain...he does not. I also asked about the Lovenox shots after surgery to prevent blood clots. He said "NO"...and I am VERY happy about that. He said since I will be up and about the day of surgery, the chances of blood clots are slim.

Now my neighbor AND my son are trying to talk me out of having the surgery. They feel that since I have done so well on my own, that I should just continue on as I am doing. I will admit...I am starting to second guess myself on this. I mean, I DO love my food, and I AM 58 years old. Do I REALLY want to put myself through this??? I'm really going to have to do some soul searching about this. I have at least 2 more months to decide. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?


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Got some good news from my DR today!!!

The dietician called to let me know that my family doctor STILL has not forwarded the requested records. She told me that insurance requires 2 years of recorded weights... I only have to provide one office visit from 2012 and one from 2013 that show how much I weighed. She said once she gets that info, she will forward to my insurance for approval. I told her that I still needed 30 more days of 'supervised diet'. She said that this was a loophole they could use...they are counting my 90 days from the date of my first appointment, so technically, I guess I have made my mandatory 90 days!!!! WOOHOO!!! Now hopefully, my surgery date will be sometime in late July or early August!!! I'm starting to get excited!!! I'm personally going to my doctor's office tomorrow morning and watch while they actually fax the info to my surgeon.

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I got notice in the mail today that my insurance has approved my surgery!!! I will call the doctor's office on Monday to schedule my surgery. They say that they are scheduling 4-6 weeks out, so with any luck, I will have mine before the end of July! I am soooo excited.

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I just got my surgery date...Monday August 4th!!! I know it's still 7 weeks out, but at least I have a date. I'm so excited, but scared...just like most are. I have my EG scheduled for July 9, and my Nutrition Class for July 14. I guess it's now becoming a reality!


Congrats on getting your surgery date, it will be here before you know it! When do you start your pre-op, liquid diet?
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I believe I start my pre-op diet on July 21, since my surgery is August 4. My 2 weeks will consist of Medifast meals, which I am not very happy with. Not only are they expensive, but they don't have much that I will even eat. I will probably tend to go more towards liquid if I think I can get away with it. LOL
I didn't do medifast, although every doctor is different. I was on an all liquid diet for 3 weeks pre-op. I had clear broth, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles and protein shakes. Some doctors let you have things like yogurts and blended soups, it can't hurt to ask! :-)

First Test Done!

Well, I had my EDG scope today. They did find a small hiatal hernia, which they said they will fix when they do the sleeve. He also told me to start taking Prilosec OTC from now until surgery. Our fellow 'blogger', Jen Casto was right behind me. Wishing her the best of luck on her journey too. One of the nurses spent some time talking to me, and it helped. She had the lap band done 7 years ago, but developed 'some problems', so she had the fluid removed. She immediately gained 30 pounds back. She still has her band, and is trying to lose the weight on her own before she decides what to do. She explained to me what I will be feeling after surgery. I guess the fears that I am having are normal. Her talk definitely put me more at ease.


Not long now, are you all prepared for the big day?
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Are you ready for tomorrow??? I'm excited but must admit eating a bit unhealthy today. For all I know tomorrow is the last day for a long time that I can have diet coke!:) I'm so excited. It's getting so close Marta!!:)
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Pre-Op Diet

Well, I made it through Day 2 of my 14 day pre-op diet. This is rough...I'm not going to lie. I'm taking in between 70-95 grams of protein. I've only had 610 calories each day. I know in the long run, this will all be worth it, but right now, I just don't know if I can do it.


My sleeve is scheduled for August 4,2014@ Christ Hispital. Surgery at 9:45 am. Good luck to you, maybe we'll meet sometime!
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2 Days Post-Op

I had my surgery on Monday, August 4. Everything went well, and I came home on Tuesday. I have had no problem drinking, as so many others have reported. Today I managed to get 60 oz protein and 50 oz of water in so far today. I haven't really had any pain...just discomfort from all the gas. It definitely tells you when you take too big of a sip of liquid! Will post more later. Good luck to all of you sleevers coming up!

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2 Weeks Pos-Op

Well, it's been 2 weeks since my sleeve surgery. I have lost 10 pounds! While I wish it was more, I am happy with this! I have COPD. This time last year, I was on home oxygen, hooked up most of the time. I turned my oxygen back to the company in April. Now I am able to walk one mile on the treadmill without stopping! This may not seem like a lot to some, but to me, this is HUGE! I have dropped in my clothing sizes, but continue to wear baggy clothes. I am actually shocked when I put on something like jeans...with a zipper. It's been years that I've lived with elastic waist bands. I will admit, I had a major meltdown last night...was totally frustrated, and wishing (if just for a few minutes), that I hadn't had the surgery. I got it out of my system, and all is good again. :) I was so blessed during my surgery. I had no surgical pain, no incision pain, no nausea or vomiting! GOD is good. This surgery is TOUGH! This is definitely not "the easy way out". I will beat up the next person that tells me that...lol. But, I feel that it also plays head games with us, or maybe just me. Well, I will continue to "stay the course" and do what I am supposed to do. Good luck to all my fellow sleevers, and those preparing to be sleeved. I will post more later. GOD BLESS!!!

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Dr Trace Curry

I haven't had much contact with my surgeon yet, but he does seem to be very competent in his field. The nurses and nutritionist have been fantastic! The staff has answered all my questions and put some of my fears to rest.

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