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I have always had uber sensitive underarms....

I have always had uber sensitive underarms. It's definitely controlled me during warm seasons. I can only shave my underarms once a week or else they will break out in pimple like bumps. During the summer I can't just throw on a tank top, or when I go work out, I have to wear a t shirt most of the time. I can wear a tank top maybe 2 times a week and it has to be very calculated, it has to be the day I shave and the day after only, I also could only wear shirts that were loose in the armpit area until I had atleast 4 days post shaving. Dove sensitive deodorant 1/4 moisterizers was the only kind I could use, even when exercising, it didn't do a great job, but my underarms couldn't handle anything else. One summer I developed a huge boil on my underarm, it was right below the crease, it went all the way from one side to another, and was about the diameter of a quater from top to bottom. It took one week of heat pads to bring it to a head and about 2.5 days to fully drain it. I could not wash my underarms with a loofa for about 4 days after shaving because it hurt and could potentially make me break out, I'd have to squirt my body wash in my hand and wash them that way.

I got a groupon for a local medspa for 5 treatments for the underarm area. I've only had my first 2.5 weeks ago. I read on the internet that I needed to go in with 3 days stuble (ends up they wanted me fully shaved) it didn't matter though, they did it anyway. I didn't shave because I was waiting for the hairs to "fall out" but they didn't. My underarm hair grew maybe 2 days worth more, and then just completely stopped. I was still waiting for them to fall out, but eventually just shaved.

That was Monday (today is thursday) Typically the very next day after shaving I have a stubble that I can feel, and the day after that a stubble I can see. 4 days out and my armpits are still smooth and soft. Not only that the next day after shaving I was able to scrub my underarms with my loofa!!! I am so happy with this one treatment, if I had to guess I'd say it removed 25-40% of my underarm hair. I WILL come back and update!


Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Sounds like it was definitely worth it for you! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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UPDATE: It's only been a few days since the...

UPDATE: It's only been a few days since the original review. It is now Sunday, I said that I shaved my underarms Monday a week ago. I still don't need to shave and could wear a sleeveless shirt. I would say that the first treatment reduced hair by 40-50% and reduced growth by well so far it's at 90% as I would have significant re-growth by now, but that can change still. Also I wanted to say I'm the perfect candidate, I have light skin, and my hair was dark brown.


Your gonna be so happy with the results....and kicking yourself in the but for not doing it sooner....I had many areas done 4 years investment I have ever made....You got a really good deal $200 for 6 visits...WOW
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Hi Alex,

Can you tell me which "local medspa" you went to? My wife would like to get laser hair removal/reduction in the Cincinnati area. Thanks!
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I went to revitalist med spa in springboro oh. They are brand new, when they opened they had a 50% off groupon for hair removal. I paid like $200 for 6 under arm treatments. I could have gotten my legs done for $300 (at a later time they offered a big discount to existing customers) but I have to move and wouldn't be able to complete treatments. They may hook you up with a deal.

UPDATE: I did 6 sessions of laser hair removal,...

UPDATE: I did 6 sessions of laser hair removal, starting in February and ending in June. It is now October, all of my underarm hair has grown back. I am debating buying a personal laser on line, but my results were not permanent.


I waited plenty of time between treatments as designated by the laser company. The results are typical. Nothing went wrong or was done wrong.
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This sounds like the same issue I had when I went for laser hair removal. They had a 50% of promo so I went in with my mom and sis and all three of us loved the initial results but ended up with 100%hair regrowth. We are fair skinned with very dark hair. (under the chin beards, man like arm hair, and a bikini zone that can frighten people) We also all have PCOS. After this unsuccessful treatment I went and did electroloysis and no longer have a beard but have not done treatments for the rest of my'd take forever. I do recommend for other super furry women out there to get checked for PCOS Before paying for laser treatments. If you have it, get your hormones in check first.
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They didn't wait long enough between treatments. They should have done underarms spaced 8-10 weeks apart. Each tx u had was treating a very small amount of hair in 'active' growth. U probably noticed hair regrowth between treatments and also noticed whatever hair did come back (in 4 weeks) was way less than u had ever had before. It may seem like 100% of ur hair grew back because such a tiny amount of hair follicles were being effected by the laser. I'm sorry it didn't work well for you, try a clinc that will do treatments space further apart, it will ensure a permant reduction in hair.
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Revitalize MD medspa

They had just opened up their shop, new laser machines, they had a groupon.

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