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Preop moved up ! April 25th and Surgery May 21st

So I am a size 34AA, it is very embarrassing and...

So I am a size 34AA, it is very embarrassing and upsetting not being able to fit into clothes, bathing suits, etc. Always was holding out that I would get boobs when I get older but I'm 23 y.o. now and don't think it is gonna happen naturally at this point. I had my consultation yesterday and was extremely pleased. I am newly single and I think this will be a fresh new start for me. I am going to go from my AA to a mid C, I haven't set an actual date yet but I am thinking I will do it around end of May after I finish my BSN and go on a rafting trip I want to go on. I am a little nervous about it but I honestly think this is the best thing for me in my life, it will enhance my self-confidence and help me with my body image. I want to feel comfortable in my body before I date anybody again. Last time I dated somebody, I was really embarrassed to show him my boob, he didn't care about the size but deep down inside it is not sexy feeling at all. I have done a lot of research on this so far and I hope I don't have any complications from this.

270 ccs ??? So after looking at peoples reviews...

270 ccs ???
So after looking at peoples reviews and looking at pictures it reminded me that my surgeon only wanted to do about 270ccs of saline in mine. It seems like almost everybody has 300+ for theirs. I don't want to spend this much and not get exactly what I want. I am thinking about calling them back and asking to talk about this because I just don't know if that is what I want... I mean I want BOOBS not just the bare minimum of boobs. At this point I am still trying to make sure I can get off work for at least 2 weeks for the procedure.

So I scheduled my surgery date for May 21st and my...

So I scheduled my surgery date for May 21st and my Pre-Op is May 2nd !! I still have a few questions I want to get figured out and am waiting on somebody to call me back but I went ahead and scheduled my surgery date so I can secure it. I should be able to get all the days off I requested for work but if not I am going to have to call off or find somebody to switch with me. I had to put a deposit down of $300 which goes towards my total bill. Hopefully all goes well and I don't have to cancel it for any reason. I am so excited and nervous, can't believe I am actually gonna do it !

So I pushed up my pre-op date to April 25th but my...

So I pushed up my pre-op date to April 25th but my surgery date is still on May 21st. Im super excited ! Really ready to try on some sizes and make my final decision. So I should be posting some before pictures here soon. One random thing I did see in a Reach magazine was a deal some surgeon was offering that was saline implants for 2500 dollars !!! I just can't believe that because that is so cheap compared to what I will be paying. I am tempted to change it but I am all ready to do this and have made my deposit with my current surgeon. Anyway, I like seeing everybody's posts and pictures.

I am so ready to get this done !! I'm nervous that...

I am so ready to get this done !! I'm nervous that it is actually approaching because I have never went under the knife but I am so ready for my new boobs. As you can see with my pictures I am pretty small. My preop went well and I got everything solidified for the procedure. We are doing about 300ccs saline under the muscle implants incision is gonna be under the breast. Hope all goes well with no complications. I'm just worried that since I have such small breasts as it is that they won't look real :-/

Excited And nervous

So I scheduled my follow up appointment for May 23rd, 2 days after surgery. I thought it would have been closer to a week after surgery but they said 2 days was perfect, oh well. Anyway I got all my arrangements set up and am pretty ready to go, just a little concerned if I have to sleep sitting up the first few days or not. Also a little concerned when I can sleep on my side because I am not a back sleeper, definitely a side sleeper. Well I want to get some more pics up pre-surgery, gonna try to do that soon.
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Ultimately, sleeping position will probably be determined by whatever you find most comfortable at the time! For me, sitting up (or propping up halfway) was by far the most comfy for the first few days. When I moved to the bed, I still propped myself up on extra pillows for a couple more days. Before I knew it, though, I was able to sleep in just about any position! Good luck to you!
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I think you are really beautiful just the way you are. You have a tight little hardbody. You could be a rich man's wife with that hardbody. Just get out of the country. In NYC men like women with small firm breasts. Big fake knockers will ripple under your skin. Big fake knockers will only attract the lowest of the low men, who need exaggerated female features to convince themselves of their masculinity in contrast. You are strong. You are whole. You are flawlessly symmetric. Please please please don't do it.
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I appreciate your concern, I really do, I just think this is the best for me. I hate not having breasts and a full figure, its been a struggle ever since i was young, it really sucks when you can't fit into things right or can't wear a bathing suit without feeling uncomfortable, maybe it's all in my head but I need this in my life right now :-) thanks for commenting.
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I have 320cc silicone mod profile - I am very thin and started off completely flat! I am very happy I did this. They look natural and now I can fill out bathing suits and bras! Good luck - you will do great!
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Thank you so much ! So you know my pain as well :), it is so annoying and embarrassing not being able to fit into a bra or bathing suit right. I am so nervous and excited but it's the best for me I think. How long have you had yours ?
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I am only 6 weeks tomorrow. I will admit that at times I wish I had gone a little bigger but when I think about my lifestyle and my frame I know that this size fits me. I was so worried about all the complications and risks that go along with this surgery but I am very very pleased with my results and am happy I went through with it. It felt so great to be able to walk into the lingerie department and try on something feminine and pretty! This is the first summer that I actually feel comfortable wearing tank tops!
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My PS initially recommended 240, 260, or 280 - he would not go over 300 with me. I'd been thinking of 350s and really leaning toward 325s based on a different consultation I'd gone to. While trying on the different sizers, I was surprised how nice the 260s looked, but I was nervous that I'd wish I had gone bigger so I chose the 300s. Did you get a chance to "play" with the different size implants and get an idea of what your results might be? It won't be 100% accurate, but at least give you a ballpark. And I'd suggest that if you really aren't sure about your PS's recommendations, don't hesitate to ask questions about the rationale. One other thing, pretty much everyone I know who'd had implants had gotten at least 350, so I was a little surprised with the low #s my PS recommended. As I looked through pics online, I found that the # by itself doesn't always tell the whole story - I'd find pics of women close to my size who had 250s and looked huge as well as similar-size women who got 500ccs and looked completely proportional! Hopefully you can mesh your goals with your PS's professional opinion for a result you'll be thrilled with! :) As for hoping to not have any complications, that was my biggest worry pre-op. It's still a concern, for sure, but no longer at the forefront of my mind. I'm too busy enjoying (finally!!) having boobs to spend the time worrying about it. It's a risk you have to accept when you decide to have the surgery, and once it's done I guess all you can really do is enjoy 'em 'til you can't! My friends who've gotten implants (all have had saline) have had 'em between 6 and 11 years with no problems at all. Good luck with whatever you decide! :)
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don't do it! you have beautifully shaped lovely small breasts. I have had 2 reoperations since my breast implants, due to capsular contracture. They don't look natural and won't feel natural and you will need to reoperate several times during your adult life. Dont do it!!! I wish I hadn't . And now small breasts are back in style!
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From what I read, most of us go through the same worry about the size. I am always looking at pictures to compare, but it's hard since everyone is different. My doctor said he'll be using temporary sizers to make sure I achieve my desired size.
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Be very careful of Vic's. base it on your size and bwd. I got 170cc mod under silicones and measuring a 32dd I am swollen. Maybe go down to a big c. And this is from a 32 aa. Small skinny show a lot of ccs
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Hi Countrygirl6789, I got my consultation last monday and it went well too, and I've been doing research for months and I already booked my surgery on April 1st and my pre-op is on March 4th, so follow my story if you think it's helpful for you. I'm glad to see there's alot of candidates at my age like you too.
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I had my consultation yesterday as well and am also thinking the end of May. School will be out and activities will be done for the season.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Have you gone on any consultations yet?

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