Early Days Post-op - Cincinnati, OH

Hello curious people. I had my mommy makover...

Hello curious people. I had my mommy makover yesterday afternoon. My procedure took 5+ hours and included a breast aug and lift and a tummy tuck. I don't remember anything about the surgery which is nice! When I woke in recovery I was anxious to see the results but the bandages will keep me in suspense. I am about 30hrs out naw I am In pain but not unbearable. I have a horse voice from anesthesia and I was pretty nauseous for about 12 hrs. The pain meds are working wonders but it is hard to rest comfortably. I will see my dr (dr. Williams in Cincinnati) tomorrow am so hopefully I will get a peak at my new body. I'll post pictures then.

I know this sight was a blessing for me in my decision making and comfort level so I hope I can do the same for more women
Hooray! You're on the other side! Thank you for sharing your experience so far. I hope things settle down and you can rest comfortably soon. Looking forward to your updates and photos as you heal.

Day 2, the follow up appt

Today I got to see myself naked! My tummy is flat as a board and would rival my 20-something figure that I am sure I took for granted. I have three beautiful children (5, 3 and 1) and I wouldn't trade them for the world but I also didn't want to cash is my "sexy" when I became a Mother. My body is pretty swollen and the dr taking off the tagederm wasn't pleasant. He did remove the On-q pain pump which was providing numbing mess to my abdomen. I was able to tell when the pain ball ran out of juice but a little extra Percocet seemed to take care of the pain.
As for the body, what can tell now is that my breasts are closer in size to one another than before surgery. I think the belly button is a bit junkie but my surgeon hubby swears it will look great. I did have a full lift so I have a vertical scar from my nipple down and one under my breast. I also have a small vertical scar just above my pubic bone because I had so much scar tissue from three c-sections.
Pain wise, today is a little worse than yesterday, mostly in my lower back. I am sleeping w a heating pad and trying to move around as much as I can. I have a few pictures to download and I will post them shortly.

I hope this helps all u beautiful ladies trying to reclaim Your SEXY!
Congratulations on your new body! I am in the beginnings of "research and development " lol ... I am in the Columbus area and have so far had two consults for BL,BA,TT. I am seeing such a range in fees. Did you experience this?
The estimates i had ranged from @ 12,500 - 13,900. My surgery ran over by 2 hrs so i am not sure if i will be billed by the Center and Anestesia for the additional time. Ill keep you posted.
I also have one recommendation to do TT,BL In one procedure then return for implants. Not sure .... Would prefer to get it all done in one process! Haven't seen to many that have done that. :)

4 days down

I am 96 hours into recovery now and I am still pretty slow moving. I did have a BM today which was a little unpleasant but not as bad as I has anticipated. I am still very swollen and afraid to look at myself with any critical eye. The pain is subsiding hour by hour now and my appetite is returning. My back is still tremendously sore and I am wondering if muscle relaxers may help some. I will call the drs. office tomorrow to ask. Anybody out there try them for a sore back? I am going to take some more pictures tonight but I don't want to post the after shots until I am confident that I am happy with my results. As always, hope this is helpful!
I am on muscle relaxers and started a day or two before my surgery. As far as back pain, I am on a heating pad to also help. I really have no pain from surgery, but I am still scared to look. With all the tubes and tape and being swollen what's the point. I had a bm today to. After taking 3 stool softeners a day, since surgery, I took a laxative, and now I am empty.

One week update

I am now 7 days post op and I am still pretty sore. I am also depressed at this point because I am not feeling the way I thought I would be and I don't think my body looks very good at all. I still have my drain as a daily reminder of my "recovery" and I have stitches that need to be removed. I started muscle relaxers and they help tremendously with the aches and pain but they make me feel drunk and spacy. I am so ready to get on with my life! any advice ? :(
I am 7 days post. I heard everyone gets emotional on days 5-7. I cried all day. I got my drain out 2 days ago, and life got better instantly. I could put underwear on and go to the bathroom so much easier. Just remember to relax and rest as much as you can. I got my period also today, Merry Christmas. Today is the first day, my boobs hurt. I have the worst cramps, but I do not want to take any pain meds, and I am super swollen from that. I still have my stitches and probably will for a while especially on my new belly button.

Day 12

I am headed back to Dr. William today to hopefully remove the last of the belly button stitches and the DRain! So excited for the dc of the drain, I am over it! It looks like my vertical belly incision may not be healing as well as I had hoped, the site is seeping something unmentionable. Anybody out there have a wound healing problem? I am overly anxious and concerned about pain and scarring...

I am going to post a few pictures today from 7 days out. I am mostly back to normal on the swelling and I weighed myself today. I am about 2lbs under my pre-surgery weight which is fabulous! My breasts look good and the horizontal incision is healing nicely. I feel fine except for some vertigo that I think is related to a sinus issue. I am off all pain meds except some Motrin twice a day that the dr recommended. I am sleeping in my bed again on my side and I am relatively comfortable. I have some issues with my arms going to sleep cause I am not moving around much in my sleep.

I am going to ask the Dr. today about returning to lifting/exercise and maybe even sex! Ill keep you all posted, sorry for the TMI!
Hope you got your drain out and are starting the new year feeling more normal.

3 weeks PO and slowly returning to normal - dizziness tho

Hello out there. I am three weeks post op today and I am back to work and about 75% of my normal functions minus exercise and sex :( I am exhausted at the end of 6 or 7 hours but managing. I am back to carrying my 1 year old (don't tell me PS). I can't stand having to rely on the rest of the world to take care of her. I am still on the fence about my results, I have a little swelling/fluid build up after the drain was taken out last week and I am still not standing straight. My breast are very different sizes and my dr. hubby had to remove a few stitches that didn't reabsorb in my nipple and under the breast incisions last night. I have a few spots on my many incisions that aren't healed yet and my vertical incision is oozing and gross under the steri-strips. I am trying to get back into regular clothing or at least what is ok with the CG underneath. I have two pairs of jeans that I can tolerate for a few hours - the waist band is right at the vertical incision and it hurts if I am moving too much. The CG causes me problems with shirts also cause it is too big (or I am too short torso) and I have to fold it under my sports bras. Any body out there have advice on the BA - should I keep in the sports bra to try and move the implants towards midline? They are also crazy different sizes so I feel like I want to squish the left one! My tummy is flat but I am sure the vertical scar is going to show and I am not yet arching my back so I must still need to stretch the skin a little more.

My main complaint now is dizziness, no pain left but I saw and ENT and he suggested Vestibular therapy. the Therapist believes I have created an inbalance from sitting in a recliner immobile for a week and from walking hunched over. I am retraining my brain to manage my movements in space. It is nauseating and very frustrating! Anybody else out there experience this? I would love to hear some related stories if you are willing to share. Misery loves company!
You sound similar to me and I 3 weeks post. I got some cg/spanx from Target. They have a one piece with a built in tank and snaps at the crotch which I love. I did get a compression tank, but I had a lot of pain where fluid was building up at the end of it. I have the high underwear that goes to the boob and I wear a sports bra for another option. I think I am standing at about 95% straight and I also have a vertical scar, but mine is not as dark as yours. I have no idea what my tt or ba scars look like since I still have steri strips. What are you going to do for your scar therapy? As far as dizziness, are you getting enough water? You are back at work and you are probably just exhausted and your body is telling you to slow down. I run 2 errands and I feel like I need to come home and take a nap. I swell and just get so tired. I pick up my 25 lb every now and then, because I feel so bad, and try to change a diaper every now and then.
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Williams was analytical, thorough and professional. He didn't encourage me to add procedures on and he respected my image for myself.

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