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I'm three days from surgery and nervous. Why? well...

I'm three days from surgery and nervous. Why? well not because of the actual surgery itself but more for how it will look 3 months from now when my son gets married. I knew I wanted to have this done years ago when I saw my grandmother and aunt could hardly see with droopy lids.... my lids! I'm read!

A close up of my eyes. I had fat removed from my...

A close up of my eyes. I had fat removed from my stomach and redeposited/transferred to my eye trough area. upper bleph was done as well. I will post a pic of me before surgery with makeup.

I'm home and watching Food Network. I feel great....

I'm home and watching Food Network. I feel great. I love the results already but I also know the bad bruising is yet to occur. I'm keep up the cool clothe on my eyes for 20 minutes every hour. Only pain is my stomach where they removed the fat to fill in the tear trough. The staff was amazing helpful and kind. So far I'm thrilled with the results. My daughter, 23 years old, says I look younger already! No pain meds at all.....yet!

24 hours after surgery and still no need to take...

24 hours after surgery and still no need to take pain meds. I am taking Tylenol for my stomach where she removed the fat to be transferred under my eyes. I didn't take sleep meds last night either but probably should have as it was tough staying comfortable all night so I moved from chair to couch to other couch.

2 days from surgery. Under my eyes is much more...

2 days from surgery. Under my eyes is much more swollen but I'm feeling good otherwise. Had a check in with the doc and she believes it all looks good. Stitches out next monday. As for the ice packs I made my own. I bought the inexpensive masks with beads in them from Marshalls but found the plastic too stiff so I cut them open and put the beads into ziploc bags. This worked great. I just would take from the freezer and use a bit of gauze to pad them against my eyes. 15 to 20 minutes later they will have melted somewhat and I would know that time was up and would just place back in the freezer. I also made smaller ice packs using small plastic bags that you would use for pills. (in the drugstore pill holder section) put1/8 cup alcohol and 1/8 cup water into bag, squeeze out air and freeze. This becomes a soft slushy consistency. Put some gauze on it and place on eyes.
Broke down and took a sleeping pill last night and slept in the recliner and had a good nights sleep. Feeling good and just finished a batch of Jack Daniels salted caramels! Nice to have time to do whatever i want... within reason. Still not allowed to exercise for at least a week and no running for at least two weeks. Too many caramels will cause a weight problem!

Three days after surgery and I'm ready for the...

Three days after surgery and I'm ready for the swelling to go down. The eye lid swelling can cause some vision issues which is annoying when you want to paint or read or crochet, etc. Oh well, I need to be patient. The weather is great and the garden is beckoning but I will wait as i don't need to be bending over at this point.

Five days after surgery and WOW are my under eyes...

Five days after surgery and WOW are my under eyes yellow and still very swollen. Made a trip to the store with "snookie" glasses on but would prefer to not do that again until sometime next week. Too self conscious wearing sunglasses inside and they obscure my ability to see as well. Having a bit of trouble at times seeing out of my right eye which seems to be related to the swelling. taking plenty of vitamin C, occasional warm packs to increase blood flow and arnica cream to help with the bruising as well.

7 days from surgery. Stitches are out! Didn't...

7 days from surgery. Stitches are out! Didn't feel a thing either... like magic. My eyes are looking great. Still some red/purple bruising under eye. Most of the yellowing is gone. Even went to the store without makeup!

2 weeks post surgery. Looking good. Have even...

2 weeks post surgery. Looking good. Have even gone out without makeup! I have found that adding a cover cream can lodge in the scars and make them more pronounced. Went to a party on Saturday with makeup and a business lunch as well. The outside edge scar/bump is the most noticeable. Still have soreness around eyes, numbness on lids and a sore and bruised stomach where the fat was take for the lids.
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Allison Holzapfel is listed as a TOP Doc in Cincinnati Magazine. I researched her work and after consultations with two other surgeons I met her and new instantly she was the one for me!

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Looking great JJ, have you had many comments?
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First week is tough. By end of next week you will see dramatic differences!! All in all you look great.
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No your nose doesn't look huge, it's just the angle of your camera lol,
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Wow...looking good, Congratulations!
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Looking great JJ!! Hope the bruises don't develop too much. Keeps those pics coming xxx
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Hey JJ I am sure you will look great and be an absolutely stunning mother of the groom. 3mths is plenty of time for healing. I am looking forward to seeing your results. Good luck!! Are you having upper and lower done?
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It is hard not to worry since there is so much unknown before the actual surgery, but just try to put it out of your mind and stay positive. Focus on your diet and health right now so that your body has the easiest healing process it can. You will do great!
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Congrats to you. I bet you are going to love your results. Thanks for sharing
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Dear JJ My situation too. My daughter is getting married in July. I was worried. You will be fine. Read this sure and rake notes. TheraPearl ice packs from your drugstore. anica Montana from health food store. You'll be fine. It's tough the first week to 10 days. : )
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And take
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