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I have always been very busty. Even when I was...

I have always been very busty. Even when I was skinny and I gained alot of weight and tried to get a reduction because my breast got even bigger. I was denied so several years have gone by and I have lost some weight. I thought why not try again. I made a Dr. appt for a Wend and I was approved on the following Monday. I was so excited!!! The Doctors office called to schedule and that went really fast also.

I was scheduled for the following Friday March 30th. Well since it went so fast I didn't have alot of time to get to scared. I went to the surgery center at 12:15 and back to surgery by 1:30 and out the door by 6:00. I was truly amazed in recovery my sholder pain was already gone. I went home with the drains and tied down with a ace bandage and was doing great. I had a appointment to have the drains removed on Monday April 2nd. I was alittle scared but It didn't hurt at all. I was very surprised that I did not get boud back with the ace bandage but they said it wasn't necessary. When I got home my breast felt great. I was talking on the phone and my right breast started to swell (as if my breast milk was coming in). We put ice on it right away to try to help with the swelling. I was in alot of pain becasue of the stiches being pulled. I was in constant contact with the Doctor because he went out of town (which I was aware of before the surgery). He told me I could wrap my breast again for more support and as soon as I did that it started to feel better.

Today is April 7th and I am doing so good. My right breast is still swollen mainly under my arm. It has gone down alittle and I go see the Doctor on Monday April 9th so he can see about draining the fluid from my right breast. I will keep you updated after my next appointment

4/9/12 I went to the Doctor today to follow up on...

I went to the Doctor today to follow up on the swelling problem I was having. The Doctor was able to drain my right breast with just a small needle under my arm. I was scared it would hurt but I can say not one bit of pain. He took out 3 solo cups of old blood and fluid out and it feels so much better. I am so excited because it feels so much better with out all that preasure. I now have a appointment in two weeks!!! I will keep everyone posted. I am still trying to figure out how to get my pictures on here..

Wow B. So sorry you have had such a rough time. I sure hope this takes care of it and you are finally on the straight path to healing. Please let us know how this all turns out for you!
4/18 I have been back several times to the ps and he has drained it over and over again. Finally he decided to open it up at the bottom where I had been opened before and take out some of the old blood and fluid that had turned to Jelly. My sister was with me and said it was like a hole jar of jelly he took out of me. He restiched me up and I was fine for a few days then the draining came back and just kept pouring out of me. Well with all the draining the stiches that he put back in while in the office ripped out and I was walking around with a hole in my breast. I finally could not take it any more and went back to the ps and he agreed to operate on me again to fix the hole and get the rest of the jelly out. So on May 2 I went back in and he cleaned it up and added a drain tube so I am sitting here waiting to see how this recovery goes. I will keep you posted
haw is the recovery going now.
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