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I decided to get a chin reduction on June 13, 2012...

I decided to get a chin reduction on June 13, 2012. I am 22 yrs old and ever since i was in middle school, ive been made fun of because i had a broad, extended chin. It took up to a year to fully heal. My experience after surgery wasnt easy. I gone through alot of depression because my chin got huge and swollen. I am happy with my results now, a year later, but i have extra fat on my chin and in my mind, i feel that it is still big but i know its not. Plastic surgery did not give me the confidence i hoped for but i feel better about myself. Now I am deciding on going back to Dr. Mangat and getting possibly cheek lipo, MAYBE chin lipo to get the extra fat off, and stomach liposuction. I dont think i will have enough money to be able to do all of it but its a start!! I feel that my chin still looks long when a camera or someones looking straight at me. :(
You are v pretty
Thank you so much :)
I think your beautiful :)

Not worth $3500

I'm not happy with my results. It is better than my chin before but I want more done to it but dr mangat said there is nothing he can do though other surgeons told me there is more that needs to be done. I am upset and hurt. I was planning on getting lipo done through their group plus other things to get done but I decided to go find someone else. I went in the other day and talked to him about lipo but I felt like everyone there was pushing me to go with cool sculpting which I don't want because I want more fat off that will be a guarantee. And I felt that my doctor didnt take the time to sit and talk with me. I felt rushed. Again I am very upset. I had high hopes set with them.
hey girl, first of all - you are beautiful, and your new chin does look more proportional to your face. Just smile and remember that guys don't judge us nearly as harshly as we judge ourselves! No one hones in on our own flaws like we do, believe me. With that said, for you or anyone else reading this - DO NOT GET COOL SCULPTING. That procedure is an absolute RIP OFF. It does not work. Surgeons get $ and kick backs from the company that makes the machines for using it. I got it on my tummy and it was $1300 down the drain. I did not see a bit of difference. I ended up getting lipo anyway, which WORKS, and I LOVE my result. Best of luck to you. Remember to love yourself and enjoy life wherever you are at!
Hey!! Thank you for the post. I actually got my chin redone and i like it very much and now i wanna go and get lipo. Im glad you love your results!!!
Wow I was shocked when I read that you took 1 year to fully heal, then I saw the 'before' photo, and yes you're right your chin was really long and broad. I see a significant improvement in your 'after' photo in the pink shirt, but it's hard to compare with different angles. I think u shouldn't worry anymore about it, there's limits to how much surgery can help us. After a while, u get diminishing returns. All the best, I think u look very nice

Chin reduction re-done

So i got my chin re done by a different surgeon and he is amazing! My chin looks so much better! My previous surgeon told me he couldnt take any more bone off which was a lie bc my current surgeon took me to an orthodontist and i got an x ray of my face and there was so much done left! My surgery costed me $4,000 but totally worth it!!!! I wore a head piece for 3 weeks and all my swelling went down within 3 months! I have fat on my chin which I want off but that isnt possible. But other than that, Im happy. I have access fat under my chin and on my chin from the reduction but it is MUCH better than what i looked like before.
Did your second surgeon burr the bone down or cut out a wedge of bone? I heard burring down the bone doesn't result in much change but your results are so good!
You look really great!


The result look beautiful. May I know who your second surgeon? Please, I'm desperate. I'm tired of being a ugly duckling. Over the years I've save all my money for this procedure but I don't know which doctor to trust. I found a Doctor in Bellevue, Washington and another one in Beverly Hills, California and also a couple in South Korea but I really want to contribute in the US economy instead but if I have to fly to South Korea to get it done; I will. Please tell me who your second doctor; I will greatly appreciate.
Dr. Gene Ireland in Cincinnati. His practice is the plastic surgery group off redbank rd. When you talk to a surgeon, please make sure they send you to an orthodontist to get an xray done of your face so you, the surgeon, and the orthodontist knows how much should be taken off. It should cost you $150. My second surgeon had me do that and I am thankful for him doing it so I knew how much he is taking off and what my bone looks like
I see 2 other posts asking about the surgeon for your second surgery. I am also curious who did that work. It looks great! I have wanted to get a chin reduction forever, but could not find many before pics that looked like my chin. When I did, the after results were barely noticeable - not worth the cost. Thanks for posting!

My Current Surgeon

So everyone is asking who my second surgeon is who did my chin and his name is Dr. Gene Ireland in Cincinnati and his practice is called the plastic surgery group off redbank rd. He is a surgeon who really does care for his patients and his employees are so wonderful. My first surgeon was a joke before I met my second surgeon. He doesn't sugar coat anything and is fully honest. I trust him with all of my future surgeries. I will be going to him in a few weeks to get the excess skin off from my chin surgery. I wish you all luck and email me for any questions you may have!
Did the $4,000 include anesthesia, outpatient surgery facility, etc.? Yours looks fantastic to me!
Nice results. I know this process can be so stressful. My surgery is next week and I cant stop thinking about it
MyPrincess01 - you can apply for "Care credit". credit card for medical procedures and most places accept it. That is what I am using for my chin implant procedure in 3 days!
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon

Do not go to a surgeon who doesn't send you to an orthodontist to get an xray of your face. A good surgeon will have you go to one so he knows how much to take off and the orthopedic will also talk with the surgeon to help with his decision. If you were to choose a surgeon in Cincinnati, I fully suggest Dr. Gene Ireland at the Plastic Surgery Group. He is my surgeon I will always be going to. Good luck to everyone!

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